Ok, it’s now Boxing Day – and the end of it for me in England.  10.30pm to be precise!  As I look back over the last couple of days – that is the question I ask myself.

No – but it could have been worse!!

Unlike the majority, I no longer get caught up in the hype and madness of Christmas present – maybe I remember too well the hype of Christmasses past!

Christmas Eve was its usual pleasure of a few select friends, beautifully sung carols, decorating the tree (with whatever I had from the year before!), making some mulled wine, lighting the log fires (plural as I live in an extremely old, cold, damp house!), and cooking some delectable nibbles – not necessarily made by me but not necessarily told to my guests that was the case!  Let’s keep some secrets shall we??

I think that it is the anticipation that I enjoy – there is something slightly delicious about knowing that it will be Christmas Day – whatever the weather – it is a magical time to look forward to.  The reality is always a let down – but the night before is for me!!

I think that the Continentals have it right – main meal Christmas Eve, presents Christmas Eve -all geared up with that anticipation – and for those that feel inclined – there is Midnight Mass!

That is my memory of Christmas Present, Christmas Past and Christmas Future (I trust!) – the reality of the day is somewhat different but the day and the eve before are mine!!

Wherever you are, whatever you did, whatever you felt – I trust it was a pleasure for you – before, during and now afterwards!  All over again for another year – and faster than ever methinks!