How Mould Can Affect Your Life

The problem of mould is one that seems to be growing (if you will excuse the pun!) globally.  Why?

First is understanding what it actually is.

moulds are fungi that grow in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae.  A connected network of these tubular branching hyphae has multiple, genetically identical nuclei and is considered a single organism, referred to as a colony. In contrast, fungi that grow as single cells are called yeasts.

This is the dictionary definition but for those of you that are none the wiser – simply put, if you look at an old wall outside you can clearly see the rings or white splodges on it – this is fungus!  An old piece of cheese found at the back of the refrigerator with blue growing on it – fungus/mould.  Old bread, stored again in the refrigerator past its sell by date developes white patches on it – fungus/mould.

There are some healthy fungi out in the world, however, the mushrooms which are so powerful for our immune system such as shiitake, maitake or reishi.  Not so much the other varieties but these have been used for hundreds of years and I even use them in a tincture or dried form for my patients to use.

Why are moulds making us ill then?  The problem of today is linked to the diet of most people – we are talking internal body mould here – the dangerous outside ones I will cover later.  If you look at the average diet of most people it includes a great deal of what we call ‘damp-forming food’.  Mainly carbohydrates, sugars, bread, biscuits, cakes – none of these are good for the body and build up problems in the small and large intestine where they get stuck and build up on the walls of the colon.

Now we have the beginnings of a very friendly home for the bad guys – the yeasts, the moulds, the fungus.  As we continue our diet of the wrong foods eventually these guys overtake any good bacteria you have and hey presto things start to go wrong with your health.

How do you know if you have a fungal problem?  There are some indications that are quite clear such as fungal infections on your nails, between your toes, cracked heels, excess mucous developing in your sinuses and sometimes you can see it in your stools also.  Patches can develop on the skin that look like eczema, allergies start to develop as your immune system struggles to cope with this invasion and your health suffers.

So how to ensure that this does not happen and what to do if it already has?  Change your diet is the number one answer.  If you let the yeasts take over and continue to feed them with what they love – yeast, sugar, alcohol, bread (which is also basically sugar to the body) eventually this can cause serious problems all over your body.  Ok – so what are the right foods?

Garlic!!!  It is one of the most powerful anti-fungals we have on this planet – bar none!  I have actually used the neat juice to clear up a nasty foot infection that a patient had – just kept putting it onto the affected area and it was gone in a few days!  Miraculous?  No – just the allicin in the garlic doing its job!  By putting garlic into your diet on a daily basis you will begin to fight back – it has to be fresh, raw garlic to be effective.  Just chop up really fine and sprinkle on to your food once cooked.  If you cook it, you will kill it!  An alternative is to cut up the clove of garlic into 3 or 4 pieces and take it like a tablet with water.  However you do it, it works.

Common sense dictates that the way to clear damp is to dry it out!  If you left a wet towel all screwed up it would start to stink.  So you always ensure you dry things out when it comes to clothes or bed linen.  The same is true of your diet and insides.  Warming, drying food instead of more damp stuff!  So what is warming drying food?  Not salad that’s for sure!  We are told that raw is always best and salad is really healthy and so we now eat it all year round irrespective of the weather outside!  So you are cold as well as damp and you eat cold damp food – how does that work??

It all boils down to your digestive system – the fire has gone out, the wok is cold – you continue to add more cold and damp and you are increasingly more cold and damp.  Externally you put on weight – a damp problem, begin to get aches and pains and swellings – also a damp problem.

Choosing to eat hot food – stir frys, more protein-based food and avoiding the carbs (they are only a sugar hit after all).  Adding chilli to your food – this increases your body’s ‘fire’ and warms you up.  Gets your circulation moving, like turning on the heating!  Feel how warm you are after you have made a dish with chilli and garlic!  Keep your food light – eating too much is heavy work for your liver and creates more sluggishness.  Look what happens at the end of a heavy lunch say at Christmas or Thanksgiving – everyone wants to fall asleep!  That’s what the carbs do for you!  If you had the same meals but without the potatoes, bread or pudding you would still be raring to go!

This is not a diet – it is a way of life!  Avoiding cold drinks, cold food, fruit, salad etc will help considerably to beginning to dry you out on the inside.

Now for the outside problems – I live in a very old house in a village in England – very picturesque, great thick walls but cold and damp.  Normally as I follow my own rules – I can counter this.  However we experienced the coldest, wettest summer for nearly 20 years in 2011 and went into the mildest, wettest winter for years also.  The damp levels really became a problem that I couldn’t overcome just with diet.  My lungs were the first place to show the problem – coughing and with raised mucous levels and difficulty breathing deeply.  Then continuous sinus infections, allergies, digestive problems etc.

This is about understanding that what is happening outside definitely affects us on the inside as well.  Short of moving house I had to do something drastic to dry myself up and heat myself – so I went back to the gym!!  Remember what  I said about the damp towel?  Well, exercise will dry you up by getting your circulation going.  I also advocate 3% ammonia baths (which sounds drastic but actually its not and helps to kill off the internal fungus), taking hydrogen peroxide in a 3% solution in the bath also and I take it internally (please DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS SPEAKING WITH ME FIRST – THE DETOX IF  TOO MUCH IS TAKEN WILL MAKE YOU ILL), this also kills off the fungus and moulds.

Any damp patches within your home – clean with borax – it will stop it from coming back.  Don’t leave damp clothes airing where you sit.  If the air is damp in your home – use a de-humidifier.  Try a de-ioniser for where you sleep so you are breathing good air rather than damp. Check if you have black patches at windows, vents or around doors – block it with the borax.  Open windows on dry days to allow the air to circulate.   If you know you are living in an environment that has black mould that you can see or smell – use your common sense!  Do something about it before it makes you really ill!

Don’t  allow yourself to get cold or wet if possibly it can be avoided – it will make you feel much worse.

Bottom line here is – work on the inside and the immune system will be able to deal with the outside much more readily.  Your diet is so important here and how you cook.  Chilli and garlic have literally saved lives – use it to help you.

Here’s to your success!