It is now well overdue in time that I was last here to share my thoughts

and advice on health and wellbeing.  The above picture shows why the time lapse!  Having spent 20 years on working with people and their various health problems – I decided that I would like to do the same for our beloved best friends.  I took a year out to do my research on what was best for them – the same as I have done for people over the years.

I wanted to become a breeder – not just any backyard breeder – but one that had the best interests of her dogs at heart.  I found that they needed almost the same as I had been teaching for people!  I wanted to be certain on nutrition, diet, chemicals and all else that goes to make them thrive with wellness.

The picture you see above is of my first pure Coton de Tulear litter – my little girls.  The boys will be shown later in the post.  These puppies were raised naturally – ie without chemicals of any sort, including vaccinations.  I have 6 of the breed and all of them are raw feeders with supplements of whatever they need to grow and thrive.

On my journey of research I delved deep into the world of kibbled foods, vaccinations and their effects; chemical wormers, de-fleaers and all the toxic traps waiting for the uninitiated.


To start then – most of us realise that we do not have the knowledge on what is best for our dogs – so we turn to the professionals – the vets.  For a minute let’s imagine ‘what if’.  What if they know nothing about nutrition from their training?  What if their training is governed by the ‘big pharma’ (as it now is sadly)?  What if they are struggling to give the right diagnosis?  What if they have no idea what is in a vaccination or its dangerous side effects?  What if they have no idea what is in the kibbled food they promote?  What if they actually know that annual boosters are unnecessary but push for them because they provide 87% of their total annual income?

Its a lot of what ifs isn’t it?

I took the time to do my research before beginning a breeding programme.  I wanted answers to all those ‘what ifs’.  I wish they would take the time to do the same rather than just relying on what they have been taught – whether in fact it is actually true or not.  What I uncovered on my research absolutely appalled me.  How the lives of our best friends were shortened so dramatically by their diet, the extraneous chemicals and the continuing programm

What could I do that would ensure my dogs not only had happy lives, but that their health was the optimum?  How could I be certain that stepping completely away from the ‘norm’ that my puppies would grow into healthy, intelligent dogs that were the best they could be?

As a herbalist – that was my first port of call.  What was out there that would prove to me what I had felt for a long time – that our dogs were being poisoned and their lives being dramatically shortened – in fact beginning to quite clearly show similar symptoms to human beings who also had no idea of nutrition or the dangers of chemicals.  I found what I was looking for – in a book that was written around the time I was born.  A famous herbalist and breeder of the  famous Turkuman Afghan hounds – Juliette de Bairacli-Levy.

Everything I read.  Everything she wrote rang bells with me.  It all made so much sense and the testimonials from breeders all over the world backed her up.  The science of Natural Rearing.  Nature has always given us everything we need to stay healthy if only we looked and listened.  Why would our dogs be any different?  I read everything and began to put it into practice.  I already had the knowledge and now realised that I could apply that knowledge to my dogs as well as people – often the same herbs for both!

So my puppies are weaned onto raw, biodynamic unpasteurised goat’s milk mixed with slippery elm powder and sweetened with wild honey.  Completely different from what the vets or dog food suppliers will tell you to do!  When my puppies were 10 weeks old they were amazing.  Their pigment was as black as could be.  Their coats gleamed.  Their eyes were bright little stars and their mother had as much milk as they wanted – still feeding at 9 weeks and beyond with no loss of health for her.  This is normal!  All else is not.


My dams are fasted for 2 days before they give birth – not having their food increased twofold as most breeders will do.  How difficult to give birth when you are overweight!  They are fasted for 2 days after the birth as well to allow their organs to come back into balance in the quickest time possible.  The fasting for them entails the goat’s milk, slippery elm and raw honey as well.  I add some living superfood of greens, seaweed, probiotics and digestive enzymes as well.

Giving birth could not be easier or quicker.  Why?  Red raspberry leaf tea! My girl had her first litter of 5 puppies and it was all over in an hour for her.   Just like shelling peas – if you will forgive the analogy!

I could go on and on about this but suffice to say that this proved to me that this was really the way forward and that I wanted my puppies to go to homes that would continue what I had started – which they all did!

So this is the reason that I have not been around!  However I am now back and not all my posts will be about dogs and their needs or what you can do about health problems as  I am now working with people again after my sabbatical so will share more of what is working for them – and definitely more pictures!!