We hear the phrase but do we understand it? How many of us recognised that we have an infallible system for telling us how our emotional health is?  Not many I guess!  If you knew that you had a barometer for this – how would that change your life?

You Do Have One!  It is your body – this is the voice of truth as to how you are living your life, your emotional health and well-being and your balance in this world.

Imagine if you will that your body has only one purpose in life – to serve you!  It talks to you all the time – but do you listen?  Do you understand even what words it is using? Your emotional health depends on it!

Ok – so how does your body tell you? PAIN!  This is the only voice the body has to use in its own defence and to help you understand what you are doing!  So for example, if you have a headache – what do you do?  Do you take a moment to sit and feel and think about it?  What have I done, where have I been, what have I eaten, have I been angry or upset?  If we did this every time – truly we would be able to account for why we have that headache.  The answers are always there in front of us if we knew to look.  What do we normally do?  We take a pill!!

If you switch off your body’s voice as it is trying to tell you something is wrong – the problem doesn’t go away just because you can no longer feel it.  It actually goes deeper and the longer you don’t listen and the more you suppress with painkillers – the deeper it will continue to go until one day your body just has to show you what you have been ignoring but more powerfully.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake that the headache – though located in the area of your head – has nothing to do with it at all!  We assume that if we have a headache (if we even think about it at all!), that it is related to that area – actually 90% of the time it is located somewhere else entirely!  For instance if your gallbladder was out of balance along with your liver then the energy lines of the gallbladder run along the side of the head – causing you to feel pain in that area but the organ that is having the problem is the gallbladder itself.  Clean that and give it what it is asking for – usually a cleanse – then the headaches disappear.  The body voice has been listened to and no longer needs to shout at you.

I will give you another example – that nagging shoulder pain that just won’t seem to go away – you can’t think of anything you did to cause it on the physical level.  So what is it?  Again it is the voice of the body along the energy lines coming from the small intestine usually.  Shoulder/arm syndrome is nearly always a clear indication that the small intestine is distressed.  So by changing the diet, ensuring no bowel blockages and taking some herbs will clear it.  Away goes the pain in the shoulder and arm!  Miraculous?  No, not really.  Just understanding body speak!

How many of you have been to the doctor with a particular issue that they can’t seem to fathom out but carry on giving you different prescriptions to resolve the problem.  But they can’t!  Purely because they are addressing the symptom and the cause is left unattended.  You will never solve a physical issue with the body by treating the symptom.  Or suppressing it until it becomes a much greater problem further down the line!

So – back to the emotional health – every organ carries the energy of an emotion for us – anger in the liver, fear in the kidneys, anxiety in the bladder etc.  When we experience problems in these areas it is the body’s way of showing us that our emotions are out of balance – so much so that now a physical dis-ease is being manifested.  Address the emotional imbalance and you will address the physical problem.  It is about understanding your body and taking the time to listen to the message of the pain.  Because there is always, always a message.

If an area of your body is out of balance – then an area of your life is out of balance – before you go rushing off to the doctor – take a look at your life.  Take a look at your stress levels, your job, your family, your diet etc  The answers are there and you have the power to change it.  You were the instigator (no blame here!), and you have the power to uncreate it!  Be empowered by that thought!

Give your body the balance in diet, liquid intake and emotional harmony and you will experience better health than possibly many of you have done in years.  the biggest lesson is LISTEN!!