There are so many products out there claiming to be the ‘miracle facelift’, the ‘miracle wrinkle removing skin cream’, the ‘miracle weight loss diet’ etc – the list is endless.

How much time, money and heartache is spent on these products and suggestions which ultimately do not deliver?  Why?  Because the cause of why you feel the need is actually never addressed.  Why are you overweight?  Why do you have more lines on your face than you feel you should?  Why does your skin look tired and feel old?

Here are the reasons for your skin and face  –

1.  Whatever life has thrown at you and how you have responded to it will show on your face!  Your emotions are written there for all the world to see if they only knew how to read them.  For instance, deep lines on your forehead indicate the worry you have been struggling with – over money, children, life.  The lines that seem firmly etched beside your mouth and run down either side of your nose – resentment, bitterness that life has chosen to throw at you what it has.  A clenched jaw is where you have stored anger.  What if you could change how they look?  What if you could do something yourself, by yourself, without spending money – and see the effects sooner than you thought?  This will come in 2 parts –

a)  Addressing the emotions you have buried in your face in the first place.  Sagging lines indicate sagging thoughts – I am sure we can all relate to that.  Your face shows the world how you feel about your life.  The power of affirmation – that is giving your mind a new set of beliefs, a new set of thoughts – uplifting ones this time.  Taking back your power and changing what you are reflecting outwards.  The more you show the lined/tired look, the more you dislike yourself when you bring yourself to look in the mirror.  So your body listens to what you are thinking at that time – hears how little you love yourself – and sags a little more each time! 

We all know that love is uplifting – we just never thought of it in relation to our face or body!  The most powerful healer I know is staring at you each time you look in the mirror!


b)  Every day is a new beginning – it is just a choice as to what you say and what you think and what you speak.  You know how different you look if you smile or laugh.  And how different you feel also!  Simply put – watch your thoughts, your words and your actions constantly. ‘I love and approve of myself – all is well in my world’.  ‘I express the joy of living and enjoy every moment of every day totally.  I become young again.’ ‘I release all negative emotions from my face – I grow younger every day’.  You get the idea?  the more you repeat them, the quicker you will change what your mind is sending to your body and face.  Its up to you!  You created it – you can change it – how empowering is that?

Every time you find yourself feeling irritated, angry, resentful – just remember what it is doing to your face – and SMILE!! You started as love, you are love – tell yourself – tell your body.  You will begin to feel it and therefore express it.


With love Jane

ps  The follow-up to this  is how to detox body and face at the same time so we work on the physical level also.  The 2 systems together will lose years on your face, pounds off your body and increase your energy like you wouldnt believe!