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We hear the phrase but do we understand it? How many of us recognised that we have an infallible system for telling us how our emotional health is?  Not many I guess!  If you knew that you had a barometer for this – how would that change your life?

You Do Have One!  It is your body – this is the voice of truth as to how you are living your life, your emotional health and well-being and your balance in this world.

Imagine if you will that your body has only one purpose in life – to serve you!  It talks to you all the time – but do you listen?  Do you understand even what words it is using? Your emotional health depends on it!

Ok – so how does your body tell you? PAIN!  This is the only voice the body has to use in its own defence and to help you understand what you are doing!  So for example, if you have a headache – what do you do?  Do you take a moment to sit and feel and think about it?  What have I done, where have I been, what have I eaten, have I been angry or upset?  If we did this every time – truly we would be able to account for why we have that headache.  The answers are always there in front of us if we knew to look.  What do we normally do?  We take a pill!!

If you switch off your body’s voice as it is trying to tell you something is wrong – the problem doesn’t go away just because you can no longer feel it.  It actually goes deeper and the longer you don’t listen and the more you suppress with painkillers – the deeper it will continue to go until one day your body just has to show you what you have been ignoring but more powerfully.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake that the headache – though located in the area of your head – has nothing to do with it at all!  We assume that if we have a headache (if we even think about it at all!), that it is related to that area – actually 90% of the time it is located somewhere else entirely!  For instance if your gallbladder was out of balance along with your liver then the energy lines of the gallbladder run along the side of the head – causing you to feel pain in that area but the organ that is having the problem is the gallbladder itself.  Clean that and give it what it is asking for – usually a cleanse – then the headaches disappear.  The body voice has been listened to and no longer needs to shout at you.

I will give you another example – that nagging shoulder pain that just won’t seem to go away – you can’t think of anything you did to cause it on the physical level.  So what is it?  Again it is the voice of the body along the energy lines coming from the small intestine usually.  Shoulder/arm syndrome is nearly always a clear indication that the small intestine is distressed.  So by changing the diet, ensuring no bowel blockages and taking some herbs will clear it.  Away goes the pain in the shoulder and arm!  Miraculous?  No, not really.  Just understanding body speak!

How many of you have been to the doctor with a particular issue that they can’t seem to fathom out but carry on giving you different prescriptions to resolve the problem.  But they can’t!  Purely because they are addressing the symptom and the cause is left unattended.  You will never solve a physical issue with the body by treating the symptom.  Or suppressing it until it becomes a much greater problem further down the line!

So – back to the emotional health – every organ carries the energy of an emotion for us – anger in the liver, fear in the kidneys, anxiety in the bladder etc.  When we experience problems in these areas it is the body’s way of showing us that our emotions are out of balance – so much so that now a physical dis-ease is being manifested.  Address the emotional imbalance and you will address the physical problem.  It is about understanding your body and taking the time to listen to the message of the pain.  Because there is always, always a message.

If an area of your body is out of balance – then an area of your life is out of balance – before you go rushing off to the doctor – take a look at your life.  Take a look at your stress levels, your job, your family, your diet etc  The answers are there and you have the power to change it.  You were the instigator (no blame here!), and you have the power to uncreate it!  Be empowered by that thought!

Give your body the balance in diet, liquid intake and emotional harmony and you will experience better health than possibly many of you have done in years.  the biggest lesson is LISTEN!!

First of all let me say that perhaps this is not the sort of post I would normally make here but, for those of you who are dog lovers – you will understand the joy they bring.  Unconditional love is rare amongst human beings once they pass a certain age, sadly, but with dogs that is not the case.  They make us laugh, they give us exercise, they carry our burdens of emotions as well.  Whatever we are feeling, our dog will reflect it to us in their behaviour and health.  Quite a task they have set for themselves then, helping us with our burdens of life! 

 So……. onwards

Most of you will probably be asking yourselves – what on earth is a Coton de Tulear?  You would be right to ask!  It is a very small dog!  History lesson coming up!

Arriving in Madagascar – these little dogs appeared from over the seas on the ships where presumably they hunted the rats – who knows really?  There are many stories about them, but suffice it to say that they were beloved of the royal family and no-one else was allowed to have them.

Possibly because they were carry size, lap size and very pretty – mainly being pure white, long haired and extremely pretty!

One story which always amused me was that the  dogs – which used to roam in packs – not terriers I hasten to add – came across a broad river which they could not cross, there being no bridge and the water full of crocodiles.  Very clever these little dogs – so they started barking (which believe you me they are extremely good at – and loud!) and running up and down the bank until the crocodiles started to follow them.

The main body of the pack then appeared at the edge of the water and rushed across on the backs of the crocodiles to the other side!  The crocodiles being stunned by this made no effort to stop the few who had been barking at them also running over their backs!!

True or not – a lovely story to have a little dog outwit a large, ferocious crocodile!!

Back to mine – yes, I have two of them!

Another story, but this time it is absolutely true as to how I got my first one, Alika.  I used to have tibetan terriers who lived to a ripe old age and upon their demise – my life was awful!  I felt so lonely – no reason to go walking again as I felt.  However, one day several months later, I was having lunch with my sister when she tapped me on the arm and pointed.  I turned to see what she was looking at and my heart melted!!

There, looking directly at me was this tiny, white ball of fluff with a shiny black nose and the biggest eyes I have ever seen on a little dog!  However, the strange thing was that they looked exactly like the eyes of my beloved tibetan.  Tears poured down my face and there followed the strangest of stories from that first encounter with a Coton de Tulear.

Needless to say I wanted to know what, where, how much etc etc and was horrified when I was told that a puppy would probably cost me around £1500-£2000!!  They are, to this day, a rare breed in England and so command huge prices.

Undeterred (??) I wanted to know if there was a breeder anywhere near the area and was told that there was one about 20 minutes drive from my home – where this puppy had come from in fact.

No money – but that didn’t stop me!  I got on the ‘phone and called that afternoon.  In my mind I knew exactly what I wanted – small, white (ok that was a given!), female, not a puppy and with the right name – I am not a lover of dogs names being the same as human ones – I like them to be relevant to where they come from.

Anyway, as it happened (as it always does!), she had a family pet Coton, called Alika (perfect!) who she was looking to home as felt she needed to be the sole dog.  Alika was 21 months old at that time.  Could I wait to visit?  No, I could not!

I found my way to the breeder’s in the next couple of days – was ushered into a large room where there was a fabulous Italian bloodhound – which she also bred.  I was informed that the dog would bark at me as it was very nervous and only responded to her – wrong!!  I am very much a dog person and I think it actually horrified here when she came back into the room and the dog was sitting at my feet being stroked!  Ho hum!

She brought Alika into the room eventually (I was sitting on pins by this time!) and as soon as Alika saw me she let out this enormous howl and rushed over to me – straight onto my lap.  The breeder said that she had never heard the dog make that noise before and couldnt understand it (I did – it was the noise my tibetan made if I left him alone too long!)

Alika then promptly refused to go to her owner, would have nothing to do with her and stayed firmly on my lap.  Then the rest of the family came in – about 10 of them altogether – and naturally wanted to say hello to me.  Alika was having none of it!!  ‘She’s mine!  So she growled at them all until the moved off!!

Finally, to cut a long story short as I dont want to bore you – it was very obvious to the breeder that Alika was meant to be mine but she wanted to think about it – as they do!  As I left Alika followed me to the door – crying.  At home I then spent the next 4 nights sending mind messages to Alika – misbehave; be impossible, show you are miserable etc.  Then I got the call – ‘are you still interested in Alika?’ Absolutely I said – she then told me how Alika had behaved once I was gone! Impossible, disobeyed everything, wouldn’t eat, howled etc etc!!  Great!

So she was obviously meant for me!  Down I went to collect her and got the deal of a lifetime as a result of Alika not being right for anyone else – half the price with 4 months to spread the payments – and Alika and I went home and she didn’t even give a backward glance!

After 4 years together – the bond is so intense between us – I felt that it needed to be lightened so I got a puppy.  Careful to avoid showing Alika any less affection than usual -she has utterly accepted him and they are amazing together!

Here they are!

As a final word I would just like to say that the puppy is still learning the words ‘do you want to go out’? Occasionally he forgets to  ask and literally 5 minutes ago lifted his leg exactly where he should not have done!!  He knew what he had done as I raised my voice and he literally flew to the back door!! 

Amazing – with dogs as with people, boys are slower to mature than girls and they are equally lazy at times!!  Little devil!!