Live The Dream

How many times do we hear this phrase?  How many times do we see it written somewhere, whether in books, magazines, Google, internet advertising, websites, videos etc
What does it actually mean?

Possibly not the same to you as it does to me!  For many this is about money – having the lifestyle, the car, the house, the holidays and, yes, the freedom from money worries.

Is it really only about money?  Money doesn’t bring you happiness – we are told.  However, I have yet to see someone struggling with debt, bills, mortgage etc who would agree with that statement!

For me, it is not the money in itself – it is what the money does and can do to change our lives and the lives of others.  Money is not the goal surely – or it shouldn’t be.

What then can be the goal that the money will change for us – so we can live our own version of the dream?

How about being able to spend more time with our families, rather than slaving away at a job for someone else for 70 hour weeks and only just making enough to pay the bills and never seeing our kids or partners?  That sounds like a good goal doesn’t it?

Or, being able to send your kids to college; having the freedom to work how you want for yourself rather than for someone else; running your own business the way you want to run it.  Those are pretty good goals as well.

In truth there are many goals that can be set – targets we want to reach – and the money is just a means to those ends.  It is not about the money in itself.

My goal is to travel back to West Africa where I have spent a lot of time previously.  Working with the local people and showing them how they can improve their health without the hugely expensive doctors and drugs they cannot afford.  Teaching them about what they eat so we can tackle the huge problem of diabetes.

It is so empowering and yet humbling to see how avidly they listen to me and then go and do what I have suggested and a fungal condition disappears in 3 days, or an ulcer is healed by using cabbage leaves or even a thyroid problem overcome by gathering the seaweed on the beach!  I don’t do it for them – that is the point of empowering them – they follow my suggestions and do it for themselves.

This knowledge they pass on and so it grows – taking back their power!

By building a clinic there I can finally spend enough time to reach so many more.  That is my goal – that is what the money is for and my goal is always in my mind – driving me onwards, ensuring I stay committed, focused, consistent, persistent.

Even when I am tired and don’t feel to write another e-mail or blog post or article – I see my goal, I feel my goal, I touch and taste my goal and I smile and carry on re-energised.

So you see – living the dream means something different to all of us – but the goal is what will take us there; keep us at it even when we are exhausted!

The money is a vehicle to living the dream – the money is not the dream!

What is your dream?  What is your goal?