This is by way of an apology to all of you who have messaged me asking for advice and help whilst I have been absent for so long.  I guess that my life with dogs has taken over considerably as I do battle for them as I have done for people for so many years.

This will not continue – I commit to finding the time to return weekly to write about all the research I have done over the last couple of years and how it has helped others with various conditions – from emotional to physical, from radiation poisoning to drowning in electromagnetic fields.  There is always a way forward when someone learns to understand how powerful they are – that every dis-ease within the physical body has a root cause in the emotional body – if you have created it – you can un-create it.  It is seriously just a choice.  All symptoms are just that – symptoms of any underlying cause.  My world is all about causal and then supporting through the symptoms whatever that takes.

It is the same for animals – sentient creatures that take on board our thoughts and feelings to aid us – find that and treat the cause.  It absolutely works with them as it works with us.  I always say – if you have a sick animal – look at yourself first!

The most important thing we have is our health – I am here to help you regain that.

With love, Jane