This is a recipe for Health – but it probably doesnt taste as good as some of the ones I list!! We hold emotions in the organs and systems of our body – this has been known for years and years. For example, the kidneys are all about fear, the gallbladder about bitterness, the heart about love etc  The liver, however, is the seat of the most primitive emotion of them all – anger.

Every time someone expresses anger towards us and every time we express it outwards or back to them, this toxic emotion enters our liver.  Make no mistake about it, these emotions  actually become toxic chemicals within the body building up over the years, affecting our digestive system, our blood, our hormones. The liver plays a hugely important role – has so many functions that the average blood test can only show approximately 50 of the 500 that it actually has. So how to help clear it?

Firstly diet plays an enormous part in this – overeating is exhausting for the liver – it becomes stagnant, swollen and sluggish. So never eat to excess or to fullness – an old adage!! This particular recipe allows for the gallbladder to dump bile which in turn stimulates the liver back to activity – giving it a chance to be able to do its work properly. It is simple and effective – not the whole answer, of course, but a definite help as it can dissolve gallstones at the same time.

So at the beginning of your day on an empty stomach – except perhaps for a glass of lemon water first – this is what you do.

1 lemon – thinly peeled leaving on the pith (bioflavonoids needed)
1-3 cloves of garlic (only fresh raw cloves please)
1″ peeled piece of root ginger finely chopped or 1 chilli
2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
80z apple juice – carton is fine

In a good blender ie one that has high up ice-crushing blades – add all the ingredients and whizz until smooth – do not stop until smooth or you will not drink it!!!

The take each mouthful and ‘chew’ so it mixes with the saliva in your mouth. Do not gulp the whole lot at once! If you have a tired liver then you will just make yourself feel nauseous as the stimulation will be too quick and too much.  If you do feel slightly nauseous, it is because your liver is working and you really need this!  However, rather than never doing it again it is best to halve the ingredients for a week and then increase them gradually until back to full dose.

If you really want to help your liver then do this every morning for at least 2-3weeks. You may smell of garlic at the beginning but as your bloodstream begins to absorb it you will find that you actually don’t smell of it at all.  If you are worried about work colleagues then doing it in the evening is also ok – but not after a meal please – wait at least 2-3 hours and do it just before bedtime. If you have a partner I suggest you both do it for obvious reasons!!

The interesting thing about cleansing this way is that as the liver is stimulated – the anger stored there starts to move and come up to be released – so you may feel particularly irritated, annoyed etc and wonder why. This is why – just be really positive and let it go – your liver will thank you for it!!

Years ago our grandparents, or grandmothers at least, knew the benefit of cleansing the liver, especially in the springtime after a winter of heavy food, less exercise etc.  The drink that was made then for a spring clean was dandelion and burdock – 2 really important herbs for cleansing the liver. Still today I use these as part of a herbal tonic I make for liver/gallbladder cleansing.

Hope you find this useful and as always – shout if you have any questions or care to give me any feedback – always welcomed!