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Garlic – The Health Benefits

Here is a link to a post I just read on the power of garlic which I absolutely agree with.  the reason why I linked to it was it gave a good outline of what is in garlic that makes it smell and work so well – the scientific side as well as the nutritional side.


Perhaps it is worth adding some personal history around the use of garlic in my own practice and when I have travelled abroad.  I always carry garlic with me just in case I am in some weird out of the way place that I actually can’t get it – it has happened!  I certainly get some strange looks from customs when they open my case on arrival anywhere to find packs of garlic, lemons and a knife (later on the lemons and knife!).

I travel extensively to The Gambia in West Africa – where I have worked with the locals for over 8 years now.  I have developed a reputation of being there for them without charging some of the exorbitant prices they pay for over the counter medicines which truthfully most cannot afford and actually they do more harm than good!

I often hold my clinics on the public beach wearing my uniform of a sarong and swimming costume and very little else!  One of the greatest successes I have had is treating the myriad range of fungal conditions that such a huge percentage of the population suffer from.  Mainly down to their diet and living in a climate that, for 3-4 months of the year, is exceptionally humid and damp in the rainy season.

My diagnosis is simple, my remedy even simpler!  I check to see what they are eating – which is naturally about 90% sugar or bread, which is the same thing as far as your body is concerned!  I then prescribe 2 cloves of garlic a day, cut up into small pieces and taken like a tablet with a glass of water.  Stop the sugar – which, bless them – they always do – so much easier to get them to do this than this country!!  Literally, within 3-4 days the fungal infections are gone.  They think I have wrought a miracle!  Of course, I haven’t – it is the power of the garlic and reducing the sugar which has done it.  It is that simple and that quick!

Never travel without your garlic!   Especially if you are visiting a mosquito-infested country – mosquitoes love sweet, acid blood – caused by sugar.  However,  stop that 2 weeks before you travel, take loads of garlic and continue whilst you are away and they will leave you alone!  I have proved this on so many occasions.  Quite funny really – when sitting across from one of my African friends over dinner and he (we are outside as I hate a/c) is surrounded by lots of humming and darting and busy slapping away as hard as he can and I am completely left alone!  I think that they warn each other – don’t bite her she tastes disgusting!!

The Russians have used garlic for a very long time – using it instead of pencillin.  Hence its nickname of ‘Russian penicillin’.  The only side effects of garlic are the smell and, honestly, the more you have the cleaner you get inside and the less you really do smell of it.  I am certain that is the initial strong cleansing reaction of garlic that makes the ‘newbie’ smell so strongly.  It really does tail off quite quickly after that.  Or maybe I am so immune and so loaded with it that I never smell it on anyone anymore!

My Motto – Never Be Without Your Garlic!!!


ps  The lemons and knife are because I always start my day with hot lemon water to flush out the digestive tract.  Can’t always be sure of finding a lemon in my room when I arrive!!

Facts About Water


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This picture says it all really!  How powerful water is in its strength.  But do we really know how water affects our bodies and our health?  Most of us just turn on a tap without a second thought as to where it comes from, whether it is good for us or not or even whether or how much of it we should be drinking for health!

Water And Your Health

Let’s start with your body’s need for water.  We are similar to our planet which is made up of approximately 80% water – so are we.  What happens to us if we don’t drink water?  The  planet gets topped up with rain – how do we top our own water supplies?  Drinking it!

What are the effects of not drinking enough water?  Most of you will jump to dehydration – but at what point are we dehydrated?  When we feel thirsty?  At that point, however we are really dehydrated.  Our bodies give us many messages before you actually feel the need to drink.

Mostly we are not listening!  What are the early warning signs?  What are the chronic dehydration symptoms of the body through lack of water?

Digestive issues such as dyspeptic pain, heartburn, acid stomach, rheumatoid arthritis pain, low back pain, neck pain, anginal pain, headaches, stress and depression, high blood presure,higher blood cholesterol, excess body weight and on and on, gettin worse in older years as the dehydration settles in.

Surprising?  Not really, and here’s why:

Your body needs an absolute minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day.  Alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeine-containing everages don’t count as water!  Herbal teas do.  The best times to drink water (clinically observed in peptic ulcer disease) are – one glass half an hour before taking food – breakfast lunch and dinner – and a similar amount 2.5 hours after each meal.  This is the very minimum amount of water your body needs.  Adding another glass before bedtime is also helpful.

When you start to drink more, your body recognises the increased intake and kicks in the ‘thirst mechanism’ and begins to become more efficient and then asks you to drink more!

If you think about it – and most don’t – it is common sense!  Without the cushion that water provides for our joints they can swell and hurt.  Without the diluting effect of water for our blood, it comes thick and slow.  Without enough water we become constipated.  Our skin ages faster as there is not enough moisture within the cells and we look dehydrated.  We suffer from lower back pain as our kidneys protest that they cannot detoxify us as they don’t have the water flushed through them to do so – so poisons start to back up into our systems.

I never used to understand why my mother looked so much older than her years – now I know!  She was severely chronically dehydrated.  She only ever drank tea and coffee – which are dehydrating in themselves – never, ever any water!  It is actually one of our greatest beauty secrets to keeping the skin flushed and clear of toxins.

What happens to your plants if you don’t water them?  What happens to your lawn if it doesn’t rain?  The answers are all there – we just forget to relate them to ourselves!

Are All Waters Equal?

That would be a resounding no!  Once upon a time it was fine to turn on the tap and drink the water from the mains.  Now – it most definitely is not!  Why?  The water has been treated to such a degree to kill bacteria, that it is laden with chemicals and heavy metals which are harmful to our health.  The amount of chlorine in tap water is frightening!  You can actually smell it when running a bath – a little like being at a public swimming pool and the effects it has on you are equally bad.  Chlorine destroys all bacteria – however it destroys the good ones in your digestive system as well.  Bathing in chlorine dehydrates your skin and causes dryness and flakiness and is a big indicator in eczema.  Showering with chlorinated water is actually worse than bathing as you are keeping hot water scouring the pipes and the steam rises from the floor of the shower so you inhale far more chlorine.

What Is The Answer?

There are so many products available today that will help to remove the chlorine – firstly it is never necessary to drink tap water.  Filter jugs are on sale everywhere which negates the expense of continually buying bottled water.

Filters are also available as shower heads to filter the chlorine out before it gets to you.  Click here to find out more

There is a great product called Alba Pura to add to bath water as you are running it which removes all the chlorine and softens the water.  I use it and the difference is huge –Check it out here

I hope that the information I have given goes some way towards you understanding how important it is to keep your body hydrated.  Not just in youth, but in old age as well.  For further information there is a great reference book out there called Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – which you might find beneficial and certainly interesting! Find it here