The Power Of Releasing to Heal

Does that seem like a strange title to you?  Does it feel as if you are about to read excerpts from The Bible?  Am I some weird woman who is going to spout on about shamanism, gurus (the spiritual kind!) and the like?  NO – absolutely not!  The power of releasing to heal is an entirely different area for me – the one that relates to your health – mental, emotional and physical!

Releasing To Heal – A Story!

I teach best in stories!  Always have and probably always will!  It just seems to me that if you can feel what happens to another then you find it easier to relate how it works to yourself.  So – the story.  First it is important to explain that my work clearly teaches me of the emotions that reside in the organs and systems of the body – unfortunately not for health! So a symptom to me is just that – a symptom of some underlying emotional damage that has been allowed to build and grow behind a locked door within the body physical.

Ok – that said – let’s begin.  Are you sitting comfortably?   It all starts in childhood – as all blockages often do!  Two sisters – beautiful little girls – one a year older than the other.  Their mother – who is a lawyer and a high flyer had married a man who was a farmer working a huge acreage of land albeit – but still a farmer and happy to be so.  She, on the other hand, realised that this life was not totally what she wanted – so she started travelling to London to work at what she was good at – being a lawyer.

Every week she would get ready to leave – knowing that she would not return until the weekend thus leaving her 2 girls with their father all week.   At this time the children were aged approximately 3 and 5 years.  Every week the same scenario would play out – both girls sobbing their hearts out and begging their mother not to leave – they missed her so.  And every week she chose to still go as they clung to her desperately.

This went on over the years with the father picking up the pieces of his girls being so unhappy – until eventually – as you would expect – their mother met another like-minded barrister, started an affaire (which was probably inevitable!) and finally left her husband altogether.

Today she has married the barrister – a wonderful man – given up being a barrister – given up travelling to London every week and has started a business (very successfully in the country).  Enough of her now.  What of the girls?

They are aged 16 and 18 respectively.  They have lived with their father for most of this time until their mother moved back to the country and began to shower attention on them.  Was it too late?  That is for you to decide!

Releasing To Heal – The Protocol

They came to me to help the younger one with a serious case of eczema which she had suffered from since she was about 3 years old (first clue!).  It had now got to the point where it was impacting really badly on her life and I was asked to help.  Oh this was so a can of worms that needed opening!  And, never being one to refuse a challenge – I opened it!!

Eczema is a symptom – of what?  Anger!  Boiling, raging anger coming up deep at what?  The pain of her mother leaving her over and over again for years.  The pain of fnot being able to do anything to change it.  She was an angry young girl as a result in many other areas of her life.  I worked with her on all levels of clearing away the emotional blocks sitting deep within her – in her blodd, her dibestive system and her mind.  What happened?  She brought up the painful memories she had buried – cried over and over again – but let them go!!  She released the anger.  She released the pain.  She released the eczema – slowly to be sure – but nevertheless she now had the power in her own hands to change it all for herself.  The rest is her story.

Onto her elder sister – this was less physical in terms of symptoms.  However, much deeper in terms of emotional pain.  she now had developed serious fears of life without her family.  Scared to be on her own at any level.  Scared that she would lose someone.  Frightened to go with her friends.  Frightened to be away from her loving father and now her mother who had reappeared.

A trip had been planned for her to go to Australia – without her family.  She and I worked together on helping her to release and to change her mindset – enough for her to get on that plane and go to Australia for the trip of a lifetime.  However, within 2 days she was on the phone begging to come back.  The fear of being separate from her mother (again and again!) was too much for what was a fragile mental state.

Releasing To Heal – The Final Story

How, in the end, could I help these girls the most?  Finally by sitting down with the cause of their pain – their mother!  Without judging; without blame – I shared with her why her girls were the way they were.  Why they suffered the symptoms they did – one she absolutely needed to take some responsibility for.  I asked her to do what I knew would be hard for her – to sit down with her daughters – who were now women – and talk to them at heart level about who she was, who she had been and why she had dmade the choices she had.  To share all this with her daughters and to allow them to say to her now, today what they could never have said at the ages of 3 and 5.

Bless her – she did it!  There was crying and releasing and repairing and healing – for all 3!  And it worked!  No more symptoms – just understanding of how they had suffered and how she could help that with them and for them.

This is why I do what I do!  Now I am waiting to work on the bitterness and resentment of her first husband – but that’s another story!

Feeling your way forward and listening to your heart!!