This is not a recipe for food, but food for thought.  Everything you think has an energy, just like the food that you eat gives you energy (or not in the case of processed/fast food!).

If your thoughts are negative, angry, sad, etc then this will impact upon your body as well as on the cycle of your life that day.

It is so simple – change your thoughts to change the pattern in your life!

Ingredients required:

1 dose of self -love – in the form of 5 minutes at least!

1 dose of gratitude – in the form of being grateful for something in your life and stating it to yourself

Method – all thoughts to be in the present moment – ie I am grateful for my husband, children, home, the sun (!) whatever.  It is the attitude that will make the difference.

If you state that you have, then you will draw towards yourself whatever it is that you want.  Do this on a daily basis  Eg I am successful, I am powerful etc.

The change will be huge if you repeat constantly – this is the power of affirmation and the attitude of gratitude.  Whatever you have in the present moment you will be given more of.  Why would you state anything else or think anything other than the positive thoughts of what you want rather than what you have already created?

Now sit back and begin to enjoy your life – the life you are creating for yourself!!