Welcome to the second half!  In this section I talk about how you can change the health of your body which in turn will change your energy levels and the face you present to the world!  Sound like a tall order? Follow me to find out!

First – we know that you are what you think first and foremost – but you are most definitely what you eat as well.  

For example – live on a diet of fast food, take-aways, packets, fizzy drinks, crisps (chips for the US), fries, ice-cream etc etc and then add tea, coffee, red meat, milk and cheese to the mix and you have a body that is really struggling and a face to go with it!  Look at today’s teenagers who mostly eat like this day in day out.  Great clear skin?  Hardly!  We blame their skin issues on their hormones but forget that it doesn’t have to be this way if their diet is healthy, loads of pure water, good elimination etc  It is just a choice of what they eat and what we allow or guide them to eat.

All changes start with us, the mothers!  Not just parents – it has to begin somewhere so its a game of follow the leader – you can hardly ask anyone to change their diet and explain why and you aren’t doing it!!  So where do you start?  What are the dangerous foods?  What are the safe foods?  How do you cook them?  All questions are here to be answered!

Imagine if you will a sewer (Iam not saying you are a sewer!), look at it – looks like greeny brown gunk and you can’t actually tell what’s there can you?  If you eat a diet of unhealthy food such as the ones I listed above, then that is sort of what is happening inside you.  It all becomes a melting pot of sludge.  What effect does this have on your body?

The single most important role of your body is to keep you alive!  If you eat such an unhealthy diet (and let’s be honest so many do), the body will try to keep this toxic waste as far away from the main organs as possible – to protect you.  The skin is the largest elimination channel we have – a 2 way street – so poisons that the body needs to get rid of will be pushed through the skin.  Result?  Spots, lines, cellulite, varicose veins, circulation problems, body odour etc  If you add that most people dont eliminate properly through their colon then this waste is getting stuck, building up and filtering into your bloodstream where it will affect everything from your eyes and liver to your heart and lungs, your breath and energy.

Ok – that’s the negative bit!  Here’s the positive – it’s easy to change!  Just a choice when you know what to do!

Danger Foods -Excess bread! Red meat! Take aways! Hamburgers! Pizzas! Coca-cola! Chocolate! Cakes! Biscuits! Sodas! Beer! Wine! Yeast-based products such as Marmite!  Is life worth living without all this I hear you cry!  Of course it is!  All things in moderation!  It is the excesses that cause the problem.

If you have bread of some form for breakfast (wheat/yeast), then sandwiches for lunch and say a pasta meal in the evening – you feel that you are being healthy.  Unfortunately all you are doing is eating an excess of sugar as all these turn to sugar in the body.  The wheat gets stuck in the colon and the body cant eliminate it.  The problems begin – you feel bloated!  You feel tired after lunch!  You feel tired mid-late afternoon!  You slump in the evening!  Then you need the coffee or caffeine drinks to get you going!

How to change it?

Safe Foods – vegetables of the green variety, fish, seafood, white meat, game, poultry, whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa (easy to cook and more protein than cabohydrate).  Get the wok out!  Learn to stir-fry and flavour with chilli and garlic which will start to clean your blood.  Dont drink whilst you eat except for small sips.  Dont eat sweet puddings afterwards.  Wait for an hour before drinking again.  give your stomach a change to process the food without pushing it through before it is digested properly.  Use fresh herbs for flavour such as coriander, parsley, chervil.  Flavour chicken with rosemary and garlic.  Dont make flour-based sauces.  Use dashes of soya sauce.  Dont use salt!  Only cook with extra virgin olive oil.  Having a single glass of wine is ok – its when it becomes more than that.  Alcohol is sugar!  Wine and beer are the worst as they are fermented products and add to the gurgling mix!

I have put some recipes on this site already to give you a head start. andwill keep adding to them.  It is the first step that is the hardest I know.  The difference it will make to your body, your energy, your skin and ultimately your health is so worth that first step.

I have been a colonic therapist for 15 years and have stories that would amaze.  Suffice it to say that when you change your diet you change everything about what is happening inside you.  Aches and pains disappear, you are less hungry naturally, your mood swings disappear, life is happier and healthier.



To your Success – Jane