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My Garden

In our lives today we live at the most stressful pace imaginable.  The only time we tend to stop is when or if we take a holiday.  the number of times I hear a wife complain that her husband spends the first 4-5 days of holiday never leaving the room – just asleep!  Why?  The next most popular one is – why do I get sick as soon as I go on holiday?  The reasons are very simple ones actually.  It is a clear indication of how you live your life, day in, day out.  If you are continually at a highly stressed level, coping with work (and I include the job of being a housewife and mother in this!); dealing with the anxieties of paying the mortgage, rising fuel prices, rising food prices, falling house prices etc etc, then you can only survive by keeping it at bay.

How do you do that?  You make a subconscious choice which you alert your body to – that you really don’t have the time to deal with anything else currently.  So it gets shelved,  so to speak.

The one time of year when you get to take a full break away from work, telephones, internet, e-mails, mobiles etc has now appeared.  You are actually about to stop!  So what does your body do with that?

You have a very wise body – luckily for you!  As soon as you step off that ‘plane and don’t do  anything that you would do normally – your body recognises the  change in procedures and says to itself – whoa!  we have a chance to do some repair work here and now!  Quick!  Start!  So how does that manifest itself as far as you are concerned?  First, there is the resting and repairing period – ie you sleep the clock around!  Immune system re-booting itself.  Second, the clearing and cleansing process – you get a nasty cold or feel like you have the ‘flu – but really it is your body taking the rare opportunity it gets to detox and repair!

What about if you gave it that time a little more often during the rest of the year instead of saving it until your holiday?  Your precious time away with your loved ones – ruined for at least half of it?  There is a way you know.

What you are seeing in these pictures is my garden.  Please understand, I am not advocating that you suddenly expend all your energies day in day out in a garden!  What I am trying to show you is that what is outside can help to relieve your stress – that is what plants give to us.  The very act of being outside in a garden, tending anything for even a small amount of time does make the difference.  I am not here talking about the weekly chore of cutting the grass which is abhorred by most as a necessary evil that just has to get done – even I don’t enjoy that though I love the finished effect!

How does it make you feel when you look at the pictures I have posted here?  Does it help you to relax just by looking at them?  Memories of warm days and the sound of bees and the smell of the flowers?  The pleasure of growing and picking your own fruit and vegetables for the table?

There is a joy that comes to a lot of people when tending a garden even if they didn’t realise they had it!  It comes of being outside – in the sunshine – in the open air – touching the growing plants, smelling the flowers – being a part of nature – which is a part of us.

Have you ever noticed that if you go for a walk with your dogs (or not), and you walk in the woods or somewhere that there are trees – that miraculously you feel less stressed, less worried, less tense, even less angry?  I am sure you have – give thanks to the trees!  Their job has always been to help us – not just to give us oxygen to breathe but to help absorb ‘stuff’ we really don’t want – our negative emotions!  Think I am losing the plot?  No – not really – just try it for yourself to find that I am right!  It is something that has been known for hundreds of years.

Got computer overload?  Filled up with the radiation exuded by a computer or mobile phone?  Take off your shoes and socks and walk on some grass – stand on the earth – the radiation will drain out of your body and back into the earth!  Try it and see!  I have had nothing but positive reactions whenever I have suggested this to patients!  It works!

Next on the list are our furry friends – no – not the hamster!  The dog!  They are here for us and always have been!  Perhaps not in the way that most people think about them – they are man’s best friend in truth – if we carry too much emotional baggage – they will try and lighten the load for us by carrying some of it.  If you dog gets sick – have a look at what is happening in your family life – emotionally – this is where the dog tries to carry it for his loved family.  Too much anger, too many arguments – this will affect the health of the dog who loves you.  Consider what you are doing to your dog as well as doing to yourselves everytime your voices are raised and the dog cringes and disappears into its basket!

Taking these guys out for a walk every day allows me to see the world through their eyes.  The joy they have in every smell, every leaf, every sound – particularly pheasants in the case of one of them!  They make me laugh – their antics have me in stitches and grooming them every night is the quiet time we have together.  It has to be done or they matt up badly – but no bad thing as we spend that time together.  My best friends as they are with most people.  Just understanding that they are man’s best friends in the real sense of the word – they carry your baggage for you!  Deal with it yourself – don’t dump it into your dog!

Take yourself out for exercise – go to the gym – whatever it takes – exercise is not just for increasing your heart rate and circulation – it also releases your stress – filling you with endorphins instead (feel good hormones).  Undertaking this on a regular basis, spending time outside on a regular basis, time within your garden, time walking with your dogs, time away from the day to day stresses – all this will allow you to have a holiday that you will enjoy- rather than a time when you are sick so your body can recover!

I hope that this helps and educates and is of value to you – that is my only intention!

With love Jane


This is Sambava (Samba for short) – not only is he cute, but extremely funny and loving. Still a puppy, he reminds me of what is important in life!

How Mould Can Affect Your Life

The problem of mould is one that seems to be growing (if you will excuse the pun!) globally.  Why?

First is understanding what it actually is.

moulds are fungi that grow in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae.  A connected network of these tubular branching hyphae has multiple, genetically identical nuclei and is considered a single organism, referred to as a colony. In contrast, fungi that grow as single cells are called yeasts.

This is the dictionary definition but for those of you that are none the wiser – simply put, if you look at an old wall outside you can clearly see the rings or white splodges on it – this is fungus!  An old piece of cheese found at the back of the refrigerator with blue growing on it – fungus/mould.  Old bread, stored again in the refrigerator past its sell by date developes white patches on it – fungus/mould.

There are some healthy fungi out in the world, however, the mushrooms which are so powerful for our immune system such as shiitake, maitake or reishi.  Not so much the other varieties but these have been used for hundreds of years and I even use them in a tincture or dried form for my patients to use.

Why are moulds making us ill then?  The problem of today is linked to the diet of most people – we are talking internal body mould here – the dangerous outside ones I will cover later.  If you look at the average diet of most people it includes a great deal of what we call ‘damp-forming food’.  Mainly carbohydrates, sugars, bread, biscuits, cakes – none of these are good for the body and build up problems in the small and large intestine where they get stuck and build up on the walls of the colon.

Now we have the beginnings of a very friendly home for the bad guys – the yeasts, the moulds, the fungus.  As we continue our diet of the wrong foods eventually these guys overtake any good bacteria you have and hey presto things start to go wrong with your health.

How do you know if you have a fungal problem?  There are some indications that are quite clear such as fungal infections on your nails, between your toes, cracked heels, excess mucous developing in your sinuses and sometimes you can see it in your stools also.  Patches can develop on the skin that look like eczema, allergies start to develop as your immune system struggles to cope with this invasion and your health suffers.

So how to ensure that this does not happen and what to do if it already has?  Change your diet is the number one answer.  If you let the yeasts take over and continue to feed them with what they love – yeast, sugar, alcohol, bread (which is also basically sugar to the body) eventually this can cause serious problems all over your body.  Ok – so what are the right foods?

Garlic!!!  It is one of the most powerful anti-fungals we have on this planet – bar none!  I have actually used the neat juice to clear up a nasty foot infection that a patient had – just kept putting it onto the affected area and it was gone in a few days!  Miraculous?  No – just the allicin in the garlic doing its job!  By putting garlic into your diet on a daily basis you will begin to fight back – it has to be fresh, raw garlic to be effective.  Just chop up really fine and sprinkle on to your food once cooked.  If you cook it, you will kill it!  An alternative is to cut up the clove of garlic into 3 or 4 pieces and take it like a tablet with water.  However you do it, it works.

Common sense dictates that the way to clear damp is to dry it out!  If you left a wet towel all screwed up it would start to stink.  So you always ensure you dry things out when it comes to clothes or bed linen.  The same is true of your diet and insides.  Warming, drying food instead of more damp stuff!  So what is warming drying food?  Not salad that’s for sure!  We are told that raw is always best and salad is really healthy and so we now eat it all year round irrespective of the weather outside!  So you are cold as well as damp and you eat cold damp food – how does that work??

It all boils down to your digestive system – the fire has gone out, the wok is cold – you continue to add more cold and damp and you are increasingly more cold and damp.  Externally you put on weight – a damp problem, begin to get aches and pains and swellings – also a damp problem.

Choosing to eat hot food – stir frys, more protein-based food and avoiding the carbs (they are only a sugar hit after all).  Adding chilli to your food – this increases your body’s ‘fire’ and warms you up.  Gets your circulation moving, like turning on the heating!  Feel how warm you are after you have made a dish with chilli and garlic!  Keep your food light – eating too much is heavy work for your liver and creates more sluggishness.  Look what happens at the end of a heavy lunch say at Christmas or Thanksgiving – everyone wants to fall asleep!  That’s what the carbs do for you!  If you had the same meals but without the potatoes, bread or pudding you would still be raring to go!

This is not a diet – it is a way of life!  Avoiding cold drinks, cold food, fruit, salad etc will help considerably to beginning to dry you out on the inside.

Now for the outside problems – I live in a very old house in a village in England – very picturesque, great thick walls but cold and damp.  Normally as I follow my own rules – I can counter this.  However we experienced the coldest, wettest summer for nearly 20 years in 2011 and went into the mildest, wettest winter for years also.  The damp levels really became a problem that I couldn’t overcome just with diet.  My lungs were the first place to show the problem – coughing and with raised mucous levels and difficulty breathing deeply.  Then continuous sinus infections, allergies, digestive problems etc.

This is about understanding that what is happening outside definitely affects us on the inside as well.  Short of moving house I had to do something drastic to dry myself up and heat myself – so I went back to the gym!!  Remember what  I said about the damp towel?  Well, exercise will dry you up by getting your circulation going.  I also advocate 3% ammonia baths (which sounds drastic but actually its not and helps to kill off the internal fungus), taking hydrogen peroxide in a 3% solution in the bath also and I take it internally (please DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS SPEAKING WITH ME FIRST – THE DETOX IF  TOO MUCH IS TAKEN WILL MAKE YOU ILL), this also kills off the fungus and moulds.

Any damp patches within your home – clean with borax – it will stop it from coming back.  Don’t leave damp clothes airing where you sit.  If the air is damp in your home – use a de-humidifier.  Try a de-ioniser for where you sleep so you are breathing good air rather than damp. Check if you have black patches at windows, vents or around doors – block it with the borax.  Open windows on dry days to allow the air to circulate.   If you know you are living in an environment that has black mould that you can see or smell – use your common sense!  Do something about it before it makes you really ill!

Don’t  allow yourself to get cold or wet if possibly it can be avoided – it will make you feel much worse.

Bottom line here is – work on the inside and the immune system will be able to deal with the outside much more readily.  Your diet is so important here and how you cook.  Chilli and garlic have literally saved lives – use it to help you.

Here’s to your success!



We hear the phrase but do we understand it? How many of us recognised that we have an infallible system for telling us how our emotional health is?  Not many I guess!  If you knew that you had a barometer for this – how would that change your life?

You Do Have One!  It is your body – this is the voice of truth as to how you are living your life, your emotional health and well-being and your balance in this world.

Imagine if you will that your body has only one purpose in life – to serve you!  It talks to you all the time – but do you listen?  Do you understand even what words it is using? Your emotional health depends on it!

Ok – so how does your body tell you? PAIN!  This is the only voice the body has to use in its own defence and to help you understand what you are doing!  So for example, if you have a headache – what do you do?  Do you take a moment to sit and feel and think about it?  What have I done, where have I been, what have I eaten, have I been angry or upset?  If we did this every time – truly we would be able to account for why we have that headache.  The answers are always there in front of us if we knew to look.  What do we normally do?  We take a pill!!

If you switch off your body’s voice as it is trying to tell you something is wrong – the problem doesn’t go away just because you can no longer feel it.  It actually goes deeper and the longer you don’t listen and the more you suppress with painkillers – the deeper it will continue to go until one day your body just has to show you what you have been ignoring but more powerfully.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake that the headache – though located in the area of your head – has nothing to do with it at all!  We assume that if we have a headache (if we even think about it at all!), that it is related to that area – actually 90% of the time it is located somewhere else entirely!  For instance if your gallbladder was out of balance along with your liver then the energy lines of the gallbladder run along the side of the head – causing you to feel pain in that area but the organ that is having the problem is the gallbladder itself.  Clean that and give it what it is asking for – usually a cleanse – then the headaches disappear.  The body voice has been listened to and no longer needs to shout at you.

I will give you another example – that nagging shoulder pain that just won’t seem to go away – you can’t think of anything you did to cause it on the physical level.  So what is it?  Again it is the voice of the body along the energy lines coming from the small intestine usually.  Shoulder/arm syndrome is nearly always a clear indication that the small intestine is distressed.  So by changing the diet, ensuring no bowel blockages and taking some herbs will clear it.  Away goes the pain in the shoulder and arm!  Miraculous?  No, not really.  Just understanding body speak!

How many of you have been to the doctor with a particular issue that they can’t seem to fathom out but carry on giving you different prescriptions to resolve the problem.  But they can’t!  Purely because they are addressing the symptom and the cause is left unattended.  You will never solve a physical issue with the body by treating the symptom.  Or suppressing it until it becomes a much greater problem further down the line!

So – back to the emotional health – every organ carries the energy of an emotion for us – anger in the liver, fear in the kidneys, anxiety in the bladder etc.  When we experience problems in these areas it is the body’s way of showing us that our emotions are out of balance – so much so that now a physical dis-ease is being manifested.  Address the emotional imbalance and you will address the physical problem.  It is about understanding your body and taking the time to listen to the message of the pain.  Because there is always, always a message.

If an area of your body is out of balance – then an area of your life is out of balance – before you go rushing off to the doctor – take a look at your life.  Take a look at your stress levels, your job, your family, your diet etc  The answers are there and you have the power to change it.  You were the instigator (no blame here!), and you have the power to uncreate it!  Be empowered by that thought!

Give your body the balance in diet, liquid intake and emotional harmony and you will experience better health than possibly many of you have done in years.  the biggest lesson is LISTEN!!

Live The Dream

How many times do we hear this phrase?  How many times do we see it written somewhere, whether in books, magazines, Google, internet advertising, websites, videos etc
What does it actually mean?

Possibly not the same to you as it does to me!  For many this is about money – having the lifestyle, the car, the house, the holidays and, yes, the freedom from money worries.

Is it really only about money?  Money doesn’t bring you happiness – we are told.  However, I have yet to see someone struggling with debt, bills, mortgage etc who would agree with that statement!

For me, it is not the money in itself – it is what the money does and can do to change our lives and the lives of others.  Money is not the goal surely – or it shouldn’t be.

What then can be the goal that the money will change for us – so we can live our own version of the dream?

How about being able to spend more time with our families, rather than slaving away at a job for someone else for 70 hour weeks and only just making enough to pay the bills and never seeing our kids or partners?  That sounds like a good goal doesn’t it?

Or, being able to send your kids to college; having the freedom to work how you want for yourself rather than for someone else; running your own business the way you want to run it.  Those are pretty good goals as well.

In truth there are many goals that can be set – targets we want to reach – and the money is just a means to those ends.  It is not about the money in itself.

My goal is to travel back to West Africa where I have spent a lot of time previously.  Working with the local people and showing them how they can improve their health without the hugely expensive doctors and drugs they cannot afford.  Teaching them about what they eat so we can tackle the huge problem of diabetes.

It is so empowering and yet humbling to see how avidly they listen to me and then go and do what I have suggested and a fungal condition disappears in 3 days, or an ulcer is healed by using cabbage leaves or even a thyroid problem overcome by gathering the seaweed on the beach!  I don’t do it for them – that is the point of empowering them – they follow my suggestions and do it for themselves.

This knowledge they pass on and so it grows – taking back their power!

By building a clinic there I can finally spend enough time to reach so many more.  That is my goal – that is what the money is for and my goal is always in my mind – driving me onwards, ensuring I stay committed, focused, consistent, persistent.

Even when I am tired and don’t feel to write another e-mail or blog post or article – I see my goal, I feel my goal, I touch and taste my goal and I smile and carry on re-energised.

So you see – living the dream means something different to all of us – but the goal is what will take us there; keep us at it even when we are exhausted!

The money is a vehicle to living the dream – the money is not the dream!

What is your dream?  What is your goal?

Business And Mental Health

Why would I write a post about mental health in business?  We are told to think about our bodies and we try – well some of us do!  We try to eat healthily, we do the required amount of exercise to keep healthy, drink plenty etc  We assume that this is enough to keep us where we want to be – in peak fitness to run a successful business with all the energy and commitment that entails.  BUT IS IT?

Mental Health

What is it?  What does it mean?  We hear so many terms surrounding the words that there is confusion for a lot of people.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Bi-Polar, Depression, Schizophrenia,Anxiety  etc – there are a lot of names out there!

The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “a state ofwell-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. It was previously stated that there was no one “official” definition of mental health. Cultural differences, subjective assessments, and competing professional theories all affect how “mental health” is defined.
So there you have it – being ‘normal’ is what counts!  So how can you ensure that you keep your mental health optimised for your business success  for as long as you want?  How can you stay at peak condition mentally to ensure that you can run that business optimally?

Diet And Mental Health

You feel that you may be eating healthily but there are hidden factors out there that can seriously affect what is happening in your brain.  Your control centre.  The worst that springs to mind is the side-effect of Aspartame or Acesulfame K.  We avoid sugar as we know that it is not good for us (more on that in another post) but the sugar-free products that we replace it with have these chemicals in them instead.   It actually contains 3 chemical compounds – all of which are seriously toxic to the human body – aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol (wood alcohol).

So what are the effects of Aspartame? Horribly, there are an awful lot of them as the process of exchange within the body leads to the release of even more chemicals such as formaldehyde :

headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, depression, fatigue, increased heart rate, insomnia, vision problems, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, tinnitus, vertigo and memory loss – the last being one of the most common starting symptoms of Aspartame toxicity.

It can trigger or worsen the following:

brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, mental retardation.

It causes chronic neurological disorders by acting as a neuro transmitter in the brain and too much of it ‘excites’ (kills) certain neurons by allowing too much calcium to enter the cells.  The neural cells are stimulated to death.

A simplified version of what happens or can happen – the research is out there – if you value your mental health then avoid this chemical!

Mental Health And Water

Sounds strange doesn’t it?  How can water affect our brain and thereby our mental health?  We know that drinking water is important but most people do do not take nearly enough into their diets.  They load  themselves with dehydrating liquids such as tea, coffee and alcohol and assume that all liquids are equal!  They Are Not!!  If you look at our planet you see that it is 80% water – as our mother we follow suit and our bodies are also 80% water.  If this level is allowed to drop then we experience symptoms which are wide-ranging from physical joint and muscle pains to headaches and vison problems.  The brain has to be kept hydrated to work properly!

We are aware that mental health covers the areas of depression, stress and anxiety also under its umbrella.  A depressive state can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.  What has water to do with this?  When the body becomes dehydrated, the physiological process that come into play are the same ones that occur when coping with stress.  Dehydration equals stress, and once stress establishes, there is an associate action of materials from the body’s stores – in effect this process will ‘mop up’ some of the water reserves of the body.  Therefore dehydration causes stress and stress will cause further dehydration.

Now several hormonal overrides become operative in the stress situation – the body assume that it is in crisis and adopts its normal reaction to that – fight or flight – even if it is work-stress – this is then maintained and begins to exhaust the body and the adrenal glands associated with this until a state of chronic fatigue develops.

Keep your body hydrated with water! Keep your brain hydrated with water!

Mental Health – Depression

Melancholy, despair and other aspects of mental depression are now more common then ever.  What you could once cope with in your daily life is now a struggle.  Nothing to do with age, I hasten to add, but a build-up of toxicity that is affecting your energy levels and your thought processes.  Women are particularly prone to depression when exposed to excessive competition and stress.    Mental depression is experienced in the mind but is generally rooted in a stagnant liver.  Dietary principles apply here to lift the liver to its former glorious state of energy and the depression lifts from the mind.  Short-term remedies for this are the wild-blue green micro-algae and vinegar!  Apple cider vinegar acts specifically on lifting the liver taking 1 teaspoon in a little water while experiencing the mild depression we are all subject to from time to time.  Following a liver cleansing programme is longer lasting.

Mental Health – Fatigue

The final suggestion here, apart from seriously looking at your diet, chemical intake, and water intake is  your oxygen intake.  Most people breathe only to a shallow level – we are nothing without oxygen – it is the life of our blood and cells.  Deeply breathing allows the oxygen to circulate around all the peripheries including the brain!  Allow your stomach to expand as you breathe in and contact as you breathe out – the other way round is wrong!  You will find that you can breathe to a much greater depth and if you feel slightly dizzy – great – it means that the oxygen has got to your head and brain area!  Practise this every day – make it a part of your health regime as it also stimulates the lymphatic system.

Last comment would be on the workings of your colon!  If it doesn’t work as often as it should – 2-3 times a day surprisingly enough if you eat 2-3 times a day – then you are going to feel the effects of this throughout your body, mental state, muscles, joints, skin, eyes etc.  Vital to keep this organ flowing freely to be in a healthful state and to have optimum mental health.  Truly – without the cleanliness of this area you will feel sluggish, depressed; mental processes slow down and you feel exhausted!

Here’s to your Success!

What Is Candida?

You have probably heard the word – quite often these days – but do you know what it actually is and what it does to your body if you have an overgrowth of it?

Hopefully this post will go some way towards teaching you the why, what and how to get rid of it information!

The illness is called ‘candidiasis’ which is the overgrowth of Candida – a yeast-like fungi in the body.  This is what the Chinese refer to as a ‘dampness’ condition.  You feel heavy and sluggish, mental dullness, possible infections with yeasts and pathogenic moisture such as edema (fluid retention) and excess mucous.

If you have a digestive imbalance then chances are that you are playing host to this not so friendly parasite.  Yes, it is a parasite!

Candida tends to exist in high levels in individuals with weak immune systems – although it is normal for us to have some candida present in our gut when we are healthy and have a strong immune system – it is kept under control by the good bacteria in the gut.  Good bacteria play their role for proper nutrient absorption and are indispensable to our digestion.

Candida has an opposite effect in the digestive tract – inhibiting the take up of essential amino acids and other nutrients.  What follows in candidiasis is the weakening of immunity as well as the entire organism (body).  Ouch!

This yeast does not always confine itself to the digestive tract unfortunately.  It slips through weakened areas in the gut lining  or spreads through the anus into the sexual organs of both men and women (especially women) – from there into the blood and other body tissues.

Such spread of candida throughout the entire system – usually termed as ‘systemic’, is life-threatening if left untreated.  It is thought by some to be the cause of death in AIDS patients and various other viral-related degenerative illnesses.

Toxic by-products of normal systemic candida stimulate the body’s immune responses  but in a serious yeast infestation can tax the immune system to the point where it can no longer respond to invading viruses or other harmful substances.  The immune system ultimately breaks down which paves the way for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

Even if none of the above conditions do set in, the effects of yeast-induced poisoning can produce allergic reactions to minor environmental or dietary toxins.  If it progresses then one can become allergic to almost anything!

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms of high level candid growth can or may include the following:

Chronic Tiredness

Mental sluggishness

Chronic Vaginitis or Prostatitis

Anal Itching

Bloating And Other Digestive Problems

Extreme Sensitivity To Tobacco Smoke And Chemical Fumes

Bad Breath

Mucous In The Stools

Frequent Colds

Cravings For Sweets And Yeasted Breads

Recurrent Fungal Infections  – Athlete’s Foot

Low Immune System

What Causes The Problem?

The causes of candida problems are related to consumption of yeast and dampness creating foods – cold in temperature, too sweet or salty, mucous producting and stale or rancid.  Too much raw food additionally weakens the digestion – shown by loose or watery stools.

Also included amongst products that induce yeast are certain kinds of ferments, yeasted breads, alcoholic beverages, most intoxicants (even tea and coffee), and any food in excessive amounts.  Complicated meals made of a lot of different ingredients on the plate promote fermentation in the digestive system, exactly what yeasts thrive on.

The biggest factor in having candida overgrowth is the massive and/or repeated use of anti-biotic drugs.  Unfortunately these drugs kill off all the micro-organisms in the digestive tract – the good as well as the bad.  Now that is making a welcoming home environment for more yeasts and fungi to move in and take over.

For women who take oral contraceptives, the risk is greater than average of developing candidiasis, as it has become clear that a continual unnatural stimulation of the hormonal system unbalances the liver and pancreas – the organs that support a healthy environment in the digestive tract.

Added to that mix, anxiety and worry will greatly increase damp excesses such as yeast overgrowth.

Controlling Candida With Diet

Cutting down on foods rich in carbohydrates and they are mucous and acid-forming.  Eating too much of these will contribute to yeast and fungal conditions quite quickly.  If you have candida severely then avoid grains generally – ie gluten.  Quinoa is fine as it is more protein than carbohydrate-based.

Sweet foods to be avoided completely as are anything with yeast in it.  The sweet foods include fruits which, even though fructose, are just sugar.  Particularly juices or smoothies.

Avoid starchy vegetables also such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams – carrots, parsnips and beets are ok.

Avoid animal protein generally as most of it has been heavily dosed with antibiotics.  Unless you know a good organic supply.  Fish and fowl is generally better tolerated – especially if it is raised without the use of chemicals!

Miso, soya sauce and tempeh are actually tolerated even though fermented – however in small amounts and not daily!  Your body will tell you if it can cope with it – if not, you will feel tired, then stop them.

Generally avoid oils, nuts and seeds except in small quantities.  Only good quality olive oil or omega oils or flaxseed oil.

Avoid stimulants like tea and coffee, caffeinated drinks, fizzy drinks and alcohol – wine is a fermented product as is beer – it will just bloat you and make you feel uncomfortable.

The Good Guys

Garlic – anti viral and anti fungal – half a clove twice a day before meals taken like a tablet with water.  Just prior to the garlic, take wheat or barley grass concentrate – they will help to protect the stomach from the fire of garlic!  Best taken in powder form rather than juice.  Up to a tablespoon just prior to the meal.

Pau d’arco – a South American herb excels in controlling candida as does chaparral, and burdock.

Chlorophyll – can be taken in liquid form and tastes quite pleasant.

Kelp and other seawees are exceptional in treating candida as they contain selenium and other minerals necessary for rebuilding immunity.  Also the iodine content of the seaweeds is used by the body to create free radicals which deactivate yeasts.

Restrict salt intake to a pinch of only whole sea salt into vegetables.

Acidophilus is an important part of this repair as it will help to rebuild the friendly bacteria.

Citrus seed extract – extremely powerful an anti-microbial highly effective against yeasts.  Diluted according to instructions it is very effective agains most external fungal conditions.

This is a broad idea of treatment protocols.  However, depending on the strength of the person involved the diet may need to be tailored to suit.  Please consult with a natural health practitioner if in any doubt.

Please do not attempt any treatment options if in doubt!

To your health – with love