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Apologies To All!

This is by way of an apology to all of you who have messaged me asking for advice and help whilst I have been absent for so long.  I guess that my life with dogs has taken over considerably as I do battle for them as I have done for people for so many years.

This will not continue – I commit to finding the time to return weekly to write about all the research I have done over the last couple of years and how it has helped others with various conditions – from emotional to physical, from radiation poisoning to drowning in electromagnetic fields.  There is always a way forward when someone learns to understand how powerful they are – that every dis-ease within the physical body has a root cause in the emotional body – if you have created it – you can un-create it.  It is seriously just a choice.  All symptoms are just that – symptoms of any underlying cause.  My world is all about causal and then supporting through the symptoms whatever that takes.

It is the same for animals – sentient creatures that take on board our thoughts and feelings to aid us – find that and treat the cause.  It absolutely works with them as it works with us.  I always say – if you have a sick animal – look at yourself first!

The most important thing we have is our health – I am here to help you regain that.

With love, Jane





Well Within Your Dog!



It is now well overdue in time that I was last here to share my thoughts

and advice on health and wellbeing.  The above picture shows why the time lapse!  Having spent 20 years on working with people and their various health problems – I decided that I would like to do the same for our beloved best friends.  I took a year out to do my research on what was best for them – the same as I have done for people over the years.

I wanted to become a breeder – not just any backyard breeder – but one that had the best interests of her dogs at heart.  I found that they needed almost the same as I had been teaching for people!  I wanted to be certain on nutrition, diet, chemicals and all else that goes to make them thrive with wellness.

The picture you see above is of my first pure Coton de Tulear litter – my little girls.  The boys will be shown later in the post.  These puppies were raised naturally – ie without chemicals of any sort, including vaccinations.  I have 6 of the breed and all of them are raw feeders with supplements of whatever they need to grow and thrive.

On my journey of research I delved deep into the world of kibbled foods, vaccinations and their effects; chemical wormers, de-fleaers and all the toxic traps waiting for the uninitiated.


To start then – most of us realise that we do not have the knowledge on what is best for our dogs – so we turn to the professionals – the vets.  For a minute let’s imagine ‘what if’.  What if they know nothing about nutrition from their training?  What if their training is governed by the ‘big pharma’ (as it now is sadly)?  What if they are struggling to give the right diagnosis?  What if they have no idea what is in a vaccination or its dangerous side effects?  What if they have no idea what is in the kibbled food they promote?  What if they actually know that annual boosters are unnecessary but push for them because they provide 87% of their total annual income?

Its a lot of what ifs isn’t it?

I took the time to do my research before beginning a breeding programme.  I wanted answers to all those ‘what ifs’.  I wish they would take the time to do the same rather than just relying on what they have been taught – whether in fact it is actually true or not.  What I uncovered on my research absolutely appalled me.  How the lives of our best friends were shortened so dramatically by their diet, the extraneous chemicals and the continuing programm

What could I do that would ensure my dogs not only had happy lives, but that their health was the optimum?  How could I be certain that stepping completely away from the ‘norm’ that my puppies would grow into healthy, intelligent dogs that were the best they could be?

As a herbalist – that was my first port of call.  What was out there that would prove to me what I had felt for a long time – that our dogs were being poisoned and their lives being dramatically shortened – in fact beginning to quite clearly show similar symptoms to human beings who also had no idea of nutrition or the dangers of chemicals.  I found what I was looking for – in a book that was written around the time I was born.  A famous herbalist and breeder of the  famous Turkuman Afghan hounds – Juliette de Bairacli-Levy.

Everything I read.  Everything she wrote rang bells with me.  It all made so much sense and the testimonials from breeders all over the world backed her up.  The science of Natural Rearing.  Nature has always given us everything we need to stay healthy if only we looked and listened.  Why would our dogs be any different?  I read everything and began to put it into practice.  I already had the knowledge and now realised that I could apply that knowledge to my dogs as well as people – often the same herbs for both!

So my puppies are weaned onto raw, biodynamic unpasteurised goat’s milk mixed with slippery elm powder and sweetened with wild honey.  Completely different from what the vets or dog food suppliers will tell you to do!  When my puppies were 10 weeks old they were amazing.  Their pigment was as black as could be.  Their coats gleamed.  Their eyes were bright little stars and their mother had as much milk as they wanted – still feeding at 9 weeks and beyond with no loss of health for her.  This is normal!  All else is not.


My dams are fasted for 2 days before they give birth – not having their food increased twofold as most breeders will do.  How difficult to give birth when you are overweight!  They are fasted for 2 days after the birth as well to allow their organs to come back into balance in the quickest time possible.  The fasting for them entails the goat’s milk, slippery elm and raw honey as well.  I add some living superfood of greens, seaweed, probiotics and digestive enzymes as well.

Giving birth could not be easier or quicker.  Why?  Red raspberry leaf tea! My girl had her first litter of 5 puppies and it was all over in an hour for her.   Just like shelling peas – if you will forgive the analogy!

I could go on and on about this but suffice to say that this proved to me that this was really the way forward and that I wanted my puppies to go to homes that would continue what I had started – which they all did!

So this is the reason that I have not been around!  However I am now back and not all my posts will be about dogs and their needs or what you can do about health problems as  I am now working with people again after my sabbatical so will share more of what is working for them – and definitely more pictures!!



The Power Of Releasing to Heal

Does that seem like a strange title to you?  Does it feel as if you are about to read excerpts from The Bible?  Am I some weird woman who is going to spout on about shamanism, gurus (the spiritual kind!) and the like?  NO – absolutely not!  The power of releasing to heal is an entirely different area for me – the one that relates to your health – mental, emotional and physical!

Releasing To Heal – A Story!

I teach best in stories!  Always have and probably always will!  It just seems to me that if you can feel what happens to another then you find it easier to relate how it works to yourself.  So – the story.  First it is important to explain that my work clearly teaches me of the emotions that reside in the organs and systems of the body – unfortunately not for health! So a symptom to me is just that – a symptom of some underlying emotional damage that has been allowed to build and grow behind a locked door within the body physical.

Ok – that said – let’s begin.  Are you sitting comfortably?   It all starts in childhood – as all blockages often do!  Two sisters – beautiful little girls – one a year older than the other.  Their mother – who is a lawyer and a high flyer had married a man who was a farmer working a huge acreage of land albeit – but still a farmer and happy to be so.  She, on the other hand, realised that this life was not totally what she wanted – so she started travelling to London to work at what she was good at – being a lawyer.

Every week she would get ready to leave – knowing that she would not return until the weekend thus leaving her 2 girls with their father all week.   At this time the children were aged approximately 3 and 5 years.  Every week the same scenario would play out – both girls sobbing their hearts out and begging their mother not to leave – they missed her so.  And every week she chose to still go as they clung to her desperately.

This went on over the years with the father picking up the pieces of his girls being so unhappy – until eventually – as you would expect – their mother met another like-minded barrister, started an affaire (which was probably inevitable!) and finally left her husband altogether.

Today she has married the barrister – a wonderful man – given up being a barrister – given up travelling to London every week and has started a business (very successfully in the country).  Enough of her now.  What of the girls?

They are aged 16 and 18 respectively.  They have lived with their father for most of this time until their mother moved back to the country and began to shower attention on them.  Was it too late?  That is for you to decide!

Releasing To Heal – The Protocol

They came to me to help the younger one with a serious case of eczema which she had suffered from since she was about 3 years old (first clue!).  It had now got to the point where it was impacting really badly on her life and I was asked to help.  Oh this was so a can of worms that needed opening!  And, never being one to refuse a challenge – I opened it!!

Eczema is a symptom – of what?  Anger!  Boiling, raging anger coming up deep at what?  The pain of her mother leaving her over and over again for years.  The pain of fnot being able to do anything to change it.  She was an angry young girl as a result in many other areas of her life.  I worked with her on all levels of clearing away the emotional blocks sitting deep within her – in her blodd, her dibestive system and her mind.  What happened?  She brought up the painful memories she had buried – cried over and over again – but let them go!!  She released the anger.  She released the pain.  She released the eczema – slowly to be sure – but nevertheless she now had the power in her own hands to change it all for herself.  The rest is her story.

Onto her elder sister – this was less physical in terms of symptoms.  However, much deeper in terms of emotional pain.  she now had developed serious fears of life without her family.  Scared to be on her own at any level.  Scared that she would lose someone.  Frightened to go with her friends.  Frightened to be away from her loving father and now her mother who had reappeared.

A trip had been planned for her to go to Australia – without her family.  She and I worked together on helping her to release and to change her mindset – enough for her to get on that plane and go to Australia for the trip of a lifetime.  However, within 2 days she was on the phone begging to come back.  The fear of being separate from her mother (again and again!) was too much for what was a fragile mental state.

Releasing To Heal – The Final Story

How, in the end, could I help these girls the most?  Finally by sitting down with the cause of their pain – their mother!  Without judging; without blame – I shared with her why her girls were the way they were.  Why they suffered the symptoms they did – one she absolutely needed to take some responsibility for.  I asked her to do what I knew would be hard for her – to sit down with her daughters – who were now women – and talk to them at heart level about who she was, who she had been and why she had dmade the choices she had.  To share all this with her daughters and to allow them to say to her now, today what they could never have said at the ages of 3 and 5.

Bless her – she did it!  There was crying and releasing and repairing and healing – for all 3!  And it worked!  No more symptoms – just understanding of how they had suffered and how she could help that with them and for them.

This is why I do what I do!  Now I am waiting to work on the bitterness and resentment of her first husband – but that’s another story!

Feeling your way forward and listening to your heart!!

Negative Emotions Create Ill-Health

Does that sound like a sweeping statement?  Maybe.  Unless you have 15 years experience of running an alternative health clinic that is!

When I first started life as a naturopath and master herbalist – it was because I had lost my mother many years before – to my great distress – but the final trigger to my path was when my sister died – only 40 years old!  Leaving behind a little boy who I have raised for the past 18 years as my own.  I need to have an answer!  I needed to know why I had lost the most important people in my world!  I refused to believe that it was ‘luck’.  I refused to believe that it was ‘coincidence’  I just knew that there was an underlying reason behind all of this – I had to find it.  I had to make sense of it somehow!

Negative Emotions Create Ill-Health

Negative Emotions – The Journey

Just a few days after the death of my sister – her liver – diagnosed and gone in 7 days bless her! – I was in my local town and went to where there was a market selling second-hand books.  As I wandered around – literally one book fell off the stack at my feet!  Naturally I picked it up – glanced at the cover which said ‘Holistic Woman’s Herbal’. Why was it at my feet?  Because it was supposed to be!  so I picked it up – paid for it – took it home and started to read – and didn’t stop until I understood it all!

All the questions I had had in my mind – all the things I had thought and questioned – here were all the answers to my own issues – why my energy levels were down – why I felt bloated after I had eaten -Etc.

This book kept me going through the dark days after my sister died.  It was only the beginning for me.

I tracked down a herbalist who had been taught by the author-thinking that she woudl have what was prescribed in the book – what I felt was right for me.  Kept my appointment – entered a house that was clearly more about the esoteric energies than anything else! Not what I was ready for at that time!

Sat down – had a chat with the woman and said that I wanted some herbal bowel capsules (knowing that this was what I needed from what I had read).  she had none ready!  Wanted to teach me about imaging and colours etc.  Wrong time for me!  so in the end – I got her to just give me the mixed herbs and empty capsulres and I went home and made them up for myself!  The difference to me just from this was life-changing!  After you have spent years wondering if your food intake was ever going to equal your essential output – this proved to me that it should!  I lost pounds and pounds!  I felt lighter and more energised than I had in years!

Negative Emotions – The Training

A few months after this I began to wonder why I was wasting my time with a student of the teacher when I could so clearly access the teacher herself!  Ping! On went the light!  I knew that intuitively I was more aware than this particular student and that she couldn’t help me.  So – I phoned and made and got an appointment with what was my mentor – the author the book that literally saved my life through those dark days.


One month later (she was very busy) off I went.  A 4.5 hour drive – so an overnight stop along the way as it was an early appointment.  Got completely lost and arrived 20 minutes late!  Was met by an amazing woman – not the slimmest person I hav ever seen – but with a glowing health around her albeit.  A vibrancy and an utter belief in herself, her power and what she was offering!.  I was diagnosed using iridology (the science of reading the eye itself which is very powerful and very accurate) and tolfd that my pancreas was not terribly happy (too much sugar!), my bowel was extremely depressed and I was allergic to gluten and dairy! (hence the bloating after each meal!)

I followed the herbal and dietary suggestions she gave me – as well as the lecture on the emotional causes and how this was affecting me – and truly – the change in me, my body and my mind was nothing short of miraculous!  I lost weight – I lost any skin conditions – I felt amazing – alive – energised and renewed with life and health also!  I had arrived!  This was where I belonged!  Where did I sign up!

Negative Emotions -The College

Some months later – knowing that this was now my path – and devouring all the knowedge I could lay my hands on as well as changing my diet, my life and all I needed to.  It was not enough!  I needed more information!  My herbalist ran a training school in the depths of Wales.  there was 1 last place left on the course – costing £2,000!  Did I have the money?  No, of course not!  But, I was determined.  I sold my Rolex watch which gave me just enough.  My fairly new partner confirmed he would look after my nephew for me for 10 days and off I went!

To be greeted by a life-changing, mind-altering experience together with 30 other like-minded individuals.  We were the lucky ones!  This was one of the last courses of it’s kind.  It covered mind, body and spirt – and of course, emotions and the damage they cause.

Everyone had to detox from the minute they arrived – using a powerful herbal tea – so everyone sdpent the next 3 days sobbing in corners!  This is detoxing at its best!

We had the most amazing teachers on all levels from herbalism, to wildcrafting herbs – how to make them into tinctures – iridology – the only diagnostic we had at the time – and a myriad of other therapies and understandings that allow that group to be the great practitioners that we all are today!  Does that sound crass?  If you knew what we put ourselves through – you would know that it is not crass in the slightest!  We had to experience anything and everything that we might ask others to do!

One morning – the lesson was about the buried emotions.  This one was important to me naturally.  A few were called to be in the front of the other 30 and be asked questions by the others and by the teachers.  Horror of horrors – my turn came up!  I thought that I was faily laid back regarding my mother’s loss, my sister’s loss and also my relationship with my father.

Oh wow!  Not so! I was fine with all the questions!  No problem – until my teacher herself asked me about my relationship with my father.  OMG – I couldn’t answer her!  I was so choked with tears from nowhere that I couldn’t speak!  The tears just kept on coming and she – in her wisdom – allowed no-one else to come near me!  This was a cleansing!  A healing if you will of all that had gone before!

I hated my teacher at that moment!  For displaying my vulnerability.  For allowing the world to see my pain that I had kept so well hidden – in my bowel!  Hence the constipation issue!  Now I know better!

Negative Emotions – Now I am The Teacher

15 years later and I understand it all!  I am still student – of course!  but I do the release a little more gently!  It is only in front of me – not 30 others!  I also diagnose at a different level – I have the ability and software to dig down to the subconscious level of who is sitting in front of me.  As much as I loved herbalism and iridology – it was still symptomatic treatments – and I knew that the level for healing was in the causal level.  This was when I moved on in my training so I could get to where the pain had actually started from in the first place.  All else would fall away once I understood and could work with that.

Sound arrogant?  No – not really!  We bury our pain so deep in ourselves that it takes someone else to bring it up to our awareness so we can release it!

I have given you a long story I guess!  the truth of me and why I do what I do!  Why people are so important to me and how I can help them at the deepest level.  Why I have so much compassion for their pain – though I wil not get caught up in it!  How can I help unless I stand back with the rope or ladder or lifebelt in my hands?

Feel Your Way Forward – Listen To YOUR Heart!

Negative emotions create ill-health




Dial M For Milk – The Argument Against Dairy

The milk of any species was designed for one purpose only – to feed its young.  Humans are the only creatures on earth that drink the milk designed for another species, and we continue to do so all our adult lives, never weaning ourselves off it.

The enzymes we need to break down and digest milk are renin and lactase.  by the age of four, many of use lose the ability to digest lactose, because we can no longer synthesise the digestive enzyme lactose.  This lactose intolerance results in diarrhea, flatulence and stomach cramps.  Some 90 per cent of adult Asian and black people, and 20 per cent of Caucasian children, are lactose intolerant.

The level of the protein casein cows’ milk is 300 times higher than in human breast milk, which is predominantly made up of the protein lactalbumin, which is easily digestible by babies.  Nature has designed the milk of each animal species specifically to meet the needs of its young.  Casein is intended to be broken down by the four-stomach digestive system of baby cows!  In human stomachs, it coagulates and forms large, tough, dense, difficult-to-digest curds.  When the protein of another animal is introduced into the body, it may cause an allergic reaction (Journal of Allergy, 41:226,1968), the most common symptoms of which are chronic runny nose, persistent sore throat, hoarseness, bronchitis and recurrent ear infections.  the mucus membranes lining the joints and lungs can become swollen or inflamed, contributing to rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

Some babies are so sensitive that they can react badly to the cows’ milk that their breast-feeding mother ingests.  In one study, breast-fed babies were found to react to foods eaten by their mother, mainly cows’ milk and eggs, and once the mother stopped eating these, the baby’s symptoms cleared up (David Freed, ed, Health Hazards of Milk, Baslliere Tindall 1984).  Cows’ milk can also clog the arteries of young children and babies.  A pathologist in Derbyshire, England, noted that out of 16 cot deaths, the only baby with normal arteries was the one who was breastfed (reference, as above).

One of the most outspoken opponents of dairy products, US Dr William A Ellis says: “Over my 42 years of practice, I’ve performed more than 25,000 blood tests for my patients.  These tests show conclusively, in my opinion, that adults who use milk products do not absorb nutrients as well as adults who don’t.

Dairy Can Increase The Rate At Which Calcium Is Lost From The Body.

Of course, poor absorption, in turn means chronic fatigue (Healthview Newsletter, Virginia, spring 1978).

Milk actively blocks absorption of iron from other sources.  Breast-fed babies have a much higher rate of iron absorption than those fed cows’ milk formulae, even if those formulae are fortified with iron (John Robbins, Dier for a New American, Stillpoint Publishing, New Hampshire, USA 1987).

Milk is touted as a great natural source of calcium, and we are told to eat plenty of calcium to prevent osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones.  In fact eating dairy products can increase the rate at which calcium is lost from the body and so hasten osteoporosis.  As well as being high in calcium, dairy products are also high-protein foods.  If we have too much protein in the diet from milk products or any other source, such as meat, fish or eggs, the body has to get rid of the excess.  To do this, the kidneys must lose calcium as they cleanse the blood of excess waste, a process know as protein-induced hypercalciuria (J Nutr III:553,1981;Trans NY Acad Sci 36;333,1974; Am J clin Nutr, 27;916m 1974).

People in the United States and Scandinavian countries consume more dairy products than anywhere else in the world, yet they have the highest rates of osteoporisis (clin Ortho Related Res, 152:35,1980).  This fact emphasises the threat of excessive protein in the diet and suggests that dairy products offer no protection against osteoporosis, probably due to the high protein content of milk (Am J Clin Nutr, 41;254,1985)

The body’s ability to absorb and utilise calcium depends on the amount of phosphorous in the diet (R Hur, Food Reform: Our Urgent Need, Heidelberg Press 11975).  The higher the calcium/phosphorous ratio, the less bone loss takes place and the stronger the skeleton, provided the intake of protein is not excessive.  The foods which contain higher calcium/phosphorous ratios are fruit and vegetables.  Nor is low-fat milk any better.  It contains one per cent butter fat and a full complement of allergy-inciting milk protein.

To the list of problems naturally inherent in human consumption of milk, designed for baby cows, we can add a whole host of ‘unnatural’ ones.  Cows’ milk contains the accumulated pesticides that have been sprayed on the grain fed to cattle, and the female hormones given to cows to increase milk production and body fat.  Some milk has also been shown to contain trace metals and radioactivity at levels higher than those permissible in drinking water (Health Hazards in Milk, reference as above).  Some 20 per cent of milk-producing cows in America are infected with leukemia viruses which, because milk is pooled when collected, infects the whole milk supply.

These cancer-inducing viruses are resistant to being killed by pasteurisation and have been recovered from supermarket supplies (Medical World News, 16 May 1969).  Can it be a coincidence that the highest rates of leukemia are found in children aged three to thirteen who consume the most milk products, and dairy farmers who, as a profession, have the highest rate of leukemia of any occupational group?


Food for thought!

How To Cleanse Your Blood With Herbs

Firstly – it is important to understand how your blood becomes toxic in the first place!  What makes our blood not be its usual health, free-flowing self?

Really this is down to our lives, our diet, our activities, our bowel and all of those together!

Let’s begin at the beginning – blood is created in part from nutrients extracted in the digestive tract as a result of the action of the spleen-pancreas; blood is formed when this extract is combined with the kidney essence know as jing.  Much the body’s jing is stored in the bone marrow, which correlates with the contemporary Western knowledge that blood is generated in the marrow.

Signs of blood deficiency:

Paleness of the lips, nailbeds, tongue and complexion in general, thinness, spots in the field of vision, unusual hair loss, premature graying and thin, dry hair, dry skin, and trembling or numbness in the arms or hands.  Disorders associated with blood  deficiency are anemia, nervousness, low back pain, and headache; menses that are painful or lacking often result from blood deficiency.

Blood deficiency is caused by inadequate intake of nutrients, by the inability to absorb nutrients, or by the loss of blood through gastro-intestinal bleeding or excessive menstrual flow.  Chronic diseases and stagnant blood that inhibits formation of new blood are additional causes.

To enrich and build the blood through nutrition, there are two general approaches – increase the digestive absorption of nutrients, and add those specific nutrients which generate healthy blood.  To encourage absorption, build the qi energy and reduce damp/mucuous conditions (another post!).  The nutrients most often needed to cure blood deficiencies are iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12.  Adequate protein is also essential.  Of these nutrients, insufficient iron is the most prevalent cause of anaemia, but it is not always cured simply with the addition of iron.  In order to absorb iron, one needs adequate copper and B vitamins as well as vitamin C.

Good sources of iron are distributed widely among plant foods, including vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds.  Moreover, when a variety of these foods is consumed in their unrefined states, abundant protein, copper and B vitamins necessary for iron absorption will be available.  Sufficient vitamin C is also available from certain of these foods (such as cabbage, bell peppers, chilli, broccoli, sprouts, parsley and rose hip tea).

For the first stages of treatment of blood deficiency, one may want to add to the diet the richest sources of iron.  These are the algae, including both seaweeds and micro-algae such as spirulina.  Folic acid is found in abundance in micro-algae, sprouts, leafy greens and chlorophyll-rich foods in general, but it is easily lost in prolonged cooking.  Eating raw or lightly steamed greens or sprouts regularly ensures ample folic acid in the diet.

One way to obtain high levels of B12 is to use bacteria-derived tablets of B12.  Most blood deficiencies will quickly improve with the addition of even moderate amounts of the above key blood-building foods, which are primarily grains, legumes, sprouts, green foods and vegetables (Please note that here sprouts mean sprouted seeds or grains rather than the family of brassica type!)

Hair And Blood Quality

Hair is one indicator of blood quality.  In oridental medicine, hair is said to be an extension of the blood and, therefore, is influenced by the health of the spleen-pancreas and kidneys.  In addition,  the head hair is directly affected by the kidneys in other ways.  Healthy hair is lustrous and thick.  Hair loss and prematurely gray hair can be treated by improving the blood quality and strengthening the spleen-pancreas and kidneys.

Certain foods have traditionally been used to prevent gray hair – hijiki seaweed, blackstrap molasses (too much may have the opposite effect), nettles, and wheat grass.  These four foods are especially rich in the blood-building nutrient – iron, and nettles and wheat grass are concentrated in chlorophyll as well.  The eating of nettles, hijiki and wheat grass is also thought to help keep hair from falling out.  the famous chinese blood tonic Polygonum multiflorum has been used to darken gray hair, but this black root is far too warming and tonifying to the liver for most Westerners, causing depression and anger in many cases.  Therefore it is not recommended except for those who were raised on low-meat, low-fat diets and do not have signs of an excessive liver.  Another chinese remedy for prematurely gray hair is black sesame seed, which is also quite laxative and should not be used if it causes loose stools.

Americans have the greatest incidence of baldness of any people – this is understandable since hair loss is tied to high-fat, high protein- diets, which damage the kidneys and create acidic blood.  Meat and dairy, besides being high in fat and protein, are also generally considered ‘sweet’ in oriental medicine.  Considering the additional sweets, desserts and sugar-laced foods and drinks in which Americans indulge, we can see that the sweet flavour dominates the typical diet.

Western Herbs For The Blood

One thing that needs to be clearly understood before listing these herbs – is that there is always a cause for toxic blood – that needs to be addressed as well!  Whether it is the impure air we breathe; the diet we poison ourselves with; the emotional stress we live under or any other outside interference that affects our inner health. Our bowel – if toxic will ALWAYS cause conditions of the blood.  All needs to be taken into consideration to change the symptom!

These are mainly alteratives – herbs that gradually alter and correct the impure conditions of the blood.

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Burdock – Arctium lappa

Plantain – Plantago major OR Plantago lanceolata

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Plantain – Plantago major

Red Clover blossoms – Trifolium pratense

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Red Clover Blossoms – Trifolium pratense

Poke Root – Trifolium pratense (also a specific for lymph conditions)

Burdock Root – Arctium lappa

Chaparral – Larrea mexicana – fantastic at detoxing the blood of diesel, chemical drugs, aviation fuel and the like.

Oregon Grape – Berberis aquifolium

Sarsparilla Root – smilax officinalis

Cleavers – Galium aperine – another lymph specific

Nettle Root – Urtica dioica

Garlic – Allium sativum – for everything!

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Garlic – Allium sativum – The Best Herb In The World!

Liquorice Root – Glycyrhizza glabra – the nurse herb – works so well for the adrenal glands in stress conditions and allows ease of taking other herbs – hence ‘nurse’

Please remember that you are so what you eat, what you think and how you live.  If you have a blood condition – remember that your blood is the river of your life.  What are you doing with yours?  How are you living yours?  What is wrong with how you are doing it?

Take the time to go inside and listen well to what you body is trying to tell you – only when you listen and take action on what is causing the problem will you successfully be able to treat what is, after all, only a symptom of how you live!

Feel your way forward!  Listen to your body!  It is the voice of truth!

Gallstones – Do You Have Them?

The first question to answer is – what is a gallstone?

A gallstone is a crystalline concretion formed within the gallbladder by accretion of bile components. These calculi are formed in the gallbladder, but may pass distally into other parts of the biliary tract such as the cystic duct, common bile duct, pancreatic duct, or the ampulla of Vater.

The above description is courtesy of Wikipedia and you can click on the links to find out what they all mean!

Numerous small gallstones, composed largely of cholesterol

Gallstones – The Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of having gallstones are often ignored as relating to other ailments and the only certain way is to have a diagnosis done by ultra sound.  However, if you have all or any of these symptoms then I can offer a quick and effective to clean the gallbladder of any gallstones or sediment which would help in most of the symptoms presenting.

Indigestion, flatulence, period pain in the front right side below the rib cage, tension at the back of the houlders near the neck, bitter taste in the mouth, chest pain.  A life filled with regular stress will be a major culprit in stressing the gallbladder and it is always recommended to do a periodic cleanse during stressful times.

Gallstones – The Quick Flush

Starting in the morning and thoughout the whole day eat only apples – preferably green as these definitely appear to be more effective in the cleanse and preferably organic for obvious reasons of lack of pesticides.  East as many as you like but at least 4 or 5 (you will be surprised at how filling apples can be!).  Apples are the most cleansing fruit and help to soften the gallstones to avoid pain in their passing through the bile ducts when being expelled. In between drink pure water, herbal teas and/or apple juice as well.  A hint here – pure apple juice in quantity can add to the flatulence so water it down by 50%!

At bed-time – warm up 2/3 of a cup of  extra virgin olive oil to body temperature (98.4 fahrenheit) and mix in 1/3 of a cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Slowly sip all of the mixture – immediately upon finishing go to bed and lie on your right side with your right leg drawn up.  In the morning all gallstones should pass in the stool.  Obviously if you have issues with constipation it would be useful to take a herbal bowel capsule or some senna tea (not too much here!)  If in doubt about your system – then ask a qualified health practitioner or e-mail me direct in the comments box!  Please ensure that you have a practitioner on standby if you have any other questions – or at least know someone who can be at the other end of a phone should you need questions answered.  If I could be with you – I would!

Gallstones – The Milder Flush

This is a milder way to soften and flush the gallstones but also slightly less effective.  For 5 consecutive days, ingest on an empty stomach 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil immediately followed by 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Gallstones – Why Have I Got Them?

The final part of this post on gallstones is to give an overview of the causes on the physical level and on the emotional level that can lead to the formation of gallstones.

Starting with the diet – Essential Fatty Acids – the function of EFAs is to promote healthy, youthful skin and hair; support proper thyroid and adrenal activity and thus bolster immunity and are required for normal growth and energy; promote healthy blood, nerves and arteries; and are crucial in the transport and breakdown of cholesterol.

Symptoms of deficiences in Essential Fatty Acids – can lead to skin disorders such as eczema and dry, scaly skin; other common imbalances are dry hair and loss of hair, nail problems, gallstones, irritability, liver problems, varicose veins, susceptibility to infections, low body weight, infertility and retarded growth.

Gallstones and the Emotional Level

I have worked for many years with the knowledge that emotions are the beginning of ill-health.  Negative emotions stored in the body that build up over a long period, not released and often fed and watered with more of the same throughout our lives!  Here is not the place for me to run through the emotions related to each of the organs but specifically those relating to the gallbladder and its partner, the liver.

The gallbladder is governed by resentment, bitterness, frustration and rage is its outlet.  Rage is completely different to anger – anger can simmer at a low level for a very long time.  Rage, on the other hand, is a major explosion of almost uncontrollable anger.  However the explosion is over almost as soon as it starts.  The other person who has been the brunt of the rage is left still feeling angry at the outburst and still simmering no doubt – not understanding why they are now being asked if they would like a cup of tea – with a smile!

Bitterness gives us a clue as to the organ – that is exactly what the gallbladder is about – the bitterness is bile – necessary to help the liver with its many functions of the digestive process.  The medical profession is often too quick to take out a gallbladder saying that we don’t need one!  OK – so why is it there?  So many people who have had gallbladder removal suffer dreadfully afterwards with a myriad of symptoms as the liver struggles to work effectively without its partner.  It is also not necessary to remove a gallbladder when we are talking about stones which can so easily be dissolved!

So there you have it – the causes and cures of gallstones! If you want to go further and understand how to keep energised all the time – click here

How Can I Change My Life For The Better?

How many times do we ask ourselves this question?  Why  do so many things seem to go wrong in our lives – business-wise, health-wise, relationship-wise, family-wise and financially?  There are reasons and here are some of them!

We are far more powerful than we realise and our inner world creates our outer world – absolutely!  What is happening outside around us is a reflection of what is happening within us.  Change one and you will change the other.

How can I change my life for the better – using Mindset Training

If you understood the power of not only your words, but your thoughts and actions as well – you would probably take a lot more responsibility for all of them!  Simply see yourself as a magnet for what you put out – it will return to you!  Changing your life for the better entails understanding  what choices you made to be in the situation you are in in the first place.  Taking responsibility for those choices ie empowering – not the opposite!  If you created your present predicament then you can change it!

Training your mind is not as difficult as most people think it is.  Imagine if you will, that your mind is the servant not the master.  If you let your mind rule your thoughts – especially when they are all negative or angry or fearful – then you are giving your power away to your servant!  So how do I go about changing my life for the better?  Watch your mind!  As soon as any negative emotional thoughts enter – don’t follow them!  It is just a choice and a path – choose not to follow that path.  Bring your mind back to just follow your breathing instead.  This is not meditation – this is about taking control back.

How can I change my life for the better- using Empowerment

Here is a video that I loved that gives you so much of what empowerment is about and why it works so well.  Watch and be uplifted and then carry on for yourself!

Empowerment is not seeing yourself as a victim in this life!  If you believe that then you believe that you are not responsible for any of your actions and you have no choice.  Wrong!  Every second, of every minute of every day you make choices.  You choose whether to cross the road with or without looking!  You choose whether to have that sticky cake that will poison your blood!  You choose whether to respond in anger to that comment just directed at you – OR NOT!!

A victim believes that nothing is their fault, that nothing happens for a reason, that the world is full of coincidences and they are just pulled back and forward at the whim of everyone and everything else!  Wow – not a particularly empowering way to live is it?

How can you empower yourself?  By beginning to recognise that you are the creator of your own reality!  Look in the mirror – what do you see?  The architect of your life! Have you ever noticed that if you expect something to go wrong that it usually does?  Why?  Because that is what you have sent out there energetically and therefore draw back the same energy.  Not what you want?  Then take responsibility for what energy or thought you choose to send out in the first place!

Changing your life for the better means recognising that you are in control!  Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen!  You are creating it for yourself!  You are powerful beyond measure – choose what you want to create!

How can I change my life for the better – using My Health

Sometimes we doubt – sometimes we are uncertain – sometimes we forget to feel and just don’t know the answer.  There is an easy way to diagnose the state of your life and the way you choose to live it.  Your body! Your health!  All the answers are here – whatever you are feeling in your body is telling you exactly how you are choosing to live your life.  The body only has one voice – pain!  How else can it tell you when you are out of balance; eating the wrong foods; not getting enough sleep; over-exercising; under-exercising etc  All the aches, pains and other myriad dof symptoms that you experience is body-speak.  Each symptom relates to an organ which relates to an emotion which relates to how you are living!

How many times have you been utterly exhausted and just wanted to sit down and rest and then have the garden call you to cut the grass; the room that needs decorating, the bicycle that needs mending etc etc  We override what our bodies are trying to tell us all the time.  We push through with our minds (the servant) and ignore what our body is trying so hard to tell us.  Continue to do it and eventually the body will shout its message a great deal louder – in giving you a more serious condition to deal with!!

How can I change my life for the better – Putting Yourself First

If we but realised that our focus always being on the outside world and what is happening to us in our lives, our business, our relationships etc – allows for it to continue to fall apart!  The more we pull back to ourselves and just focus on being loving and gentle with ourselves – the more this will reflect outwards.  A momentum is just that – the hamster wheel of the same pattern of disasters over and over.  How to stop it?  Pull back your focus to yourself.  Treating yourself gently means caring for yourself, nurturing yourself against the cold, the heat, diet, hydration etc.  Being loving means doing things lovingly – for yourself and for others – all this creates such a different flow of energy that it changes the momentum of what is happening to you on the outside.

Garlic – The Health Benefits

Here is a link to a post I just read on the power of garlic which I absolutely agree with.  the reason why I linked to it was it gave a good outline of what is in garlic that makes it smell and work so well – the scientific side as well as the nutritional side.


Perhaps it is worth adding some personal history around the use of garlic in my own practice and when I have travelled abroad.  I always carry garlic with me just in case I am in some weird out of the way place that I actually can’t get it – it has happened!  I certainly get some strange looks from customs when they open my case on arrival anywhere to find packs of garlic, lemons and a knife (later on the lemons and knife!).

I travel extensively to The Gambia in West Africa – where I have worked with the locals for over 8 years now.  I have developed a reputation of being there for them without charging some of the exorbitant prices they pay for over the counter medicines which truthfully most cannot afford and actually they do more harm than good!

I often hold my clinics on the public beach wearing my uniform of a sarong and swimming costume and very little else!  One of the greatest successes I have had is treating the myriad range of fungal conditions that such a huge percentage of the population suffer from.  Mainly down to their diet and living in a climate that, for 3-4 months of the year, is exceptionally humid and damp in the rainy season.

My diagnosis is simple, my remedy even simpler!  I check to see what they are eating – which is naturally about 90% sugar or bread, which is the same thing as far as your body is concerned!  I then prescribe 2 cloves of garlic a day, cut up into small pieces and taken like a tablet with a glass of water.  Stop the sugar – which, bless them – they always do – so much easier to get them to do this than this country!!  Literally, within 3-4 days the fungal infections are gone.  They think I have wrought a miracle!  Of course, I haven’t – it is the power of the garlic and reducing the sugar which has done it.  It is that simple and that quick!

Never travel without your garlic!   Especially if you are visiting a mosquito-infested country – mosquitoes love sweet, acid blood – caused by sugar.  However,  stop that 2 weeks before you travel, take loads of garlic and continue whilst you are away and they will leave you alone!  I have proved this on so many occasions.  Quite funny really – when sitting across from one of my African friends over dinner and he (we are outside as I hate a/c) is surrounded by lots of humming and darting and busy slapping away as hard as he can and I am completely left alone!  I think that they warn each other – don’t bite her she tastes disgusting!!

The Russians have used garlic for a very long time – using it instead of pencillin.  Hence its nickname of ‘Russian penicillin’.  The only side effects of garlic are the smell and, honestly, the more you have the cleaner you get inside and the less you really do smell of it.  I am certain that is the initial strong cleansing reaction of garlic that makes the ‘newbie’ smell so strongly.  It really does tail off quite quickly after that.  Or maybe I am so immune and so loaded with it that I never smell it on anyone anymore!

My Motto – Never Be Without Your Garlic!!!


ps  The lemons and knife are because I always start my day with hot lemon water to flush out the digestive tract.  Can’t always be sure of finding a lemon in my room when I arrive!!

Facts About Water


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This picture says it all really!  How powerful water is in its strength.  But do we really know how water affects our bodies and our health?  Most of us just turn on a tap without a second thought as to where it comes from, whether it is good for us or not or even whether or how much of it we should be drinking for health!

Water And Your Health

Let’s start with your body’s need for water.  We are similar to our planet which is made up of approximately 80% water – so are we.  What happens to us if we don’t drink water?  The  planet gets topped up with rain – how do we top our own water supplies?  Drinking it!

What are the effects of not drinking enough water?  Most of you will jump to dehydration – but at what point are we dehydrated?  When we feel thirsty?  At that point, however we are really dehydrated.  Our bodies give us many messages before you actually feel the need to drink.

Mostly we are not listening!  What are the early warning signs?  What are the chronic dehydration symptoms of the body through lack of water?

Digestive issues such as dyspeptic pain, heartburn, acid stomach, rheumatoid arthritis pain, low back pain, neck pain, anginal pain, headaches, stress and depression, high blood presure,higher blood cholesterol, excess body weight and on and on, gettin worse in older years as the dehydration settles in.

Surprising?  Not really, and here’s why:

Your body needs an absolute minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day.  Alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeine-containing everages don’t count as water!  Herbal teas do.  The best times to drink water (clinically observed in peptic ulcer disease) are – one glass half an hour before taking food – breakfast lunch and dinner – and a similar amount 2.5 hours after each meal.  This is the very minimum amount of water your body needs.  Adding another glass before bedtime is also helpful.

When you start to drink more, your body recognises the increased intake and kicks in the ‘thirst mechanism’ and begins to become more efficient and then asks you to drink more!

If you think about it – and most don’t – it is common sense!  Without the cushion that water provides for our joints they can swell and hurt.  Without the diluting effect of water for our blood, it comes thick and slow.  Without enough water we become constipated.  Our skin ages faster as there is not enough moisture within the cells and we look dehydrated.  We suffer from lower back pain as our kidneys protest that they cannot detoxify us as they don’t have the water flushed through them to do so – so poisons start to back up into our systems.

I never used to understand why my mother looked so much older than her years – now I know!  She was severely chronically dehydrated.  She only ever drank tea and coffee – which are dehydrating in themselves – never, ever any water!  It is actually one of our greatest beauty secrets to keeping the skin flushed and clear of toxins.

What happens to your plants if you don’t water them?  What happens to your lawn if it doesn’t rain?  The answers are all there – we just forget to relate them to ourselves!

Are All Waters Equal?

That would be a resounding no!  Once upon a time it was fine to turn on the tap and drink the water from the mains.  Now – it most definitely is not!  Why?  The water has been treated to such a degree to kill bacteria, that it is laden with chemicals and heavy metals which are harmful to our health.  The amount of chlorine in tap water is frightening!  You can actually smell it when running a bath – a little like being at a public swimming pool and the effects it has on you are equally bad.  Chlorine destroys all bacteria – however it destroys the good ones in your digestive system as well.  Bathing in chlorine dehydrates your skin and causes dryness and flakiness and is a big indicator in eczema.  Showering with chlorinated water is actually worse than bathing as you are keeping hot water scouring the pipes and the steam rises from the floor of the shower so you inhale far more chlorine.

What Is The Answer?

There are so many products available today that will help to remove the chlorine – firstly it is never necessary to drink tap water.  Filter jugs are on sale everywhere which negates the expense of continually buying bottled water.

Filters are also available as shower heads to filter the chlorine out before it gets to you.  Click here to find out more

There is a great product called Alba Pura to add to bath water as you are running it which removes all the chlorine and softens the water.  I use it and the difference is huge –Check it out here

I hope that the information I have given goes some way towards you understanding how important it is to keep your body hydrated.  Not just in youth, but in old age as well.  For further information there is a great reference book out there called Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – which you might find beneficial and certainly interesting! Find it here