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Negative Emotions Create Ill-Health

Does that sound like a sweeping statement?  Maybe.  Unless you have 15 years experience of running an alternative health clinic that is!

When I first started life as a naturopath and master herbalist – it was because I had lost my mother many years before – to my great distress – but the final trigger to my path was when my sister died – only 40 years old!  Leaving behind a little boy who I have raised for the past 18 years as my own.  I need to have an answer!  I needed to know why I had lost the most important people in my world!  I refused to believe that it was ‘luck’.  I refused to believe that it was ‘coincidence’  I just knew that there was an underlying reason behind all of this – I had to find it.  I had to make sense of it somehow!

Negative Emotions Create Ill-Health

Negative Emotions – The Journey

Just a few days after the death of my sister – her liver – diagnosed and gone in 7 days bless her! – I was in my local town and went to where there was a market selling second-hand books.  As I wandered around – literally one book fell off the stack at my feet!  Naturally I picked it up – glanced at the cover which said ‘Holistic Woman’s Herbal’. Why was it at my feet?  Because it was supposed to be!  so I picked it up – paid for it – took it home and started to read – and didn’t stop until I understood it all!

All the questions I had had in my mind – all the things I had thought and questioned – here were all the answers to my own issues – why my energy levels were down – why I felt bloated after I had eaten -Etc.

This book kept me going through the dark days after my sister died.  It was only the beginning for me.

I tracked down a herbalist who had been taught by the author-thinking that she woudl have what was prescribed in the book – what I felt was right for me.  Kept my appointment – entered a house that was clearly more about the esoteric energies than anything else! Not what I was ready for at that time!

Sat down – had a chat with the woman and said that I wanted some herbal bowel capsules (knowing that this was what I needed from what I had read).  she had none ready!  Wanted to teach me about imaging and colours etc.  Wrong time for me!  so in the end – I got her to just give me the mixed herbs and empty capsulres and I went home and made them up for myself!  The difference to me just from this was life-changing!  After you have spent years wondering if your food intake was ever going to equal your essential output – this proved to me that it should!  I lost pounds and pounds!  I felt lighter and more energised than I had in years!

Negative Emotions – The Training

A few months after this I began to wonder why I was wasting my time with a student of the teacher when I could so clearly access the teacher herself!  Ping! On went the light!  I knew that intuitively I was more aware than this particular student and that she couldn’t help me.  So – I phoned and made and got an appointment with what was my mentor – the author the book that literally saved my life through those dark days.


One month later (she was very busy) off I went.  A 4.5 hour drive – so an overnight stop along the way as it was an early appointment.  Got completely lost and arrived 20 minutes late!  Was met by an amazing woman – not the slimmest person I hav ever seen – but with a glowing health around her albeit.  A vibrancy and an utter belief in herself, her power and what she was offering!.  I was diagnosed using iridology (the science of reading the eye itself which is very powerful and very accurate) and tolfd that my pancreas was not terribly happy (too much sugar!), my bowel was extremely depressed and I was allergic to gluten and dairy! (hence the bloating after each meal!)

I followed the herbal and dietary suggestions she gave me – as well as the lecture on the emotional causes and how this was affecting me – and truly – the change in me, my body and my mind was nothing short of miraculous!  I lost weight – I lost any skin conditions – I felt amazing – alive – energised and renewed with life and health also!  I had arrived!  This was where I belonged!  Where did I sign up!

Negative Emotions -The College

Some months later – knowing that this was now my path – and devouring all the knowedge I could lay my hands on as well as changing my diet, my life and all I needed to.  It was not enough!  I needed more information!  My herbalist ran a training school in the depths of Wales.  there was 1 last place left on the course – costing £2,000!  Did I have the money?  No, of course not!  But, I was determined.  I sold my Rolex watch which gave me just enough.  My fairly new partner confirmed he would look after my nephew for me for 10 days and off I went!

To be greeted by a life-changing, mind-altering experience together with 30 other like-minded individuals.  We were the lucky ones!  This was one of the last courses of it’s kind.  It covered mind, body and spirt – and of course, emotions and the damage they cause.

Everyone had to detox from the minute they arrived – using a powerful herbal tea – so everyone sdpent the next 3 days sobbing in corners!  This is detoxing at its best!

We had the most amazing teachers on all levels from herbalism, to wildcrafting herbs – how to make them into tinctures – iridology – the only diagnostic we had at the time – and a myriad of other therapies and understandings that allow that group to be the great practitioners that we all are today!  Does that sound crass?  If you knew what we put ourselves through – you would know that it is not crass in the slightest!  We had to experience anything and everything that we might ask others to do!

One morning – the lesson was about the buried emotions.  This one was important to me naturally.  A few were called to be in the front of the other 30 and be asked questions by the others and by the teachers.  Horror of horrors – my turn came up!  I thought that I was faily laid back regarding my mother’s loss, my sister’s loss and also my relationship with my father.

Oh wow!  Not so! I was fine with all the questions!  No problem – until my teacher herself asked me about my relationship with my father.  OMG – I couldn’t answer her!  I was so choked with tears from nowhere that I couldn’t speak!  The tears just kept on coming and she – in her wisdom – allowed no-one else to come near me!  This was a cleansing!  A healing if you will of all that had gone before!

I hated my teacher at that moment!  For displaying my vulnerability.  For allowing the world to see my pain that I had kept so well hidden – in my bowel!  Hence the constipation issue!  Now I know better!

Negative Emotions – Now I am The Teacher

15 years later and I understand it all!  I am still student – of course!  but I do the release a little more gently!  It is only in front of me – not 30 others!  I also diagnose at a different level – I have the ability and software to dig down to the subconscious level of who is sitting in front of me.  As much as I loved herbalism and iridology – it was still symptomatic treatments – and I knew that the level for healing was in the causal level.  This was when I moved on in my training so I could get to where the pain had actually started from in the first place.  All else would fall away once I understood and could work with that.

Sound arrogant?  No – not really!  We bury our pain so deep in ourselves that it takes someone else to bring it up to our awareness so we can release it!

I have given you a long story I guess!  the truth of me and why I do what I do!  Why people are so important to me and how I can help them at the deepest level.  Why I have so much compassion for their pain – though I wil not get caught up in it!  How can I help unless I stand back with the rope or ladder or lifebelt in my hands?

Feel Your Way Forward – Listen To YOUR Heart!

Negative emotions create ill-health



How To Cleanse Your Blood With Herbs

Firstly – it is important to understand how your blood becomes toxic in the first place!  What makes our blood not be its usual health, free-flowing self?

Really this is down to our lives, our diet, our activities, our bowel and all of those together!

Let’s begin at the beginning – blood is created in part from nutrients extracted in the digestive tract as a result of the action of the spleen-pancreas; blood is formed when this extract is combined with the kidney essence know as jing.  Much the body’s jing is stored in the bone marrow, which correlates with the contemporary Western knowledge that blood is generated in the marrow.

Signs of blood deficiency:

Paleness of the lips, nailbeds, tongue and complexion in general, thinness, spots in the field of vision, unusual hair loss, premature graying and thin, dry hair, dry skin, and trembling or numbness in the arms or hands.  Disorders associated with blood  deficiency are anemia, nervousness, low back pain, and headache; menses that are painful or lacking often result from blood deficiency.

Blood deficiency is caused by inadequate intake of nutrients, by the inability to absorb nutrients, or by the loss of blood through gastro-intestinal bleeding or excessive menstrual flow.  Chronic diseases and stagnant blood that inhibits formation of new blood are additional causes.

To enrich and build the blood through nutrition, there are two general approaches – increase the digestive absorption of nutrients, and add those specific nutrients which generate healthy blood.  To encourage absorption, build the qi energy and reduce damp/mucuous conditions (another post!).  The nutrients most often needed to cure blood deficiencies are iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12.  Adequate protein is also essential.  Of these nutrients, insufficient iron is the most prevalent cause of anaemia, but it is not always cured simply with the addition of iron.  In order to absorb iron, one needs adequate copper and B vitamins as well as vitamin C.

Good sources of iron are distributed widely among plant foods, including vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds.  Moreover, when a variety of these foods is consumed in their unrefined states, abundant protein, copper and B vitamins necessary for iron absorption will be available.  Sufficient vitamin C is also available from certain of these foods (such as cabbage, bell peppers, chilli, broccoli, sprouts, parsley and rose hip tea).

For the first stages of treatment of blood deficiency, one may want to add to the diet the richest sources of iron.  These are the algae, including both seaweeds and micro-algae such as spirulina.  Folic acid is found in abundance in micro-algae, sprouts, leafy greens and chlorophyll-rich foods in general, but it is easily lost in prolonged cooking.  Eating raw or lightly steamed greens or sprouts regularly ensures ample folic acid in the diet.

One way to obtain high levels of B12 is to use bacteria-derived tablets of B12.  Most blood deficiencies will quickly improve with the addition of even moderate amounts of the above key blood-building foods, which are primarily grains, legumes, sprouts, green foods and vegetables (Please note that here sprouts mean sprouted seeds or grains rather than the family of brassica type!)

Hair And Blood Quality

Hair is one indicator of blood quality.  In oridental medicine, hair is said to be an extension of the blood and, therefore, is influenced by the health of the spleen-pancreas and kidneys.  In addition,  the head hair is directly affected by the kidneys in other ways.  Healthy hair is lustrous and thick.  Hair loss and prematurely gray hair can be treated by improving the blood quality and strengthening the spleen-pancreas and kidneys.

Certain foods have traditionally been used to prevent gray hair – hijiki seaweed, blackstrap molasses (too much may have the opposite effect), nettles, and wheat grass.  These four foods are especially rich in the blood-building nutrient – iron, and nettles and wheat grass are concentrated in chlorophyll as well.  The eating of nettles, hijiki and wheat grass is also thought to help keep hair from falling out.  the famous chinese blood tonic Polygonum multiflorum has been used to darken gray hair, but this black root is far too warming and tonifying to the liver for most Westerners, causing depression and anger in many cases.  Therefore it is not recommended except for those who were raised on low-meat, low-fat diets and do not have signs of an excessive liver.  Another chinese remedy for prematurely gray hair is black sesame seed, which is also quite laxative and should not be used if it causes loose stools.

Americans have the greatest incidence of baldness of any people – this is understandable since hair loss is tied to high-fat, high protein- diets, which damage the kidneys and create acidic blood.  Meat and dairy, besides being high in fat and protein, are also generally considered ‘sweet’ in oriental medicine.  Considering the additional sweets, desserts and sugar-laced foods and drinks in which Americans indulge, we can see that the sweet flavour dominates the typical diet.

Western Herbs For The Blood

One thing that needs to be clearly understood before listing these herbs – is that there is always a cause for toxic blood – that needs to be addressed as well!  Whether it is the impure air we breathe; the diet we poison ourselves with; the emotional stress we live under or any other outside interference that affects our inner health. Our bowel – if toxic will ALWAYS cause conditions of the blood.  All needs to be taken into consideration to change the symptom!

These are mainly alteratives – herbs that gradually alter and correct the impure conditions of the blood.

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Burdock – Arctium lappa

Plantain – Plantago major OR Plantago lanceolata

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Plantain – Plantago major

Red Clover blossoms – Trifolium pratense

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Red Clover Blossoms – Trifolium pratense

Poke Root – Trifolium pratense (also a specific for lymph conditions)

Burdock Root – Arctium lappa

Chaparral – Larrea mexicana – fantastic at detoxing the blood of diesel, chemical drugs, aviation fuel and the like.

Oregon Grape – Berberis aquifolium

Sarsparilla Root – smilax officinalis

Cleavers – Galium aperine – another lymph specific

Nettle Root – Urtica dioica

Garlic – Allium sativum – for everything!

Blood - How To Cleanse It With Herbs

Garlic – Allium sativum – The Best Herb In The World!

Liquorice Root – Glycyrhizza glabra – the nurse herb – works so well for the adrenal glands in stress conditions and allows ease of taking other herbs – hence ‘nurse’

Please remember that you are so what you eat, what you think and how you live.  If you have a blood condition – remember that your blood is the river of your life.  What are you doing with yours?  How are you living yours?  What is wrong with how you are doing it?

Take the time to go inside and listen well to what you body is trying to tell you – only when you listen and take action on what is causing the problem will you successfully be able to treat what is, after all, only a symptom of how you live!

Feel your way forward!  Listen to your body!  It is the voice of truth!


A colon irrigation, using the gravitational method, is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas and accumulated faecal matter. Unlike an enema, it does not involve the retention of water. There is no discomfort, no internal pressure; just a steady gentle flow in and out and accompanied with abdominal massage to stimulate the colon to recover its natural shape, tone and peristaltic wave action.


By cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive faecal matter, colonics offer relief from a variety of disturbances. Fatigue, gas, headaches, irritability, skin problems, cold hands and feet, and lethargy are among the problems people have found relieved by colon cleansing. Constipation of course, is another, as well as chronic diarrhoea. With colon irrigations, your sense of well being is often dramatically improved. You feel lighter, more energetic. The body can again assimilate food in the colon and better defend itself against disease. Natural peristalsis, tone and regularity are restored and many serious diseases may be averted through this gentle, sterile, scientific technique. Colonics are a key factor in the restoration of the glittering health we all can and should have.


A person receiving a colonic lies on a table 18” below the temperature controlled input tank. A sterilised speculum is gently inserted into the rectum. Water flow, which is always under the control of the practitioner, flows into the colon via a small water tube and out through the evacuation tube, carrying with it impacted faeces and mucous. As the water flows out of the colon, the practitioner gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release its contents. It is possible to see this expelled waste matter when it passes through a special viewing window in the evacuation tube. The person is well covered and their modesty is given top priority during the procedure and the process takes only 45-60 minutes.


None. It is not uncommon however, for some people to start to feel like they have a cold or headache after a colonic. Toxins which have been laying dormant in the colon are now being flushed out and a small amount may be re-absorbed into the body’s system. This healing crisis passes quickly and with further treatments, the person will realise a feeling of well being.


No. One of the functions of the first half of the colon is to gather the intestinal flora needed for the colon. When the accumulation of faeces in the bowel leads to faecal encrustation, it is difficult for the colon to function normally and the glands normally in this lining cannot produce the necessary intestinal flora. The resulting lack of lubrication intensifies a state of constipation and generates toxaemia. This upsets the normal acid-alkaline balance and the growth of the friendly bacteria is stunted. Cleansing the colon will help bring the acid-alkaline ratio back into balance. In this environment the friendly bacteria will again thrive and disease-causing bacteria will find it difficult to develop.


Often the waste is so hard and well lodged in the colon that it may take a series of colonics to sufficiently soften and loosen it. The number of treatments will always vary with the individual and his/her condition. Some people may not have startling results for the first few treatments. This is why a series of treatments is necessary and advisable. Colonic irrigation is most effective when employed in combination with exercise and a proper diet of non-mucous producing foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables and certain herbs are suggested to help loosen and dissolve accumulated faecal matter.

The suggested series would be 1 colonic per week for 6 weeks. Once the colon is clean, it is advisable to have a colonic every 1 to 2 months to maintain environment. A good time is at the change of seasons, when diet and exercise patterns often change. You should also have a colonic before, during and after a ‘fast’ to hasten the removal of toxic waste. Also during the cold and flu season.

I hope that this post helps to dispell some of the myths surrounding colonic irrigation – actually the Bible reports that when Jesus went off into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights – he was fasting and took a gourd and a reed as he would give himself an enema during that time – not such a modern idea then!


Good health is a desire we all have and share.  Most of us spend countless thousands of pounds treating the symptoms of disease and a portion of our income to health insurance to cover our expenses for cancer, heart disease, etc should our bodies be unfortunate enough to succumb to these dis-eases.  Yet very little is invested in the prevention of dis-ease which costs far less than the treatment.  One example of this is cancer of the colon or bowel.  We used not to hear much about it but now you cannot drive down a main street without a billboard advertising the problem as it has become such a huge concern for people’s health today.  It is now second only to heart dis-ease as the most common cause of death in the United States.  In fact, the American Cancer Society released information stating that cancer of the colon and rectum has now taken over the first place as the most common form of lethal cancer in the US.  This need not be so.


While few would argue the importance our diet plays in our health, the removal of toxic waste from our bodies is important too – hugely important.  You see, good health is as much a function of how well we eliminate wastes from our bodies as eating the right kinds of foods is.  Let’s look at how the health of our colon affects our total health.

The colon is a tube, approximately 5 feet long and 2.5 inches in diameter.  A healthy colon has uniform size and tone.  It extends from the caecum, where it joins the small intestine, up and across the abdominal cavity and down the left side of the body until it reaches the sigmoid and rectum.

The 3 main functions of the colon are:-

1. The final digestion of our food.

2.  The elimination of digestive residues of food we have eaten, and

3.  the discharge of toxins and wastes from our body.

We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean and functioning normally.  When the colon is congested with stagnant wastes, poisons back up into our systems and pollute the inner environment.  This is called auto-intoxication – literally ‘self poisoning’.

All of the body’s tissues are affected by auto-intoxication.  If the poisons back up into the nervous system, we feel irritable and depressed.  We feel weak if they back up to the heart; bloated if they reach the stomach and our breath is foul if they reach the lungs.  If the toxins back up to the skin (another organ of elimination), it becomes sallow and wrinkled.  And if they back up to the glands, we feel tired, lack enthusiasm and drive and look old beyond our years.  Auto-intoxication can be a causative factor in numerous serious dis-eases and is considered by many to be the underlying reason for dis-ease.  The colon being the largest perpetrator of dis-ease of any organ in the body, is said to be the initiator of 80% of all critical illness.

There are many contributing factors to auto-intoxication from the toxic bowel.  Improper diet, insufficient exercise, stress, over-eating and ignoring the ‘call of nature’, can all lead to bowel problems.  Most of us, for instance, have had years of poor to average nutritional food, much of which has been refined and processed starches with plenty of fried and overcooked food.  When the mineral elements of our food are saturated with oil and grease, the digestive organs cannot process them efficiently and they are passed out of the small intestine into the colon as wastes.  The addition of mucous producing foods such as meat, dairy products and flour, cause dense, sticky bowel movements and are a sign of trouble – indicating excess mucous in our system. Mucous stools are difficult for the body to eliminate.  When they are expelled they leave behind a glue-like coating on the wall of the colon which accumulates, layer by layer, into a hard, rubbery crust.  The body cannot eliminate these layers of hardened mucous on its own.  They are often carried for the duration of the person’s life, as toxic burden.

In addition, incompletely digested food ferments and putrifies when remaining in the colon longer than a day.  When this fermented waste combines with the body’s own bile acids from the liver, carcinogens can form, which ultimately can develop into colon or rectal cancer.  Enhancing the colon’s ability to expedite the elimination of waste, reduces the risks of developing colon-rectal cancer.

Constipation is one of the first signs indicating to us that our bowel is not functioning properly.  When a person is constipated, the walls of the colon are often encrusted with accumulated faecal matter.  The inner diameter of the colon is reduced like a water pipe by blocked mineral deposits and eventually the opening becomes narrower and narrower, making it more difficult to pass wastes through.  And since the encrusted faeces line the colon wall, the small intestine itself is unable to absorb nutrients from our food in the last phase of the digestive process.  Wastes from the bloodstream which should normally be drawn into the colon through the colon wall are re-absorbed by the body, along with other toxins resulting from the fermentation and putrefaction of incompletely digested food.  Subsequent intestinal stasis often follows, which occurs when the muscular contractions, known as peristalsis, can no longer sweep the hardened faeces along the digestive canal.

A person can even have several bowel movements daily and still be constipated.  The movements are usually smaller and occur more often because the inner diameter of the colon is smaller than it should be. The body reacts to this constricted bowel by stepping up the frequency of peristalsis wave action to allow the waste to exit the body.  Taken to its limit, the effect can be diarrhoea, which is when the body moves out the waste so fast, the bowel does not have time to remove the water and consolidate the waste into a stool.

These reasons are why thousands of people each year have colon irrigation as a safe, inexpensive way to maintain good health.




Today the focus on good healthy, healthy living and lifestyle is a more powerful message than ever before. With obesity no longer lurking but overtly present in all age groups in all countries – the message has to be got across – it is a life-saving message if listened to.

Let’s say you have a teenager who is now what they call ‘clinically obese’ – this means grossly overweight for their height and age. The next stage is ‘morbidly obese’ – body functions are being impaired; organs are coming under severe pressure; joints are beginning to swell. One by one the body’s systems and functions are showing that they cannot cope with this unnatural burden. Trust me, it is an unnatural burden. We were not built for fat, we were built for speed! So here you are, worried about your child.

Stage 1 – look at diet – not just theirs, but yours also – we lead by example. If you consume vast quantities of take-aways, fast food, fizzy drinks and the like then naturally, your child has got used to eating this way and thinks it is normal. So before working on your child, let’s work on you!

You realise that it is time for a change – you want your youth back and you want your figure back. Where do you start? The number of fad diets out there is frightening – each one more damaging than the rest from what I have seen! It is less about a ‘diet’ and more about a new way of living. If tomorrow morning you woke up and said ok – now I will only eat what ‘they’, the officials, say is good for me. The famous 5 a day. So off you go onto fruit, whole grains, water, loads of salad etc. Then wonder why you feel rubbish!!

Dependent on your digestive state, you may feel dreadful if you try to eat raw vegetables, fruits and salads.Chances are you just wouldn’t be able to digest them as you would have a lack of digestive enzymes. What happens also if you are intolerant to gluten, as so many people are these days. This form of diet would feed yeast issues, raise your sugar levels, give you wind and bloating and generally make you feel uncomfortable. Plus if you drank a large quantity of water your body would rush to dump toxins and you would overload your kidneys! Fruit is just pure sugar and would also feed yeast/candida issues. Salads in the winter are just more damp forming – a digestive situation beloved by yeasts and bacteria!

Slowly and sensibly does it therefore – the first step is to drop the bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks, caffeine etc. Be prepared for the headaches even at removing these items – withdrawal symptoms like that will show you how your body felt when you were putting these things in there! So, a good sign then!

What do you put in the place of these staples? This is where the new way of living comes in – starting your day without a cup of tea (as everyone in England does!) and having hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon in it. Becomes quite addictive after a time! What is this doing for your body? Flushing out the digestive tract from the night before and giving your kidneys a quick cleanse at the same time. Then what? This rather depends on the amount of time you have in the mornings. If you want grains, then oats are the lowest in gluten and less likely to bloat you and are slow release for energy. Try not to have it mixed with a load of nuts and dried fruit – hard to digest, a bad mix of carbohydrate and protein and the dried fruit is just loaded with sugar. Porridge is good! Slow release energy! Or have your oats raw and just add milk (rice or soya better here) with say a small amount of honey or maple syrup – natural sweeteners. Mix in a sliced banana if you like but that is enough. Scrambled eggs or poached eggs are great if you have the time. I like my scrambled eggs with fresh parsley and a little smoked salmon – at the weekend!

Teas by all means, but use teas that will help the detoxifying process such as nettle, camomile, green tea. Water is king – but please don’t take tap water – it is full of chlorine which destroys the good bacteria in your bowel. Bottled water is safer but the cheapest is to buy a filter jug and use this for drinking and cooking. Don’t keep it in the fridge!! Drinking ice cold water is seriously bad for your stomach. Too much of a shock.

Mid morning has arrived and you are hungry – whether at work or home now is a good time to go for the rice crackers with say houmous or a little goat’s cheese (easier to digest than cow’s). Oatcakes also work well and easy to carry around with you. Carrying pumpkin or sunflower seeds to snack on. If you want a piece of fruit then have an apple, but eat if before you have the rice or oatcakes as it will digest quicker. Try to avoid eating oranges or drinking orange juice as it is highly acidic. Even though apple juice is sweet it has the added benefit of softening stones in your gall bladder for easy removal when, and if, you make a liver flush! It tastes great I promise! Just use a lemon, thinly peeled leaving on the pith and sliced; 2 cloves of garlic; 1″ of ginger root peeled and chopped finely; 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and 8fl oz carton apple juice – whiz it all in a blender until smooth and then ‘chew’ as you drink it slowly – this is to mix with the enzymes in your mouth. Eat nothing for a couple of hours afterwards to let it do its work. This will stimulate a sluggish liver and gall bladder. If you feel a little nauseous, don’t worry it must means your liver is working! Cut back on the ingredients so that you can take it without feeling nausea and then slowly increase them to full strength. Most people unfortunately eat back to front – fruit at the end of the meal and copious amounts of liquid during the meal – your poor stomach! Never gets a chance to digest anything before it is pushed out only half done!

Evening meals become simple! Quick too! A protein such as salmon, tuna, chicken, lamb – preferably not beef as we are trying to detox here and this is hard work for your digestion. Have vegetables but not too many different ones at one time – stir-fry or steam or bake your vegetables. Stir-fry, bake or steam your fish or meat. Season with herbs or a little natural rock or sea salt. Maybe a dash of soya. If I pan-fry my fillets of salmon then I usually do so using a little goat’s butter. Tastes fabulous! Get into the habit of using a lot of garlic – increase gradually if you are not used to it. This will help to clean your blood and begin the work of killing off all the infections such as viruses, bacteria and fungus you are probably carrying! Again – no fruit at the end of the meal – make a fruit starter instead – just choose those varieties not the highest in sugar such as the exotics like mango.

Doesn’t sound much of a detox so far does it? However, it is! This is a way of eating that will restore your liver, help your kidneys, your bowel etc. It is a gentler way of doing it. Once you have had this sort of diet for a couple of months you can then step up into a next stage detox.

Stage 2 Detox

Now you are ready to go for a cleanse! Bowel herbs are the no 1 here – no detox is worth doing unless you clear out and support the elimination channels. Kidneys, bowel, liver and skin. What I use for my own patients are capsules I make that are all herbs to cleanse, tone and stimulate the bowel. These are taken in conjunction with a powder combination of bentonite clay, fennel seed, activated willow charcoal and golden linseed (ground). This formulation softens the old, impacted matter on the colon walls and the capsules help to break it down and move it out.

I don’t ever advocate that someone goes on a pure water fast – most people are so toxic that they would literally drown in their own poisons. Having said that – I did it once, years ago, before becoming a practitioner. I was in Crete for the summer and my body just started to reject food, alcohol – anything really. So for 1 month this went on and every day I walked 3 miles, sunbathed, swam and drank only water. Given that my lifetime burden has been my own bowel and digestive system – the end result was little short of miraculous. However for the first 2 weeks I could hardly see for the headaches, kept falling asleep – which was my body’s way of telling me to stop so that it could go to work. When I was ready to start eating again – I just knew that suddenly I was hungry – I only ate very lightly. Any fool can fast, it takes a wise man to break it properly! (I think that was said by George Bernard Shaw for some reason!). I looked and felt amazing – all health issues had vanished along with cellulite, edema, fat. My hair gleamed, my eyes shone (and were now greener than before), my skin glowed and I felt glorious.

I would still not want anyone to do this without serious supervision of a qualified practitioner – it is dangerous!

Clearing our your bowel by having colonics or enemas will make such a huge difference to you. Avoiding all the foods that are harmful will also. Interestingly enough as you clean out the old gunk you no longer have the craving for the rubbish – makes it somewhat easier!

Doing a bowel cleanse for a period of 2 weeks is enough. Doing this 2 or 3 times a year is good practice especially at the end of the winter as you start to change into much lighter foods as the temperatures start to rise.

Many people have what I call ‘dampness’ issues. This is not related to external this time but to internal. Caused by a toxic and clogged colon. Cleansing that will help with the side effects of dampness which is swellings anywhere, joint inflammation, excess mucous, sinus issues, tinnitus, sluggish liver, bloating, skin issues or fungal toes and fingernails. And more. Disease begins in the colon – cleanse yours for optimum health!

There are some great herbs out there to assist but, please, talk to a qualifed practitioner or medical herbalist before embarking on them, just to be on the safe side. Having said that herbs for your cooking are ones you probably use already! Coriander, parsley, garlic, chillies, turmeric, ginger root, fennel bulb or seed, etc

I trust that this article will go some way towards understanding how you can help yourself to health, lose weight and then help your overweight teenager! It won’t happen overnight but small steps lead to great success.

Here’s to yours!

Cancer – An Alternative View

This has become the single most scary dis-ease that afflicts modern times. The very name strikes terror into hearts when they are diagnosed. As soon as the doctor or specialist utters those words – our immune system hits the floor – we see no way out – the shock in and of itself is the worst!

You may notice how I have spelt the word dis-ease instead of the more normal and accepted way of disease. There is a reason for it – we tend to forget what our words actually mean today as we are so used to using them out of context if you will. Dis-ease means exactly that – a body that is no longer comfortable with itself. A body that has started to attack itself as its immune system is so low. (That is why I referred to the shock of the utterance by the specialist or doctor – guaranteed to lower an already low immunity!)

Have you ever asked yourself what is cancer? It can be simplified into being a long story of pain – emotional pain – that has never been dealt with in that person’s life. Like a garden, it has to be fed and watered for it to grow. Fed and watered with what? Negative emotions. Lack of self-love. Perceived lack of love. Lack of joy. Bitterness, anger, fear, resentment, grief – it is a long list and I could write a lot about the emotions themselves but for the sake of the topic I will just explain how they affect the body so badly.

If the general medical profession could see slightly differently to the way they do now – perhaps note might be taken of who that person is sitting in front of them. What is their life? Are they happy? Have they been through a period of intense stress? (Dirk Hamer came up with what is now called the Dirk Hamer Syndrome which states that a person struggling with intense stress for a period exceeding 2 years without a break will develop a tumour – pretty strong statement but one which I have seen in fact, with my own sister).

So what part do these emotions have to play in creating cancer? Alternative medicine – or the area that I work in and have specialised in over the years – understands that the emotions are the first port of call for any illness or dis-ease within the body. If that negative emotion is not dealt with, then it will manifest itself at the physical level. So it starts at the mental level, ie how we perceive a problem, trauma or stress and then if left it will move to the emotional level – here is where it will attach itself to the corresponding organ for that emotion and if left to stay there, it will then become an actual physical problem within that organ or system.

Just to give you some insight as to how my colleagues and I see or feel where the emotions lodge themselves – and quite deeply over years and years – like a plant if it is watered it will grow!

The heart is obvious – it is about love. You have heard the expression ‘died of a broken heart’. Well in a sense that is true. A couple who have been together for years and years and then one of them dies; the other literally doesn’t want to go on without them. This thought process almost becomes a choice at that stage and the heart will give out. They no longer want to live – so one follows the other quite quickly in a lot of cases.

The liver is the seat of the most primitive of all emotions – anger.

Grief sits in the lungs – after a shock or loss we often get bronchitis or similar.

Kidneys are damaged by our fears

Our blood is the river of our lives – depending on how that flows will depend on how the blood flows. I once had a patient with a severe blood problem and her message, over and over again to herself, was every time she saw something that distressed her – ‘that makes my blood boil’ – so it did!

Whether any of this resonates with you or not -over the years it has become quite clear that the burden of these toxic emotions if not dealt with, will manifest themselves at the highest level – in a tumour. So….. if we can create this situation in our body with hanging onto these emotions, then the other side of that particular coin says we are powerful to uncreate it when we become aware! Surely this is good news? Once the realisation is there then we can look inward to resolve the problem that created the tumour in the first place.

No amount of immune destroying drugs will erase the actual cause of the cancer – they will just further suppress an already damaged immune system – damaged by our emotions and inability to deal with them to the point of release. That is why the medical system in place today will never ‘cure’ cancer. Yes, they can help people to the stage of remission – but this is short term. There are very few success stories out there of long term remission or ‘cure’ when following the standard medical procedures of cut, burn and chemically destroy. Why?Because the cause has still not been addressed. The body still holds the imprint and the lesson has not been learned. When it is – then the body will effect the repairs and the cancer will no longer be necessary.

Take a look at metaphysics – learn to understand the cause of your particular variety of cancer and then undertake the work to begin the task of dismantling all that created it. Assist your body through that process by right eating, right thinking, right exercise and take back your power – remember – if you can create then you can uncreate it!

Start by reading some of Louise Hay’s excellent works http://www.louisehay.com which will explain so much about metaphysics and how you can help yourself.

To Your Success


We hear the phrase but do we understand it? How many of us recognised that we have an infallible system for telling us how our emotional health is?  Not many I guess!  If you knew that you had a barometer for this – how would that change your life?

You Do Have One!  It is your body – this is the voice of truth as to how you are living your life, your emotional health and well-being and your balance in this world.

Imagine if you will that your body has only one purpose in life – to serve you!  It talks to you all the time – but do you listen?  Do you understand even what words it is using? Your emotional health depends on it!

Ok – so how does your body tell you? PAIN!  This is the only voice the body has to use in its own defence and to help you understand what you are doing!  So for example, if you have a headache – what do you do?  Do you take a moment to sit and feel and think about it?  What have I done, where have I been, what have I eaten, have I been angry or upset?  If we did this every time – truly we would be able to account for why we have that headache.  The answers are always there in front of us if we knew to look.  What do we normally do?  We take a pill!!

If you switch off your body’s voice as it is trying to tell you something is wrong – the problem doesn’t go away just because you can no longer feel it.  It actually goes deeper and the longer you don’t listen and the more you suppress with painkillers – the deeper it will continue to go until one day your body just has to show you what you have been ignoring but more powerfully.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake that the headache – though located in the area of your head – has nothing to do with it at all!  We assume that if we have a headache (if we even think about it at all!), that it is related to that area – actually 90% of the time it is located somewhere else entirely!  For instance if your gallbladder was out of balance along with your liver then the energy lines of the gallbladder run along the side of the head – causing you to feel pain in that area but the organ that is having the problem is the gallbladder itself.  Clean that and give it what it is asking for – usually a cleanse – then the headaches disappear.  The body voice has been listened to and no longer needs to shout at you.

I will give you another example – that nagging shoulder pain that just won’t seem to go away – you can’t think of anything you did to cause it on the physical level.  So what is it?  Again it is the voice of the body along the energy lines coming from the small intestine usually.  Shoulder/arm syndrome is nearly always a clear indication that the small intestine is distressed.  So by changing the diet, ensuring no bowel blockages and taking some herbs will clear it.  Away goes the pain in the shoulder and arm!  Miraculous?  No, not really.  Just understanding body speak!

How many of you have been to the doctor with a particular issue that they can’t seem to fathom out but carry on giving you different prescriptions to resolve the problem.  But they can’t!  Purely because they are addressing the symptom and the cause is left unattended.  You will never solve a physical issue with the body by treating the symptom.  Or suppressing it until it becomes a much greater problem further down the line!

So – back to the emotional health – every organ carries the energy of an emotion for us – anger in the liver, fear in the kidneys, anxiety in the bladder etc.  When we experience problems in these areas it is the body’s way of showing us that our emotions are out of balance – so much so that now a physical dis-ease is being manifested.  Address the emotional imbalance and you will address the physical problem.  It is about understanding your body and taking the time to listen to the message of the pain.  Because there is always, always a message.

If an area of your body is out of balance – then an area of your life is out of balance – before you go rushing off to the doctor – take a look at your life.  Take a look at your stress levels, your job, your family, your diet etc  The answers are there and you have the power to change it.  You were the instigator (no blame here!), and you have the power to uncreate it!  Be empowered by that thought!

Give your body the balance in diet, liquid intake and emotional harmony and you will experience better health than possibly many of you have done in years.  the biggest lesson is LISTEN!!