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Apologies To All!

This is by way of an apology to all of you who have messaged me asking for advice and help whilst I have been absent for so long.  I guess that my life with dogs has taken over considerably as I do battle for them as I have done for people for so many years.

This will not continue – I commit to finding the time to return weekly to write about all the research I have done over the last couple of years and how it has helped others with various conditions – from emotional to physical, from radiation poisoning to drowning in electromagnetic fields.  There is always a way forward when someone learns to understand how powerful they are – that every dis-ease within the physical body has a root cause in the emotional body – if you have created it – you can un-create it.  It is seriously just a choice.  All symptoms are just that – symptoms of any underlying cause.  My world is all about causal and then supporting through the symptoms whatever that takes.

It is the same for animals – sentient creatures that take on board our thoughts and feelings to aid us – find that and treat the cause.  It absolutely works with them as it works with us.  I always say – if you have a sick animal – look at yourself first!

The most important thing we have is our health – I am here to help you regain that.

With love, Jane





Well Within Your Dog!



It is now well overdue in time that I was last here to share my thoughts

and advice on health and wellbeing.  The above picture shows why the time lapse!  Having spent 20 years on working with people and their various health problems – I decided that I would like to do the same for our beloved best friends.  I took a year out to do my research on what was best for them – the same as I have done for people over the years.

I wanted to become a breeder – not just any backyard breeder – but one that had the best interests of her dogs at heart.  I found that they needed almost the same as I had been teaching for people!  I wanted to be certain on nutrition, diet, chemicals and all else that goes to make them thrive with wellness.

The picture you see above is of my first pure Coton de Tulear litter – my little girls.  The boys will be shown later in the post.  These puppies were raised naturally – ie without chemicals of any sort, including vaccinations.  I have 6 of the breed and all of them are raw feeders with supplements of whatever they need to grow and thrive.

On my journey of research I delved deep into the world of kibbled foods, vaccinations and their effects; chemical wormers, de-fleaers and all the toxic traps waiting for the uninitiated.


To start then – most of us realise that we do not have the knowledge on what is best for our dogs – so we turn to the professionals – the vets.  For a minute let’s imagine ‘what if’.  What if they know nothing about nutrition from their training?  What if their training is governed by the ‘big pharma’ (as it now is sadly)?  What if they are struggling to give the right diagnosis?  What if they have no idea what is in a vaccination or its dangerous side effects?  What if they have no idea what is in the kibbled food they promote?  What if they actually know that annual boosters are unnecessary but push for them because they provide 87% of their total annual income?

Its a lot of what ifs isn’t it?

I took the time to do my research before beginning a breeding programme.  I wanted answers to all those ‘what ifs’.  I wish they would take the time to do the same rather than just relying on what they have been taught – whether in fact it is actually true or not.  What I uncovered on my research absolutely appalled me.  How the lives of our best friends were shortened so dramatically by their diet, the extraneous chemicals and the continuing programm

What could I do that would ensure my dogs not only had happy lives, but that their health was the optimum?  How could I be certain that stepping completely away from the ‘norm’ that my puppies would grow into healthy, intelligent dogs that were the best they could be?

As a herbalist – that was my first port of call.  What was out there that would prove to me what I had felt for a long time – that our dogs were being poisoned and their lives being dramatically shortened – in fact beginning to quite clearly show similar symptoms to human beings who also had no idea of nutrition or the dangers of chemicals.  I found what I was looking for – in a book that was written around the time I was born.  A famous herbalist and breeder of the  famous Turkuman Afghan hounds – Juliette de Bairacli-Levy.

Everything I read.  Everything she wrote rang bells with me.  It all made so much sense and the testimonials from breeders all over the world backed her up.  The science of Natural Rearing.  Nature has always given us everything we need to stay healthy if only we looked and listened.  Why would our dogs be any different?  I read everything and began to put it into practice.  I already had the knowledge and now realised that I could apply that knowledge to my dogs as well as people – often the same herbs for both!

So my puppies are weaned onto raw, biodynamic unpasteurised goat’s milk mixed with slippery elm powder and sweetened with wild honey.  Completely different from what the vets or dog food suppliers will tell you to do!  When my puppies were 10 weeks old they were amazing.  Their pigment was as black as could be.  Their coats gleamed.  Their eyes were bright little stars and their mother had as much milk as they wanted – still feeding at 9 weeks and beyond with no loss of health for her.  This is normal!  All else is not.


My dams are fasted for 2 days before they give birth – not having their food increased twofold as most breeders will do.  How difficult to give birth when you are overweight!  They are fasted for 2 days after the birth as well to allow their organs to come back into balance in the quickest time possible.  The fasting for them entails the goat’s milk, slippery elm and raw honey as well.  I add some living superfood of greens, seaweed, probiotics and digestive enzymes as well.

Giving birth could not be easier or quicker.  Why?  Red raspberry leaf tea! My girl had her first litter of 5 puppies and it was all over in an hour for her.   Just like shelling peas – if you will forgive the analogy!

I could go on and on about this but suffice to say that this proved to me that this was really the way forward and that I wanted my puppies to go to homes that would continue what I had started – which they all did!

So this is the reason that I have not been around!  However I am now back and not all my posts will be about dogs and their needs or what you can do about health problems as  I am now working with people again after my sabbatical so will share more of what is working for them – and definitely more pictures!!



Facts About Water


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This picture says it all really!  How powerful water is in its strength.  But do we really know how water affects our bodies and our health?  Most of us just turn on a tap without a second thought as to where it comes from, whether it is good for us or not or even whether or how much of it we should be drinking for health!

Water And Your Health

Let’s start with your body’s need for water.  We are similar to our planet which is made up of approximately 80% water – so are we.  What happens to us if we don’t drink water?  The  planet gets topped up with rain – how do we top our own water supplies?  Drinking it!

What are the effects of not drinking enough water?  Most of you will jump to dehydration – but at what point are we dehydrated?  When we feel thirsty?  At that point, however we are really dehydrated.  Our bodies give us many messages before you actually feel the need to drink.

Mostly we are not listening!  What are the early warning signs?  What are the chronic dehydration symptoms of the body through lack of water?

Digestive issues such as dyspeptic pain, heartburn, acid stomach, rheumatoid arthritis pain, low back pain, neck pain, anginal pain, headaches, stress and depression, high blood presure,higher blood cholesterol, excess body weight and on and on, gettin worse in older years as the dehydration settles in.

Surprising?  Not really, and here’s why:

Your body needs an absolute minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day.  Alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeine-containing everages don’t count as water!  Herbal teas do.  The best times to drink water (clinically observed in peptic ulcer disease) are – one glass half an hour before taking food – breakfast lunch and dinner – and a similar amount 2.5 hours after each meal.  This is the very minimum amount of water your body needs.  Adding another glass before bedtime is also helpful.

When you start to drink more, your body recognises the increased intake and kicks in the ‘thirst mechanism’ and begins to become more efficient and then asks you to drink more!

If you think about it – and most don’t – it is common sense!  Without the cushion that water provides for our joints they can swell and hurt.  Without the diluting effect of water for our blood, it comes thick and slow.  Without enough water we become constipated.  Our skin ages faster as there is not enough moisture within the cells and we look dehydrated.  We suffer from lower back pain as our kidneys protest that they cannot detoxify us as they don’t have the water flushed through them to do so – so poisons start to back up into our systems.

I never used to understand why my mother looked so much older than her years – now I know!  She was severely chronically dehydrated.  She only ever drank tea and coffee – which are dehydrating in themselves – never, ever any water!  It is actually one of our greatest beauty secrets to keeping the skin flushed and clear of toxins.

What happens to your plants if you don’t water them?  What happens to your lawn if it doesn’t rain?  The answers are all there – we just forget to relate them to ourselves!

Are All Waters Equal?

That would be a resounding no!  Once upon a time it was fine to turn on the tap and drink the water from the mains.  Now – it most definitely is not!  Why?  The water has been treated to such a degree to kill bacteria, that it is laden with chemicals and heavy metals which are harmful to our health.  The amount of chlorine in tap water is frightening!  You can actually smell it when running a bath – a little like being at a public swimming pool and the effects it has on you are equally bad.  Chlorine destroys all bacteria – however it destroys the good ones in your digestive system as well.  Bathing in chlorine dehydrates your skin and causes dryness and flakiness and is a big indicator in eczema.  Showering with chlorinated water is actually worse than bathing as you are keeping hot water scouring the pipes and the steam rises from the floor of the shower so you inhale far more chlorine.

What Is The Answer?

There are so many products available today that will help to remove the chlorine – firstly it is never necessary to drink tap water.  Filter jugs are on sale everywhere which negates the expense of continually buying bottled water.

Filters are also available as shower heads to filter the chlorine out before it gets to you.  Click here to find out more

There is a great product called Alba Pura to add to bath water as you are running it which removes all the chlorine and softens the water.  I use it and the difference is huge –Check it out here

I hope that the information I have given goes some way towards you understanding how important it is to keep your body hydrated.  Not just in youth, but in old age as well.  For further information there is a great reference book out there called Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – which you might find beneficial and certainly interesting! Find it here

Cancer – An Alternative View

This has become the single most scary dis-ease that afflicts modern times. The very name strikes terror into hearts when they are diagnosed. As soon as the doctor or specialist utters those words – our immune system hits the floor – we see no way out – the shock in and of itself is the worst!

You may notice how I have spelt the word dis-ease instead of the more normal and accepted way of disease. There is a reason for it – we tend to forget what our words actually mean today as we are so used to using them out of context if you will. Dis-ease means exactly that – a body that is no longer comfortable with itself. A body that has started to attack itself as its immune system is so low. (That is why I referred to the shock of the utterance by the specialist or doctor – guaranteed to lower an already low immunity!)

Have you ever asked yourself what is cancer? It can be simplified into being a long story of pain – emotional pain – that has never been dealt with in that person’s life. Like a garden, it has to be fed and watered for it to grow. Fed and watered with what? Negative emotions. Lack of self-love. Perceived lack of love. Lack of joy. Bitterness, anger, fear, resentment, grief – it is a long list and I could write a lot about the emotions themselves but for the sake of the topic I will just explain how they affect the body so badly.

If the general medical profession could see slightly differently to the way they do now – perhaps note might be taken of who that person is sitting in front of them. What is their life? Are they happy? Have they been through a period of intense stress? (Dirk Hamer came up with what is now called the Dirk Hamer Syndrome which states that a person struggling with intense stress for a period exceeding 2 years without a break will develop a tumour – pretty strong statement but one which I have seen in fact, with my own sister).

So what part do these emotions have to play in creating cancer? Alternative medicine – or the area that I work in and have specialised in over the years – understands that the emotions are the first port of call for any illness or dis-ease within the body. If that negative emotion is not dealt with, then it will manifest itself at the physical level. So it starts at the mental level, ie how we perceive a problem, trauma or stress and then if left it will move to the emotional level – here is where it will attach itself to the corresponding organ for that emotion and if left to stay there, it will then become an actual physical problem within that organ or system.

Just to give you some insight as to how my colleagues and I see or feel where the emotions lodge themselves – and quite deeply over years and years – like a plant if it is watered it will grow!

The heart is obvious – it is about love. You have heard the expression ‘died of a broken heart’. Well in a sense that is true. A couple who have been together for years and years and then one of them dies; the other literally doesn’t want to go on without them. This thought process almost becomes a choice at that stage and the heart will give out. They no longer want to live – so one follows the other quite quickly in a lot of cases.

The liver is the seat of the most primitive of all emotions – anger.

Grief sits in the lungs – after a shock or loss we often get bronchitis or similar.

Kidneys are damaged by our fears

Our blood is the river of our lives – depending on how that flows will depend on how the blood flows. I once had a patient with a severe blood problem and her message, over and over again to herself, was every time she saw something that distressed her – ‘that makes my blood boil’ – so it did!

Whether any of this resonates with you or not -over the years it has become quite clear that the burden of these toxic emotions if not dealt with, will manifest themselves at the highest level – in a tumour. So….. if we can create this situation in our body with hanging onto these emotions, then the other side of that particular coin says we are powerful to uncreate it when we become aware! Surely this is good news? Once the realisation is there then we can look inward to resolve the problem that created the tumour in the first place.

No amount of immune destroying drugs will erase the actual cause of the cancer – they will just further suppress an already damaged immune system – damaged by our emotions and inability to deal with them to the point of release. That is why the medical system in place today will never ‘cure’ cancer. Yes, they can help people to the stage of remission – but this is short term. There are very few success stories out there of long term remission or ‘cure’ when following the standard medical procedures of cut, burn and chemically destroy. Why?Because the cause has still not been addressed. The body still holds the imprint and the lesson has not been learned. When it is – then the body will effect the repairs and the cancer will no longer be necessary.

Take a look at metaphysics – learn to understand the cause of your particular variety of cancer and then undertake the work to begin the task of dismantling all that created it. Assist your body through that process by right eating, right thinking, right exercise and take back your power – remember – if you can create then you can uncreate it!

Start by reading some of Louise Hay’s excellent works which will explain so much about metaphysics and how you can help yourself.

To Your Success

Business And Mental Health

Why would I write a post about mental health in business?  We are told to think about our bodies and we try – well some of us do!  We try to eat healthily, we do the required amount of exercise to keep healthy, drink plenty etc  We assume that this is enough to keep us where we want to be – in peak fitness to run a successful business with all the energy and commitment that entails.  BUT IS IT?

Mental Health

What is it?  What does it mean?  We hear so many terms surrounding the words that there is confusion for a lot of people.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Bi-Polar, Depression, Schizophrenia,Anxiety  etc – there are a lot of names out there!

The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “a state ofwell-being in which the individual realises his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”. It was previously stated that there was no one “official” definition of mental health. Cultural differences, subjective assessments, and competing professional theories all affect how “mental health” is defined.
So there you have it – being ‘normal’ is what counts!  So how can you ensure that you keep your mental health optimised for your business success  for as long as you want?  How can you stay at peak condition mentally to ensure that you can run that business optimally?

Diet And Mental Health

You feel that you may be eating healthily but there are hidden factors out there that can seriously affect what is happening in your brain.  Your control centre.  The worst that springs to mind is the side-effect of Aspartame or Acesulfame K.  We avoid sugar as we know that it is not good for us (more on that in another post) but the sugar-free products that we replace it with have these chemicals in them instead.   It actually contains 3 chemical compounds – all of which are seriously toxic to the human body – aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol (wood alcohol).

So what are the effects of Aspartame? Horribly, there are an awful lot of them as the process of exchange within the body leads to the release of even more chemicals such as formaldehyde :

headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, depression, fatigue, increased heart rate, insomnia, vision problems, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, tinnitus, vertigo and memory loss – the last being one of the most common starting symptoms of Aspartame toxicity.

It can trigger or worsen the following:

brain tumours, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, mental retardation.

It causes chronic neurological disorders by acting as a neuro transmitter in the brain and too much of it ‘excites’ (kills) certain neurons by allowing too much calcium to enter the cells.  The neural cells are stimulated to death.

A simplified version of what happens or can happen – the research is out there – if you value your mental health then avoid this chemical!

Mental Health And Water

Sounds strange doesn’t it?  How can water affect our brain and thereby our mental health?  We know that drinking water is important but most people do do not take nearly enough into their diets.  They load  themselves with dehydrating liquids such as tea, coffee and alcohol and assume that all liquids are equal!  They Are Not!!  If you look at our planet you see that it is 80% water – as our mother we follow suit and our bodies are also 80% water.  If this level is allowed to drop then we experience symptoms which are wide-ranging from physical joint and muscle pains to headaches and vison problems.  The brain has to be kept hydrated to work properly!

We are aware that mental health covers the areas of depression, stress and anxiety also under its umbrella.  A depressive state can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.  What has water to do with this?  When the body becomes dehydrated, the physiological process that come into play are the same ones that occur when coping with stress.  Dehydration equals stress, and once stress establishes, there is an associate action of materials from the body’s stores – in effect this process will ‘mop up’ some of the water reserves of the body.  Therefore dehydration causes stress and stress will cause further dehydration.

Now several hormonal overrides become operative in the stress situation – the body assume that it is in crisis and adopts its normal reaction to that – fight or flight – even if it is work-stress – this is then maintained and begins to exhaust the body and the adrenal glands associated with this until a state of chronic fatigue develops.

Keep your body hydrated with water! Keep your brain hydrated with water!

Mental Health – Depression

Melancholy, despair and other aspects of mental depression are now more common then ever.  What you could once cope with in your daily life is now a struggle.  Nothing to do with age, I hasten to add, but a build-up of toxicity that is affecting your energy levels and your thought processes.  Women are particularly prone to depression when exposed to excessive competition and stress.    Mental depression is experienced in the mind but is generally rooted in a stagnant liver.  Dietary principles apply here to lift the liver to its former glorious state of energy and the depression lifts from the mind.  Short-term remedies for this are the wild-blue green micro-algae and vinegar!  Apple cider vinegar acts specifically on lifting the liver taking 1 teaspoon in a little water while experiencing the mild depression we are all subject to from time to time.  Following a liver cleansing programme is longer lasting.

Mental Health – Fatigue

The final suggestion here, apart from seriously looking at your diet, chemical intake, and water intake is  your oxygen intake.  Most people breathe only to a shallow level – we are nothing without oxygen – it is the life of our blood and cells.  Deeply breathing allows the oxygen to circulate around all the peripheries including the brain!  Allow your stomach to expand as you breathe in and contact as you breathe out – the other way round is wrong!  You will find that you can breathe to a much greater depth and if you feel slightly dizzy – great – it means that the oxygen has got to your head and brain area!  Practise this every day – make it a part of your health regime as it also stimulates the lymphatic system.

Last comment would be on the workings of your colon!  If it doesn’t work as often as it should – 2-3 times a day surprisingly enough if you eat 2-3 times a day – then you are going to feel the effects of this throughout your body, mental state, muscles, joints, skin, eyes etc.  Vital to keep this organ flowing freely to be in a healthful state and to have optimum mental health.  Truly – without the cleanliness of this area you will feel sluggish, depressed; mental processes slow down and you feel exhausted!

Here’s to your Success!

Have you ever wondered why in today’s world of technology, strides in medicine and science and understanding of the human body and the amount of time and money spent on disease-control and prevention that breast cancer seems to be galloping way out in front for so many women?

There is a very simple reason if you understand the mind-body connection – we (and I count myself in this) are taught from a very early age that we are the home makers, the food preparers, the mothers, the wives, the sisters, the daughters etc and that we are here to nurture all of those we care for.

Now we have become part of the bread-winning cycle as well in today’s recession driven world.  We are always being something or somebody for somebody else – but never for ourselves!  A woman’s breasts are made for feeding and nurturing our children we are taught – and possibly for making our man happy as well! – but they are also about self-nurturing.

The voice of the body – that we invariably dont have time to listen to – can only tell us when we and our lives are out of balance by creating an issue that we have to stop and address.  How else can it tell us?  How else would we ever listen or do anything different?

If a woman develops breast cancer then in 99 out of 100 cases – as I have found in my clinic in 15 years of practice – the underlying issue is lack of self-nurture.  The message that is given to the body is that everyone else matters but you dont.  The message that comes back via the breasts is ‘What about me?’   ‘Where is my time?’ ‘Why dont you love me?’

It is time – way past in fact – that women took time to love and nurture themselves.  Taking time to stop and just be.  Putting everyone else on hold for a while!  Is there really anything that is more important than your health?  You are the mainstay for so many – you will be stronger if you put yourself first sometimes.

Now is the time – love yourself enough to do it!! As the ad says – YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

A fantastic-tasting recipe for 2 people giving you everything your body likes and nothing it does not need!


1 large fresh tuna steak – partially frozen for easier slicing

Peel of half a lime thinly shredded – keep the lime for juice

1-2 cloves of garlic

1-2 bird eye chillis

1 teaspoon fish sauce

1 teaspoon dark soya sauce

50-100ml coconut milk (tinned works best for this)

Handful of coriander leaves

Extra virgin olive oil


Slice the tuna as thin as you can with a sharp-bladed knife and put into a shallow bowl (2 inches across is perfectly large enough).  Finely chop the garlic and chilli and add to the bowl.  Then add the soya sauce and the fish sauce together with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil.  Roll the lime leaves and shred (if using dried then just crush) and add to the mix. Squeeze in juice of half a lime.  Get your hands in there and ensure that all is coated!  Leave for 20 minutes approx.

Now heat the wok (or frying pan) and add a small amount of olive oil just to coat – when just beginning to smoke add the bowl of marinade ingredients and stir fry for about 2 minutes.  Keep it moving as you dont want to over cook the tuna or it will be tough.  The turn down the heat to medium and add half the coconut milk – stir through.  If it appears a little dry then add the other half.  Gently stir and simmer for 1 minute.  Rip up half your corriander leaves and add.  Stir through and remove from the heat.  Use the remainder to garnish the dish.  Serve with plain steamed rice or quinoa (ask if you dont know!).


For 2 people:

2 chicken breasts – freeze for approx 30 minutes to enable easy slicing

1-2 bird eye chillis (or milder if you prefer) chopped

2 cloves garlic chopped

1 tablespoon dark soya sauce

Handful of chopped coriander leaves and stem

Extra virgin olive oil

Method – slice the chicken breasts thinly – approx 2″ long and 1″ width

Put into a shallow bowl and add the chilli, garlic, soya, half the coriander and say 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  Mix well with your hands – the best way!  Leave to marinate for approx 20 minutes.  Heat a wok and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.   Heat until just beginning to smoke –  add the chicken mix including the oil/marinade and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes turning constantly over a high heat.  Just before serving stir in the remainder of the coriander leaves and serve onto a bed of rice or for a really healthy alternative, use quinoa.  Wonderful – full of flavour and soooo good for you!

A New Beginning!

Hi – if you have travelled here from facebook or twitter then please be patient with me!  The story of how I got here will be revealed  shortly!  Watch this space!  Jane