Once upon a time there was a God-fearing, devout man called Wo – he took his life seriously and lived within the work of God – as he saw it.  Every day he read his bible and understood that his role in life was to live simply and safely.  Never wanting or desiring more than God had given him.

Every morning Wo would rise from his bed, read his bible, say his prayers and live his day as devoutly and simply as he could.  Avoiding all confrontation, all excesses and all contact that made him feel uncomfortable.

One night as Wo lay in bed, he espied a light in the corner of his room – the light glowed brighter and brighter until Wo was afraid.  He covered his eyes and prayed to God – take away the light – I will be more devout, more God-fearing – just take it away!

Away went the light.

5 years passed and Wo had continued his life on the same path, simply living his daily life – interacting with no-one, reading his bible, living in his small room.

Another 15 years passed and again one night the light appeared in the corner of the room – glowing brighter and brighter until Wo was seriously afraid.  Again he covered his eyes and cried out to God – please take away this light – I am afraid – what have I done that this light is here to frighten me – take it away! 

Away went the light.

Years and years passed and now Wo was an old man.  Still living in his simple room, no longer ever leaving as he had retired from his job years before.  He still read his bible every day and prayed to God every day.

One night as Wo lay in his bed – he knew that his time had come.  He was not afraid – he had lived a long and devout life – God would take care of him as he had always known.  Then the light appeared again in the corner of his room.

This time Wo did not cry out in fear as he had already passed over to the other side and could see quite clearly that the light was coming from the wings of an angel.  Beside the angel was a doorway and as the angel beckoned to him – Wo arose from his bed and took the hand that the angel offered to him.  They passed through the doorway together.

A corridor stretched out before them with doors on either side.  The angel indicated the first doorway to Wo and Wo opened it.  To his amazement inside the door was a younger version of himself surrounded by gold, jewels, money, property  – all the trappings of wealth!  What could this mean?

The angel took him  forward along the corridor and indicated another doorway for Wo to open.  He did so and there, to his astonishment, was himself again at a different age – holding hands with a beautiful woman, with 2 children, who were clearly his, clinging to him. 

It began to be clear to him what the angel was trying to show him!  That last doorway showed a wife and children!  What had he done?

The next door that the angel took him to, he didnt want to open.  He didnt want to see what he had thrown away by his choices any more.  The angel insisted.

Behind this door as he expected, was himself again – this time as an obvious world leader with thousands looking to him for their support.  He was a leader of men!  The tears began to flow.  He realised what his life of safety and fear had cost him.

If only – if only – if only – he rejected all the advantages the world had to offer – he rejected all the paths that had been set for him – he had rejected the entire world OUT OF FEAR!!

The lesson?  Walk through your fear – the world and your opportunities are waiting for you!!