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Live The Dream

Live The Dream

How many times do we hear this phrase?  How many times do we see it written somewhere, whether in books, magazines, Google, internet advertising, websites, videos etc
What does it actually mean?

Possibly not the same to you as it does to me!  For many this is about money – having the lifestyle, the car, the house, the holidays and, yes, the freedom from money worries.

Is it really only about money?  Money doesn’t bring you happiness – we are told.  However, I have yet to see someone struggling with debt, bills, mortgage etc who would agree with that statement!

For me, it is not the money in itself – it is what the money does and can do to change our lives and the lives of others.  Money is not the goal surely – or it shouldn’t be.

What then can be the goal that the money will change for us – so we can live our own version of the dream?

How about being able to spend more time with our families, rather than slaving away at a job for someone else for 70 hour weeks and only just making enough to pay the bills and never seeing our kids or partners?  That sounds like a good goal doesn’t it?

Or, being able to send your kids to college; having the freedom to work how you want for yourself rather than for someone else; running your own business the way you want to run it.  Those are pretty good goals as well.

In truth there are many goals that can be set – targets we want to reach – and the money is just a means to those ends.  It is not about the money in itself.

My goal is to travel back to West Africa where I have spent a lot of time previously.  Working with the local people and showing them how they can improve their health without the hugely expensive doctors and drugs they cannot afford.  Teaching them about what they eat so we can tackle the huge problem of diabetes.

It is so empowering and yet humbling to see how avidly they listen to me and then go and do what I have suggested and a fungal condition disappears in 3 days, or an ulcer is healed by using cabbage leaves or even a thyroid problem overcome by gathering the seaweed on the beach!  I don’t do it for them – that is the point of empowering them – they follow my suggestions and do it for themselves.

This knowledge they pass on and so it grows – taking back their power!

By building a clinic there I can finally spend enough time to reach so many more.  That is my goal – that is what the money is for and my goal is always in my mind – driving me onwards, ensuring I stay committed, focused, consistent, persistent.

Even when I am tired and don’t feel to write another e-mail or blog post or article – I see my goal, I feel my goal, I touch and taste my goal and I smile and carry on re-energised.

So you see – living the dream means something different to all of us – but the goal is what will take us there; keep us at it even when we are exhausted!

The money is a vehicle to living the dream – the money is not the dream!

What is your dream?  What is your goal?

Business And Mental Health

Why would I write a post about mental health in business?  We are told to think about our bodies and we try – well some of us do!  We try to eat healthily, we do the required amount of exercise to keep healthy, drink plenty etc  We assume that this is enough to keep us where we want to be – in peak fitness to run a successful business with all the energy and commitment that entails.  BUT IS IT?

Mental Health

What is it?  What does it mean?  We hear so many terms surrounding the words that there is confusion for a lot of people.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Bi-Polar, Depression, Schizophrenia,Anxiety  etc – there are a lot of names out there!

The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “a state ofwell-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. It was previously stated that there was no one “official” definition of mental health. Cultural differences, subjective assessments, and competing professional theories all affect how “mental health” is defined.
So there you have it – being ‘normal’ is what counts!  So how can you ensure that you keep your mental health optimised for your business success  for as long as you want?  How can you stay at peak condition mentally to ensure that you can run that business optimally?

Diet And Mental Health

You feel that you may be eating healthily but there are hidden factors out there that can seriously affect what is happening in your brain.  Your control centre.  The worst that springs to mind is the side-effect of Aspartame or Acesulfame K.  We avoid sugar as we know that it is not good for us (more on that in another post) but the sugar-free products that we replace it with have these chemicals in them instead.   It actually contains 3 chemical compounds – all of which are seriously toxic to the human body – aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol (wood alcohol).

So what are the effects of Aspartame? Horribly, there are an awful lot of them as the process of exchange within the body leads to the release of even more chemicals such as formaldehyde :

headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, depression, fatigue, increased heart rate, insomnia, vision problems, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, tinnitus, vertigo and memory loss – the last being one of the most common starting symptoms of Aspartame toxicity.

It can trigger or worsen the following:

brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, mental retardation.

It causes chronic neurological disorders by acting as a neuro transmitter in the brain and too much of it ‘excites’ (kills) certain neurons by allowing too much calcium to enter the cells.  The neural cells are stimulated to death.

A simplified version of what happens or can happen – the research is out there – if you value your mental health then avoid this chemical!

Mental Health And Water

Sounds strange doesn’t it?  How can water affect our brain and thereby our mental health?  We know that drinking water is important but most people do do not take nearly enough into their diets.  They load  themselves with dehydrating liquids such as tea, coffee and alcohol and assume that all liquids are equal!  They Are Not!!  If you look at our planet you see that it is 80% water – as our mother we follow suit and our bodies are also 80% water.  If this level is allowed to drop then we experience symptoms which are wide-ranging from physical joint and muscle pains to headaches and vison problems.  The brain has to be kept hydrated to work properly!

We are aware that mental health covers the areas of depression, stress and anxiety also under its umbrella.  A depressive state can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.  What has water to do with this?  When the body becomes dehydrated, the physiological process that come into play are the same ones that occur when coping with stress.  Dehydration equals stress, and once stress establishes, there is an associate action of materials from the body’s stores – in effect this process will ‘mop up’ some of the water reserves of the body.  Therefore dehydration causes stress and stress will cause further dehydration.

Now several hormonal overrides become operative in the stress situation – the body assume that it is in crisis and adopts its normal reaction to that – fight or flight – even if it is work-stress – this is then maintained and begins to exhaust the body and the adrenal glands associated with this until a state of chronic fatigue develops.

Keep your body hydrated with water! Keep your brain hydrated with water!

Mental Health – Depression

Melancholy, despair and other aspects of mental depression are now more common then ever.  What you could once cope with in your daily life is now a struggle.  Nothing to do with age, I hasten to add, but a build-up of toxicity that is affecting your energy levels and your thought processes.  Women are particularly prone to depression when exposed to excessive competition and stress.    Mental depression is experienced in the mind but is generally rooted in a stagnant liver.  Dietary principles apply here to lift the liver to its former glorious state of energy and the depression lifts from the mind.  Short-term remedies for this are the wild-blue green micro-algae and vinegar!  Apple cider vinegar acts specifically on lifting the liver taking 1 teaspoon in a little water while experiencing the mild depression we are all subject to from time to time.  Following a liver cleansing programme is longer lasting.

Mental Health – Fatigue

The final suggestion here, apart from seriously looking at your diet, chemical intake, and water intake is  your oxygen intake.  Most people breathe only to a shallow level – we are nothing without oxygen – it is the life of our blood and cells.  Deeply breathing allows the oxygen to circulate around all the peripheries including the brain!  Allow your stomach to expand as you breathe in and contact as you breathe out – the other way round is wrong!  You will find that you can breathe to a much greater depth and if you feel slightly dizzy – great – it means that the oxygen has got to your head and brain area!  Practise this every day – make it a part of your health regime as it also stimulates the lymphatic system.

Last comment would be on the workings of your colon!  If it doesn’t work as often as it should – 2-3 times a day surprisingly enough if you eat 2-3 times a day – then you are going to feel the effects of this throughout your body, mental state, muscles, joints, skin, eyes etc.  Vital to keep this organ flowing freely to be in a healthful state and to have optimum mental health.  Truly – without the cleanliness of this area you will feel sluggish, depressed; mental processes slow down and you feel exhausted!

Here’s to your Success!

What Is Candida?

You have probably heard the word – quite often these days – but do you know what it actually is and what it does to your body if you have an overgrowth of it?

Hopefully this post will go some way towards teaching you the why, what and how to get rid of it information!

The illness is called ‘candidiasis’ which is the overgrowth of Candida – a yeast-like fungi in the body.  This is what the Chinese refer to as a ‘dampness’ condition.  You feel heavy and sluggish, mental dullness, possible infections with yeasts and pathogenic moisture such as edema (fluid retention) and excess mucous.

If you have a digestive imbalance then chances are that you are playing host to this not so friendly parasite.  Yes, it is a parasite!

Candida tends to exist in high levels in individuals with weak immune systems – although it is normal for us to have some candida present in our gut when we are healthy and have a strong immune system – it is kept under control by the good bacteria in the gut.  Good bacteria play their role for proper nutrient absorption and are indispensable to our digestion.

Candida has an opposite effect in the digestive tract – inhibiting the take up of essential amino acids and other nutrients.  What follows in candidiasis is the weakening of immunity as well as the entire organism (body).  Ouch!

This yeast does not always confine itself to the digestive tract unfortunately.  It slips through weakened areas in the gut lining  or spreads through the anus into the sexual organs of both men and women (especially women) – from there into the blood and other body tissues.

Such spread of candida throughout the entire system – usually termed as ‘systemic’, is life-threatening if left untreated.  It is thought by some to be the cause of death in AIDS patients and various other viral-related degenerative illnesses.

Toxic by-products of normal systemic candida stimulate the body’s immune responses  but in a serious yeast infestation can tax the immune system to the point where it can no longer respond to invading viruses or other harmful substances.  The immune system ultimately breaks down which paves the way for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.

Even if none of the above conditions do set in, the effects of yeast-induced poisoning can produce allergic reactions to minor environmental or dietary toxins.  If it progresses then one can become allergic to almost anything!

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms of high level candid growth can or may include the following:

Chronic Tiredness

Mental sluggishness

Chronic Vaginitis or Prostatitis

Anal Itching

Bloating And Other Digestive Problems

Extreme Sensitivity To Tobacco Smoke And Chemical Fumes

Bad Breath

Mucous In The Stools

Frequent Colds

Cravings For Sweets And Yeasted Breads

Recurrent Fungal Infections  – Athlete’s Foot

Low Immune System

What Causes The Problem?

The causes of candida problems are related to consumption of yeast and dampness creating foods – cold in temperature, too sweet or salty, mucous producting and stale or rancid.  Too much raw food additionally weakens the digestion – shown by loose or watery stools.

Also included amongst products that induce yeast are certain kinds of ferments, yeasted breads, alcoholic beverages, most intoxicants (even tea and coffee), and any food in excessive amounts.  Complicated meals made of a lot of different ingredients on the plate promote fermentation in the digestive system, exactly what yeasts thrive on.

The biggest factor in having candida overgrowth is the massive and/or repeated use of anti-biotic drugs.  Unfortunately these drugs kill off all the micro-organisms in the digestive tract – the good as well as the bad.  Now that is making a welcoming home environment for more yeasts and fungi to move in and take over.

For women who take oral contraceptives, the risk is greater than average of developing candidiasis, as it has become clear that a continual unnatural stimulation of the hormonal system unbalances the liver and pancreas – the organs that support a healthy environment in the digestive tract.

Added to that mix, anxiety and worry will greatly increase damp excesses such as yeast overgrowth.

Controlling Candida With Diet

Cutting down on foods rich in carbohydrates and they are mucous and acid-forming.  Eating too much of these will contribute to yeast and fungal conditions quite quickly.  If you have candida severely then avoid grains generally – ie gluten.  Quinoa is fine as it is more protein than carbohydrate-based.

Sweet foods to be avoided completely as are anything with yeast in it.  The sweet foods include fruits which, even though fructose, are just sugar.  Particularly juices or smoothies.

Avoid starchy vegetables also such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams – carrots, parsnips and beets are ok.

Avoid animal protein generally as most of it has been heavily dosed with antibiotics.  Unless you know a good organic supply.  Fish and fowl is generally better tolerated – especially if it is raised without the use of chemicals!

Miso, soya sauce and tempeh are actually tolerated even though fermented – however in small amounts and not daily!  Your body will tell you if it can cope with it – if not, you will feel tired, then stop them.

Generally avoid oils, nuts and seeds except in small quantities.  Only good quality olive oil or omega oils or flaxseed oil.

Avoid stimulants like tea and coffee, caffeinated drinks, fizzy drinks and alcohol – wine is a fermented product as is beer – it will just bloat you and make you feel uncomfortable.

The Good Guys

Garlic – anti viral and anti fungal – half a clove twice a day before meals taken like a tablet with water.  Just prior to the garlic, take wheat or barley grass concentrate – they will help to protect the stomach from the fire of garlic!  Best taken in powder form rather than juice.  Up to a tablespoon just prior to the meal.

Pau d’arco – a South American herb excels in controlling candida as does chaparral, and burdock.

Chlorophyll – can be taken in liquid form and tastes quite pleasant.

Kelp and other seawees are exceptional in treating candida as they contain selenium and other minerals necessary for rebuilding immunity.  Also the iodine content of the seaweeds is used by the body to create free radicals which deactivate yeasts.

Restrict salt intake to a pinch of only whole sea salt into vegetables.

Acidophilus is an important part of this repair as it will help to rebuild the friendly bacteria.

Citrus seed extract – extremely powerful an anti-microbial highly effective against yeasts.  Diluted according to instructions it is very effective agains most external fungal conditions.

This is a broad idea of treatment protocols.  However, depending on the strength of the person involved the diet may need to be tailored to suit.  Please consult with a natural health practitioner if in any doubt.

Please do not attempt any treatment options if in doubt!

To your health – with love

First of all let me say that perhaps this is not the sort of post I would normally make here but, for those of you who are dog lovers – you will understand the joy they bring.  Unconditional love is rare amongst human beings once they pass a certain age, sadly, but with dogs that is not the case.  They make us laugh, they give us exercise, they carry our burdens of emotions as well.  Whatever we are feeling, our dog will reflect it to us in their behaviour and health.  Quite a task they have set for themselves then, helping us with our burdens of life! 

 So……. onwards

Most of you will probably be asking yourselves – what on earth is a Coton de Tulear?  You would be right to ask!  It is a very small dog!  History lesson coming up!

Arriving in Madagascar – these little dogs appeared from over the seas on the ships where presumably they hunted the rats – who knows really?  There are many stories about them, but suffice it to say that they were beloved of the royal family and no-one else was allowed to have them.

Possibly because they were carry size, lap size and very pretty – mainly being pure white, long haired and extremely pretty!

One story which always amused me was that the  dogs – which used to roam in packs – not terriers I hasten to add – came across a broad river which they could not cross, there being no bridge and the water full of crocodiles.  Very clever these little dogs – so they started barking (which believe you me they are extremely good at – and loud!) and running up and down the bank until the crocodiles started to follow them.

The main body of the pack then appeared at the edge of the water and rushed across on the backs of the crocodiles to the other side!  The crocodiles being stunned by this made no effort to stop the few who had been barking at them also running over their backs!!

True or not – a lovely story to have a little dog outwit a large, ferocious crocodile!!

Back to mine – yes, I have two of them!

Another story, but this time it is absolutely true as to how I got my first one, Alika.  I used to have tibetan terriers who lived to a ripe old age and upon their demise – my life was awful!  I felt so lonely – no reason to go walking again as I felt.  However, one day several months later, I was having lunch with my sister when she tapped me on the arm and pointed.  I turned to see what she was looking at and my heart melted!!

There, looking directly at me was this tiny, white ball of fluff with a shiny black nose and the biggest eyes I have ever seen on a little dog!  However, the strange thing was that they looked exactly like the eyes of my beloved tibetan.  Tears poured down my face and there followed the strangest of stories from that first encounter with a Coton de Tulear.

Needless to say I wanted to know what, where, how much etc etc and was horrified when I was told that a puppy would probably cost me around £1500-£2000!!  They are, to this day, a rare breed in England and so command huge prices.

Undeterred (??) I wanted to know if there was a breeder anywhere near the area and was told that there was one about 20 minutes drive from my home – where this puppy had come from in fact.

No money – but that didn’t stop me!  I got on the ‘phone and called that afternoon.  In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted – small, white (ok that was a given!), female, not a puppy and with the right name – I am not a lover of dogs names being the same as human ones – I like them to be relevant to where they come from.

Anyway, as it happened (as it always does!), she had a family pet Coton, called Alika (perfect!) who she was looking to home as felt she needed to be the sole dog.  Alika was 21 months old at that time.  Could I wait to visit?  No, I could not!

I found my way to the breeder’s in the next couple of days – was ushered into a large room where there was a fabulous Italian bloodhound – which she also bred.  I was informed that the dog would bark at me as it was very nervous and only responded to her – wrong!!  I am very much a dog person and I think it actually horrified here when she came back into the room and the dog was sitting at my feet being stroked!  Ho hum!

She brought Alika into the room eventually (I was sitting on pins by this time!) and as soon as Alika saw me she let out this enormous howl and rushed over to me – straight onto my lap.  The breeder said that she had never heard the dog make that noise before and couldnt understand it (I did – it was the noise my tibetan made if I left him alone too long!)

Alika then promptly refused to go to her owner, would have nothing to do with her and stayed firmly on my lap.  Then the rest of the family came in – about 10 of them altogether – and naturally wanted to say hello to me.  Alika was having none of it!!  ‘She’s mine!  So she growled at them all until the moved off!!

Finally, to cut a long story short as I dont want to bore you – it was very obvious to the breeder that Alika was meant to be mine but she wanted to think about it – as they do!  As I left Alika followed me to the door – crying.  At home I then spent the next 4 nights sending mind messages to Alika – misbehave; be impossible, show you are miserable etc.  Then I got the call – ‘are you still interested in Alika?’ Absolutely I said – she then told me how Alika had behaved once I was gone! Impossible, disobeyed everything, wouldn’t eat, howled etc etc!!  Great!

So she was obviously meant for me!  Down I went to collect her and got the deal of a lifetime as a result of Alika not being right for anyone else – half the price with 4 months to spread the payments – and Alika and I went home and she didn’t even give a backward glance!

After 4 years together – the bond is so intense between us – I felt that it needed to be lightened so I got a puppy.  Careful to avoid showing Alika any less affection than usual -she has utterly accepted him and they are amazing together!

Here they are!

As a final word I would just like to say that the puppy is still learning the words ‘do you want to go out’? Occasionally he forgets to  ask and literally 5 minutes ago lifted his leg exactly where he should not have done!!  He knew what he had done as I raised my voice and he literally flew to the back door!! 

Amazing – with dogs as with people, boys are slower to mature than girls and they are equally lazy at times!!  Little devil!!

Once upon a time there was a God-fearing, devout man called Wo – he took his life seriously and lived within the work of God – as he saw it.  Every day he read his bible and understood that his role in life was to live simply and safely.  Never wanting or desiring more than God had given him.

Every morning Wo would rise from his bed, read his bible, say his prayers and live his day as devoutly and simply as he could.  Avoiding all confrontation, all excesses and all contact that made him feel uncomfortable.

One night as Wo lay in bed, he espied a light in the corner of his room – the light glowed brighter and brighter until Wo was afraid.  He covered his eyes and prayed to God – take away the light – I will be more devout, more God-fearing – just take it away!

Away went the light.

5 years passed and Wo had continued his life on the same path, simply living his daily life – interacting with no-one, reading his bible, living in his small room.

Another 15 years passed and again one night the light appeared in the corner of the room – glowing brighter and brighter until Wo was seriously afraid.  Again he covered his eyes and cried out to God – please take away this light – I am afraid – what have I done that this light is here to frighten me – take it away! 

Away went the light.

Years and years passed and now Wo was an old man.  Still living in his simple room, no longer ever leaving as he had retired from his job years before.  He still read his bible every day and prayed to God every day.

One night as Wo lay in his bed – he knew that his time had come.  He was not afraid – he had lived a long and devout life – God would take care of him as he had always known.  Then the light appeared again in the corner of his room.

This time Wo did not cry out in fear as he had already passed over to the other side and could see quite clearly that the light was coming from the wings of an angel.  Beside the angel was a doorway and as the angel beckoned to him – Wo arose from his bed and took the hand that the angel offered to him.  They passed through the doorway together.

A corridor stretched out before them with doors on either side.  The angel indicated the first doorway to Wo and Wo opened it.  To his amazement inside the door was a younger version of himself surrounded by gold, jewels, money, property  – all the trappings of wealth!  What could this mean?

The angel took him  forward along the corridor and indicated another doorway for Wo to open.  He did so and there, to his astonishment, was himself again at a different age – holding hands with a beautiful woman, with 2 children, who were clearly his, clinging to him. 

It began to be clear to him what the angel was trying to show him!  That last doorway showed a wife and children!  What had he done?

The next door that the angel took him to, he didnt want to open.  He didnt want to see what he had thrown away by his choices any more.  The angel insisted.

Behind this door as he expected, was himself again – this time as an obvious world leader with thousands looking to him for their support.  He was a leader of men!  The tears began to flow.  He realised what his life of safety and fear had cost him.

If only – if only – if only – he rejected all the advantages the world had to offer – he rejected all the paths that had been set for him – he had rejected the entire world OUT OF FEAR!!

The lesson?  Walk through your fear – the world and your opportunities are waiting for you!!

Ok, it’s now Boxing Day – and the end of it for me in England.  10.30pm to be precise!  As I look back over the last couple of days – that is the question I ask myself.

No – but it could have been worse!!

Unlike the majority, I no longer get caught up in the hype and madness of Christmas present – maybe I remember too well the hype of Christmasses past!

Christmas Eve was its usual pleasure of a few select friends, beautifully sung carols, decorating the tree (with whatever I had from the year before!), making some mulled wine, lighting the log fires (plural as I live in an extremely old, cold, damp house!), and cooking some delectable nibbles – not necessarily made by me but not necessarily told to my guests that was the case!  Let’s keep some secrets shall we??

I think that it is the anticipation that I enjoy – there is something slightly delicious about knowing that it will be Christmas Day – whatever the weather – it is a magical time to look forward to.  The reality is always a let down – but the night before is for me!!

I think that the Continentals have it right – main meal Christmas Eve, presents Christmas Eve -all geared up with that anticipation – and for those that feel inclined – there is Midnight Mass!

That is my memory of Christmas Present, Christmas Past and Christmas Future (I trust!) – the reality of the day is somewhat different but the day and the eve before are mine!!

Wherever you are, whatever you did, whatever you felt – I trust it was a pleasure for you – before, during and now afterwards!  All over again for another year – and faster than ever methinks!

How many years have you told yourself that never, never, never again??!!  The nightmare of crazed shoppers, crowded streets, the manic must buy, must buy – anything will do!

Within 2 weeks those same people will be looking at their credit card bills, looking at their electricity and oil bills and wondering – why oh why did I do it?

The people we buy for do exactly the same, year in and year out.  When are we going to get to the stage when we all agree ITS NOT WORTH IT!! 

Maybe then we could spend the money on ourselves, on items we really want rather than those rather horrible scarves, gloves, hats, pullovers, etc that we wouldnt be seen dead in?  If everyone did that – the shopping arcades and malls would be quieter, people would be less stressed without thinking that they absolutely had to buy everybody everything!!

What is Christmas really about?  Even though I dont agree with the date of supposed birth (that one was definitely given by King Constantine a very long time AFTER  the death of Jesus and just coincidentally coincided with the winter solstice, pagan stuff etc etc) – I am certain that it was never meant to be about breaking the bank and giving the retailers a good time!

Women generally spend their Christmas morning slaving over a hot, slippery turkey that just won’t open enough for the stuffing!  Finding out that the 12 plates they thought they had for the 12 people for lunch mysteriously became 10 somehow during the preceding year and that those treasured cut glass goblets that Aunt Maud gave them for their umpteenth wedding anniversary umpteen years ago – have suddenly dwindled to 5 instead of 12!! 

 Oh no, does that mean that the slightly dubious grandchild who came to visit a few weeks ago and was definitely showing interest in the collection has made off with them?  Chances are they have been sold to provide for his habit of drink/drugs/wargames/women etc.  Plastic cups then!!


I did it!  Never looked back after that – even though the sight of an Asian Father Christmas arriving on an Arab dhow in sweltering heat to an island much beloved in the normal course of events, but which suddenly looked like an advert for fairy lights and grottos was a rather weird experience!

Still the sun, sea and fabulous sand more than made up for any deficiencies on the part of Father Christmas and the grotto!  And no, I am not on a commission for the Maldives, just on compassion run for those who need to let Christmas be something else for a change!

With love for the New Year and the hope that some of us will do it differently next time!  For the sake of our health and sanity!   Not to mention our wallets!    Jane xx

Welcome to the second half!  In this section I talk about how you can change the health of your body which in turn will change your energy levels and the face you present to the world!  Sound like a tall order? Follow me to find out!

First – we know that you are what you think first and foremost – but you are most definitely what you eat as well.  

For example – live on a diet of fast food, take-aways, packets, fizzy drinks, crisps (chips for the US), fries, ice-cream etc etc and then add tea, coffee, red meat, milk and cheese to the mix and you have a body that is really struggling and a face to go with it!  Look at today’s teenagers who mostly eat like this day in day out.  Great clear skin?  Hardly!  We blame their skin issues on their hormones but forget that it doesn’t have to be this way if their diet is healthy, loads of pure water, good elimination etc  It is just a choice of what they eat and what we allow or guide them to eat.

All changes start with us, the mothers!  Not just parents – it has to begin somewhere so its a game of follow the leader – you can hardly ask anyone to change their diet and explain why and you aren’t doing it!!  So where do you start?  What are the dangerous foods?  What are the safe foods?  How do you cook them?  All questions are here to be answered!

Imagine if you will a sewer (Iam not saying you are a sewer!), look at it – looks like greeny brown gunk and you can’t actually tell what’s there can you?  If you eat a diet of unhealthy food such as the ones I listed above, then that is sort of what is happening inside you.  It all becomes a melting pot of sludge.  What effect does this have on your body?

The single most important role of your body is to keep you alive!  If you eat such an unhealthy diet (and let’s be honest so many do), the body will try to keep this toxic waste as far away from the main organs as possible – to protect you.  The skin is the largest elimination channel we have – a 2 way street – so poisons that the body needs to get rid of will be pushed through the skin.  Result?  Spots, lines, cellulite, varicose veins, circulation problems, body odour etc  If you add that most people dont eliminate properly through their colon then this waste is getting stuck, building up and filtering into your bloodstream where it will affect everything from your eyes and liver to your heart and lungs, your breath and energy.

Ok – that’s the negative bit!  Here’s the positive – it’s easy to change!  Just a choice when you know what to do!

Danger Foods -Excess bread! Red meat! Take aways! Hamburgers! Pizzas! Coca-cola! Chocolate! Cakes! Biscuits! Sodas! Beer! Wine! Yeast-based products such as Marmite!  Is life worth living without all this I hear you cry!  Of course it is!  All things in moderation!  It is the excesses that cause the problem.

If you have bread of some form for breakfast (wheat/yeast), then sandwiches for lunch and say a pasta meal in the evening – you feel that you are being healthy.  Unfortunately all you are doing is eating an excess of sugar as all these turn to sugar in the body.  The wheat gets stuck in the colon and the body cant eliminate it.  The problems begin – you feel bloated!  You feel tired after lunch!  You feel tired mid-late afternoon!  You slump in the evening!  Then you need the coffee or caffeine drinks to get you going!

How to change it?

Safe Foods – vegetables of the green variety, fish, seafood, white meat, game, poultry, whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa (easy to cook and more protein than cabohydrate).  Get the wok out!  Learn to stir-fry and flavour with chilli and garlic which will start to clean your blood.  Dont drink whilst you eat except for small sips.  Dont eat sweet puddings afterwards.  Wait for an hour before drinking again.  give your stomach a change to process the food without pushing it through before it is digested properly.  Use fresh herbs for flavour such as coriander, parsley, chervil.  Flavour chicken with rosemary and garlic.  Dont make flour-based sauces.  Use dashes of soya sauce.  Dont use salt!  Only cook with extra virgin olive oil.  Having a single glass of wine is ok – its when it becomes more than that.  Alcohol is sugar!  Wine and beer are the worst as they are fermented products and add to the gurgling mix!

I have put some recipes on this site already to give you a head start. andwill keep adding to them.  It is the first step that is the hardest I know.  The difference it will make to your body, your energy, your skin and ultimately your health is so worth that first step.

I have been a colonic therapist for 15 years and have stories that would amaze.  Suffice it to say that when you change your diet you change everything about what is happening inside you.  Aches and pains disappear, you are less hungry naturally, your mood swings disappear, life is happier and healthier.



To your Success – Jane


There are so many products out there claiming to be the ‘miracle facelift’, the ‘miracle wrinkle removing skin cream’, the ‘miracle weight loss diet’ etc – the list is endless.

How much time, money and heartache is spent on these products and suggestions which ultimately do not deliver?  Why?  Because the cause of why you feel the need is actually never addressed.  Why are you overweight?  Why do you have more lines on your face than you feel you should?  Why does your skin look tired and feel old?

Here are the reasons for your skin and face  –

1.  Whatever life has thrown at you and how you have responded to it will show on your face!  Your emotions are written there for all the world to see if they only knew how to read them.  For instance, deep lines on your forehead indicate the worry you have been struggling with – over money, children, life.  The lines that seem firmly etched beside your mouth and run down either side of your nose – resentment, bitterness that life has chosen to throw at you what it has.  A clenched jaw is where you have stored anger.  What if you could change how they look?  What if you could do something yourself, by yourself, without spending money – and see the effects sooner than you thought?  This will come in 2 parts –

a)  Addressing the emotions you have buried in your face in the first place.  Sagging lines indicate sagging thoughts – I am sure we can all relate to that.  Your face shows the world how you feel about your life.  The power of affirmation – that is giving your mind a new set of beliefs, a new set of thoughts – uplifting ones this time.  Taking back your power and changing what you are reflecting outwards.  The more you show the lined/tired look, the more you dislike yourself when you bring yourself to look in the mirror.  So your body listens to what you are thinking at that time – hears how little you love yourself – and sags a little more each time! 

We all know that love is uplifting – we just never thought of it in relation to our face or body!  The most powerful healer I know is staring at you each time you look in the mirror!


b)  Every day is a new beginning – it is just a choice as to what you say and what you think and what you speak.  You know how different you look if you smile or laugh.  And how different you feel also!  Simply put – watch your thoughts, your words and your actions constantly. ‘I love and approve of myself – all is well in my world’.  ‘I express the joy of living and enjoy every moment of every day totally.  I become young again.’ ‘I release all negative emotions from my face – I grow younger every day’.  You get the idea?  the more you repeat them, the quicker you will change what your mind is sending to your body and face.  Its up to you!  You created it – you can change it – how empowering is that?

Every time you find yourself feeling irritated, angry, resentful – just remember what it is doing to your face – and SMILE!! You started as love, you are love – tell yourself – tell your body.  You will begin to feel it and therefore express it.


With love Jane

ps  The follow-up to this  is how to detox body and face at the same time so we work on the physical level also.  The 2 systems together will lose years on your face, pounds off your body and increase your energy like you wouldnt believe!

This is a recipe for Health – but it probably doesnt taste as good as some of the ones I list!! We hold emotions in the organs and systems of our body – this has been known for years and years. For example, the kidneys are all about fear, the gallbladder about bitterness, the heart about love etc  The liver, however, is the seat of the most primitive emotion of them all – anger.

Every time someone expresses anger towards us and every time we express it outwards or back to them, this toxic emotion enters our liver.  Make no mistake about it, these emotions  actually become toxic chemicals within the body building up over the years, affecting our digestive system, our blood, our hormones. The liver plays a hugely important role – has so many functions that the average blood test can only show approximately 50 of the 500 that it actually has. So how to help clear it?

Firstly diet plays an enormous part in this – overeating is exhausting for the liver – it becomes stagnant, swollen and sluggish. So never eat to excess or to fullness – an old adage!! This particular recipe allows for the gallbladder to dump bile which in turn stimulates the liver back to activity – giving it a chance to be able to do its work properly. It is simple and effective – not the whole answer, of course, but a definite help as it can dissolve gallstones at the same time.

So at the beginning of your day on an empty stomach – except perhaps for a glass of lemon water first – this is what you do.

1 lemon – thinly peeled leaving on the pith (bioflavonoids needed)
1-3 cloves of garlic (only fresh raw cloves please)
1″ peeled piece of root ginger finely chopped or 1 chilli
2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
80z apple juice – carton is fine

In a good blender ie one that has high up ice-crushing blades – add all the ingredients and whizz until smooth – do not stop until smooth or you will not drink it!!!

The take each mouthful and ‘chew’ so it mixes with the saliva in your mouth. Do not gulp the whole lot at once! If you have a tired liver then you will just make yourself feel nauseous as the stimulation will be too quick and too much.  If you do feel slightly nauseous, it is because your liver is working and you really need this!  However, rather than never doing it again it is best to halve the ingredients for a week and then increase them gradually until back to full dose.

If you really want to help your liver then do this every morning for at least 2-3weeks. You may smell of garlic at the beginning but as your bloodstream begins to absorb it you will find that you actually don’t smell of it at all.  If you are worried about work colleagues then doing it in the evening is also ok – but not after a meal please – wait at least 2-3 hours and do it just before bedtime. If you have a partner I suggest you both do it for obvious reasons!!

The interesting thing about cleansing this way is that as the liver is stimulated – the anger stored there starts to move and come up to be released – so you may feel particularly irritated, annoyed etc and wonder why. This is why – just be really positive and let it go – your liver will thank you for it!!

Years ago our grandparents, or grandmothers at least, knew the benefit of cleansing the liver, especially in the springtime after a winter of heavy food, less exercise etc.  The drink that was made then for a spring clean was dandelion and burdock – 2 really important herbs for cleansing the liver. Still today I use these as part of a herbal tonic I make for liver/gallbladder cleansing.

Hope you find this useful and as always – shout if you have any questions or care to give me any feedback – always welcomed!