Have you ever wondered why in today’s world of technology, strides in medicine and science and understanding of the human body and the amount of time and money spent on disease-control and prevention that breast cancer seems to be galloping way out in front for so many women?

There is a very simple reason if you understand the mind-body connection – we (and I count myself in this) are taught from a very early age that we are the home makers, the food preparers, the mothers, the wives, the sisters, the daughters etc and that we are here to nurture all of those we care for.

Now we have become part of the bread-winning cycle as well in today’s recession driven world.  We are always being something or somebody for somebody else – but never for ourselves!  A woman’s breasts are made for feeding and nurturing our children we are taught – and possibly for making our man happy as well! – but they are also about self-nurturing.

The voice of the body – that we invariably dont have time to listen to – can only tell us when we and our lives are out of balance by creating an issue that we have to stop and address.  How else can it tell us?  How else would we ever listen or do anything different?

If a woman develops breast cancer then in 99 out of 100 cases – as I have found in my clinic in 15 years of practice – the underlying issue is lack of self-nurture.  The message that is given to the body is that everyone else matters but you dont.  The message that comes back via the breasts is ‘What about me?’   ‘Where is my time?’ ‘Why dont you love me?’

It is time – way past in fact – that women took time to love and nurture themselves.  Taking time to stop and just be.  Putting everyone else on hold for a while!  Is there really anything that is more important than your health?  You are the mainstay for so many – you will be stronger if you put yourself first sometimes.

Now is the time – love yourself enough to do it!! As the ad says – YOU ARE WORTH IT!!