How Can I Change My Life For The Better?

How many times do we ask ourselves this question?  Why  do so many things seem to go wrong in our lives – business-wise, health-wise, relationship-wise, family-wise and financially?  There are reasons and here are some of them!

We are far more powerful than we realise and our inner world creates our outer world – absolutely!  What is happening outside around us is a reflection of what is happening within us.  Change one and you will change the other.

How can I change my life for the better – using Mindset Training

If you understood the power of not only your words, but your thoughts and actions as well – you would probably take a lot more responsibility for all of them!  Simply see yourself as a magnet for what you put out – it will return to you!  Changing your life for the better entails understanding  what choices you made to be in the situation you are in in the first place.  Taking responsibility for those choices ie empowering – not the opposite!  If you created your present predicament then you can change it!

Training your mind is not as difficult as most people think it is.  Imagine if you will, that your mind is the servant not the master.  If you let your mind rule your thoughts – especially when they are all negative or angry or fearful – then you are giving your power away to your servant!  So how do I go about changing my life for the better?  Watch your mind!  As soon as any negative emotional thoughts enter – don’t follow them!  It is just a choice and a path – choose not to follow that path.  Bring your mind back to just follow your breathing instead.  This is not meditation – this is about taking control back.

How can I change my life for the better- using Empowerment

Here is a video that I loved that gives you so much of what empowerment is about and why it works so well.  Watch and be uplifted and then carry on for yourself!

Empowerment is not seeing yourself as a victim in this life!  If you believe that then you believe that you are not responsible for any of your actions and you have no choice.  Wrong!  Every second, of every minute of every day you make choices.  You choose whether to cross the road with or without looking!  You choose whether to have that sticky cake that will poison your blood!  You choose whether to respond in anger to that comment just directed at you – OR NOT!!

A victim believes that nothing is their fault, that nothing happens for a reason, that the world is full of coincidences and they are just pulled back and forward at the whim of everyone and everything else!  Wow – not a particularly empowering way to live is it?

How can you empower yourself?  By beginning to recognise that you are the creator of your own reality!  Look in the mirror – what do you see?  The architect of your life! Have you ever noticed that if you expect something to go wrong that it usually does?  Why?  Because that is what you have sent out there energetically and therefore draw back the same energy.  Not what you want?  Then take responsibility for what energy or thought you choose to send out in the first place!

Changing your life for the better means recognising that you are in control!  Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen!  You are creating it for yourself!  You are powerful beyond measure – choose what you want to create!

How can I change my life for the better – using My Health

Sometimes we doubt – sometimes we are uncertain – sometimes we forget to feel and just don’t know the answer.  There is an easy way to diagnose the state of your life and the way you choose to live it.  Your body! Your health!  All the answers are here – whatever you are feeling in your body is telling you exactly how you are choosing to live your life.  The body only has one voice – pain!  How else can it tell you when you are out of balance; eating the wrong foods; not getting enough sleep; over-exercising; under-exercising etc  All the aches, pains and other myriad dof symptoms that you experience is body-speak.  Each symptom relates to an organ which relates to an emotion which relates to how you are living!

How many times have you been utterly exhausted and just wanted to sit down and rest and then have the garden call you to cut the grass; the room that needs decorating, the bicycle that needs mending etc etc  We override what our bodies are trying to tell us all the time.  We push through with our minds (the servant) and ignore what our body is trying so hard to tell us.  Continue to do it and eventually the body will shout its message a great deal louder – in giving you a more serious condition to deal with!!

How can I change my life for the better – Putting Yourself First

If we but realised that our focus always being on the outside world and what is happening to us in our lives, our business, our relationships etc – allows for it to continue to fall apart!  The more we pull back to ourselves and just focus on being loving and gentle with ourselves – the more this will reflect outwards.  A momentum is just that – the hamster wheel of the same pattern of disasters over and over.  How to stop it?  Pull back your focus to yourself.  Treating yourself gently means caring for yourself, nurturing yourself against the cold, the heat, diet, hydration etc.  Being loving means doing things lovingly – for yourself and for others – all this creates such a different flow of energy that it changes the momentum of what is happening to you on the outside.