It is spring and the birds in my garden are having a busy time of it – defining their territory, chasing off other cock birds, gathering all the bits and pieces they need for nest building – including straw from the thatched roof of my neighbour’s cottage!  However the weirdest behaviour of all came from my favourite – the gardener’s friend – my robin.  He has been my faithful companion all winter – not afraid of me or my dogs at all and always there with a cheery greeting of – where are the worms? – get digging!

Why weird?  Well I have a back door that is part glazed so that I can see into my garden.  The other day the robin was hovering more than usual outside the door.  Then on the wing outside the door!  Then landing on the door handle with me just standing the other side watching him!

I was racking my brains as to what he could possibly want.  Had I not given him enough food?  So off I trotted to the shop and came back with all his favourites – mealworms, special robin seed etc.  Laid it out for him but the behaviour still went on so it obviously wasn’t lack of food.  What else!  Did he want to build his nest inside the house?  Not to be encouraged for obvious reasons!

Each time he re-appeared it was with a mouthful (sorry Robin – beakful!) of moss  or he would go diving into the gutter just above the door where it is full of leaves.  And on this went for another day.  Continual hovering just outside the door, on the handle, on the low wall opposite or on the ground – knowing I was there.  In fact, it felt like he was appearing BECAUSE I was there.

I have 2 large potted plants outside my back door – shaped Leylandii into large rounds and they needed some serious watering – which I did.  At the same time I noticed that one had filled up with all the wet leaves falling out of the gutter above – so I pulled all these out and fluffed up the bush so it was nice and tidy.

My robin re-appeared with a beakful of large leaves and – hey presto – he dived into the plant outside the door!  Oh no!  He was building his nest in it!  I had just cleared out everything and the poor little mite had to start all over again!  I felt so guilty for destroying all his hard work but at the same time, incredibly humbled that he felt safe enough around me that he wanted his nest as close as possible to the house where he saw me every day.

Now the weird behaviour became crystal clear!  The hovering was waiting to see if I was going to be in his way.  The waiting on the wall was for a clear line of access.  The landing on the handle was just checking to see where I was and whether he would be interrupted!

The Robin's Nest

If there is a moral to this tale – and I suspect there is as with all stories!  It would be that all creatures feel the energy around them – as we do when we open to it and allow it – and they intuitively know who they feel safest around.  Who doesn’t threaten them.  My garden is a safe space for them.  I am a safe space for them.  I do not allow anger to be expressed in my garden or  raised voices or anything other than love for what the plants and birds give to me.  People who visit my garden can feel it also.

That is probably why I have one of those rare creatures – a blackbird (who is a ground feeder) that feels safe enough to hang beside a small bird feeder and peck away at his favourite fruit/suet blend!!  Wobbling a little I grant you – but nevertheless a sight to bring a smile on even the gloomiest of days!

Remember to feel what energy you are in at any given moment – the person you next meet with, talk to or even cook for – will get all of it – positive or negative!  Food for thought indeed!

With love